Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by Raft

Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by Raft #(2020)

Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by Raft

Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by Raft

  • Title: Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by Raft
  • Author: Thor Heyerdahl
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by Raft By Thor Heyerdahl,

Am going to cross Pacific on a wooden raft to support a theory that the South Sea islands were peopled from Peru Will you come Reply at once That is how six brave and inquisitive men came to seek a dangerous path to test a scientific theory On a primitive raft made of forty foot balsa logs and named Kon Tiki in honor of a legendary sun king, Heyerdahl and five Am going to cross Pacific on a wooden raft to support a theory that the South Sea islands were peopled from Peru Will you come Reply at once That is how six brave and inquisitive men came to seek a dangerous path to test a scientific theory On a primitive raft made of forty foot balsa logs and named Kon Tiki in honor of a legendary sun king, Heyerdahl and five companions deliberately risked their lives to show that the ancient Peruvians could have made the 4,300 mile voyage to the Polynesian islands on a similar craft.On every page of this true chronicle from the actual building of the raft through all the dangerous and comic adventures on the sea, to the spectacular crash landing and the native islanders hula dances each reader will find a wholesome and spellbinding escape from the twenty first century.

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Every Norwegian family we knew had a copy of this book on their shelves I read it with much familial encouragement at an early age, mostly as a travel adventure, which it is, and not so much with any regard for the scientific hypothesis the author was testing Aku Aku followed soon thereafter.In 1978, in the summer following seminary graduation, I was invited by mother to visit her in Oslo before moving from New York City back to Chicago It was a great trip filled with many memorable events One o [...]

Is there a greater classic among adventure books than the reckless Thor Heyerdahl s story about a 104 day long raft ride through the Pacific in 1947 It is just as crazy as it is heroic and makes your jaw drop everytime The 6 men fighting the elements on a hand made balsa wood vesel are at the mercy of the acient Gods of South America and the Pacific Encounters with wonderful Verne like creatures of the sea bring the Pacific to life Squids and giant sharks are right under your feet, fish and octo [...]

A crazy man with a migration theory tries to convince his Scandinavian buddies to float across the Pacific with him on a balsa wood raft in order to give credence to the theory As they value adventure than their lives, they are persuaded to join.Follow his trail from the conception of the theory to the felling of the balsa wood trees, and from the launching of the craft to its disastrous landing on a fragile South Pacific island.This is the story of Thor Heyerdahl s original voyage He would lat [...]

Super fun read, great travel book.Favorite passage Sometimes, too, we went out in the rubber boat to look at ourselves by night Coal black seas towered up on all sides, and a glittering myriad of tropical stars drew a faint reflection from plankton in the water The world was simple stars in the darkness Whether it was 1947 BC or AD suddenly became of no significance We lived, and that we felt with alert intensity We realized that life had been full for men before the technical age also in fact, [...]

What s in the book cover is correct once you start reading this, you cannot put it down It s an excellent adventure non fiction book and when I saw Aku Aku in Booksale, I bought it right away The vivid narration was so effective that I could actually smell the sea while reading the novel This was published in 1950 but it is still exciting and informative I had no chance yet to go the Polynesian islands and South America but after reading the book, I thought I could visualize those places I finis [...]

This book has captivated me for almost thirty years I recommend it highly, both for those loving adventure yarns and those interested in anthropology Whenever you watch a show on the Discovery Channel, History, NatGeo, etc like as not if the person hosting actually goes out to try something the ancients did, he or she owes a debt to Heyerdahl, who helped kill armchair anthropology, and science, really Kon Tiki is the book that chronicles the critical moment.

Part of this book was included in my sixth grade literature reader After we read it, I swore that I was going to find it and read the whole thing I finally did, but not until I was about 23 or so At any rate, it s a story so inspiring, one man s dreams and theories put to the test, I think everyone should read it Makes me want to sale across the ocean on a big raft

When nobody believed his theory that the Polynesian islands were settled by travelers from Peru because they had no boats, Thor set out to prove his theory by building his own raft ala early Peruvian civilization and sailing across the Pacific What amazed me was his determination and optimism When naval officials inspected the raft prior to departure and insisted he was sailing off to his eminent death and he abort, instead of being discouraged or fearful, Thor was confident his expedition would [...]

The true story of a man s unwavering belief in his theory of the peopling of the South Pacific and the courage to risk his own life to prove it Thor Heyerdahl s theory was criticized at the time and has since been proven wrong with the help of DNA testing, but his logic makes sense and one can t argue with his spirit All I can say is this guy had balls Even with today s technology such as GPS, few people would venture across the Pacific Ocean on a home made raft just to prove that it can be done [...]

I read this in school and hated it My tastes in reading are quite different now and I think I might reread this Now I think it looks interesting.

I read this a long time ago.

Having read this book on a catamaran with a broken engine limping its way from Miami to Panama, I think I have an interesting viewpoint on the stories I found myself reading passages out loud over and over again, remarking on the sheer insanity of this man and his companions.Baiting sharks, drifting along currents on a raft he had no idea was going to hold together, living on a diet of whatever they could catch to supplement provisions s startling and a fantastic adventure I also found myself ex [...]

What makes this classic such a great adventure story is the way it is told The author never seems to take himself too seriously, even though it is obvious that a lot of research and planning went into the journey He s no fool, even if he s a little foolhardy He just manages to understate the level of detail that went into his plan, revealing it bit by bit as the successful journey proves that the choices made in planning worked He and his 5 partners on the raft are young, fit, and full of that p [...]

Such great courage, tenacity, daring, and adventure In our techno savvy, GPS and computer guided world, it s hard to tangibly grasp the accomplishments Heyerdahl and his crew achieved, floating drifting thousands of miles across the open Pacific for over three months on a raft made of only natural resources Considerably, phenomenal A bit repetitive in places, but certainly a great oceanic adventure and biography.

WOW This book was recommended to me back in the 1950s by my favorite teacher of all time, my 8th Grade teacher, Mr Bailey, who lived in Paso Robles, CA I remember going to the Paso Robles library and handling the book back then, but never reading it until now It took me this long to become interested in seafaring stories My first one was The Wreck of the Mary Deare, which made me realize that books about the sea can be very entertaining This book tops all.

A movie was made based on this book.From Legendary explorer Thor Heyerdal s epic 4,300 mile crossing of the Pacific on a balsawood raft in 1947, in an effort to prove that it was possible for South Americans to settle in Polynesia in pre Columbian times.

This was one of my boyhood books that inspired me to be adventurous, to think the unthinkable, to push beyond the usual.

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Did pretty much every Gen X er grow up staring at this book on the shelf Was it next to The Prophet and under a poster of Johnathan Livingston Seagull Additionally, my dad was very into carving Easter Island statues out of railroad chalkte story, but I am going to slam Mr Heyerdahl in a moment and Easter Island and those statues Moai figure into that.OK, so the good Heyerdahl is a great writer I am not really into boats or boating and I live by a lake s a big one, natural, but the ocean is not a [...]

This is the first person account of Thor Heyerdahl of his 1947 voyage with five companions across the South Pacific over 4,000 nautical miles in 101 days with five companions on a balsa log raft There are various genres this book could be said to fall into anthropology, adventure exploration and memoir, and I have mixed feelings about its success in each The entire purpose of the voyage was to support a theory that the South Sea Islands were populated from Peru Heyerdahl did have some compelling [...]

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I can t quite put my finger on what s wrong with this book and the narrative It is not gripping, not to me at least it is old fashioned for example peppered with 1940s constant racial remarks, involves a good deal of ignorance of marine biology well, it s just before the Jacques Cousteau era and the arguments that Heyerdahl makes about Kon Tiki are too fantastic and full of erroneous convictions, generalizations and too many assumptions, which are obvious even to a layman like myself The book ha [...]

Thor Heyerdahl 1951 2012

This book was such an adventure Not only was it full of interesting theories and facts, but it was a story told by a supreme storyteller It is the true account of six men who, when no professor or institution of higher learning would publish their academic theories on the origin of the Polynesian people because no one could believe that Peruvians in 500 AD had the technology to travel across the wide pacific , travelled by RAFT made of logs and rope nails or chains from Peru to the South Sea Isl [...]

A must read I read this book while I was travelling and wildcamping 1 2 years ago, and I loved it I remember reading it in the night on my ebook reader, during our shorts breaks, or sitting by a campfire somewhere lost in Germany.The fact that this is a true story makes it even better It s well written, and transports you in their adventure across the pacific ocean You ll learn also quite a few interesting historical points while reading it, and the fact that it s the story about someone s commi [...]

My fifth grader self filled in this rating This book informed my daydreams and supplemented those at night, as well I m hesitant to revisit this book as an adult but I know if I see it, I ll read it It will be interesting to see how it compares to its earlier, little girl consumed version I read this somewhere between Narnia and The Time Machine and I don t think I could have had any complaints about the book except for the team s oversight of finding me through space and time and taking me alon [...]

Absolutely loved this book, read it the first time when i was about 10, and then again about a year ago Thor Heyerdahl has a way of telling the story that makes it about impossible to put the book down He writes in a frank and intimate style, at times getting slightly off topic but still very enjoyable The accounts of the crew and their interactions will have you laughing out loud A great read i would recommend to anyone who has an adventurous streak

What a great adventure What makes the book even interesting to me is that it was written in 1947 when he challenged some known ideas about how the Polynesian Islands were settled anciently I am going to read now about Easter Island and ancient treks taken from South America going west.For my friends who are LDS, you will find the information in the book about the Incas and their travels very interesting indeed D

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