Savor the Danger

Savor the Danger #(2020)

Savor the Danger

Savor the Danger

  • Title: Savor the Danger
  • Author: Lori Foster
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Savor the Danger By Lori Foster,

She may be aloof, and pretty than gorgeous, but Alani Rivers is the kind of woman a hot blooded mercenary can t forget, no matter how hard he tries So when Jackson Savor wakes up next to the naked, sleeping beauty with no memory of what happened he knows he s been drugged even if Alani doesn t.After she was kidnapped, Alani vowed never to trust another man again StShe may be aloof, and pretty than gorgeous, but Alani Rivers is the kind of woman a hot blooded mercenary can t forget, no matter how hard he tries So when Jackson Savor wakes up next to the naked, sleeping beauty with no memory of what happened he knows he s been drugged even if Alani doesn t.After she was kidnapped, Alani vowed never to trust another man again Still, something about this strong, sexy hero with the tender touch makes her want to believe him As Jackson hunts down a mysterious intruder, he swears he ll move heaven and earth to keep Alani safe But what really happened that night And will the truth bring them closer than they ever thought possible or put Alani squarely in harm s way again

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Now this is what I m talkin about Savor the Danger is what I love in my Romantic Suspense reads Hot, hot, hot heroes, and sexy, strong, intelligent heroines who do everything in their power to support the man they love or the man they lust after, as the case may be And did I mention hot heroes This story continues with our hero es working to bring down those scum of the earth men and women who make their living off of the misery of others by buying and selling human beings Those are among the wo [...]

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL Not that I had any doubt what so ever that I would love Jackson and his story just as much as the previous two, but I believe this one was my absolute favorite I mean seriously, can you just picture this beautiful, yet lethal cowboy lounging on your front step when you arrive home My favorite part in this whole book was at that exact moment, as he appeared to be asleep and Alani starts to back away, he drawls Don t make me chase you darlin TOTAL SWOON WORTHY MOMENT fanning m [...]

This was an oke read, though the ending left me a bit unsatisfiedI wanted a bit .3 stars from me

Re Read February 2012I loved this one as much as I did the first time around, probably .Jackson is just to die for and I enjoyed the chase and retreat from the H h.If you haven t read this series yet then you really are missing a treat July 2011I really liked this one Brilliant writing from Lori I have said many times that I love Lori s style of writing and she is one of my favourite authors.I fell in love with Jackson swoon swoon I enjoyed seeing his insecurities when it came to Alani and how h [...]

ARC received through NetGalleyRelease Date June 28, 2011Three words HAWT, HAWT, HAWT This was my favorite of the series Just when I thought they couldn t get any better, along comes Jackson with his country charm cowboy hat He knocks the panties off of Alani any reader of the book.Jackson has been half in love with, watching over protecting Alani Trace s sister since he started working for Dare Trace shortly after she was rescued from her kidnappers He is a man with baggage that he thinks is too [...]

Savor the Danger was my favorite of this series by Lori Foster so far There is essentially one reason for this, one reason only JACKSON SAVOR Damn All that southern charm is enough to melt the panties of any woman We got a little taste of Jackson in book 2 of this series and that was definitely enough to make me look forward to this book.Jackson Savor forms part of the team that also consists of Dare and Trace the two heroes from the previous books He met Alani Trace s sister and has been half i [...]

I can t handle Lori Foster In fact, I m pretty sure I should only be allowed to read Lori Foster books when I am home sick, because that is the only way these books are enjoyable.Although to be honest, I really loved the opening of this story Jackson Savor, manliest stud evar except for books 1 and 2 , wakes up, rolls over, sees a chick in his bed, then pukes He s been roofied, but it s not date rape guise, because it s Alani and he totally meant to have sex with her anyway She s pissed because [...]

Savor The Danger es el tercer libro de la saga Mercenarios, escrita por la autora Lori Foster y tiene como protagonistas a Jackson y Alani, personajes que conocemos brevemente en los libros anteriores.Estaba muy emocionada por poder leer esta historia, ya que fue el libro que mas me llamo la atencion cuando conoci la serie, ademas en cuanto lei la sinopsis supe que seria la clase de lectura que yo disfruto mas ligera, divertida, con dialogos que te haran reir a carcajadas y muy entretenida.La re [...]

This is DNF for me It s been sitting by my bed for a week where I couldn t bring myself to pick up and finish it This is my first Foster book so I m not familiar with her style of writing The campy dialogue and even campy contrived plot just wasn t working for me And the characters were too cliche and trite for me Everything was so incredibly over the top that it got distracting You have Jackson Savor, the stereotypical cookie cutter version of an alpha hero The author reminds us in every other [...]

posted at badassbooks.wordpress 2011What happens when you wake up naked and in bed with the woman you have been pining for for a year, but you can t remember how you got there Ask Jackson Savor Our favorite cowboy from the previous Novels When you Dare and Trace of Fever, Jackson Savor is a hard edged, yet honorable man of mystery and intrigue I know, it sounds clich , but I loved Jackson and his Darlins He could hog tie me up and have his wicked way with me all he wanted Apparently, sweet and i [...]

I liked the novella Ready, Set, Jett When You Dare was pretty good Trace of Fever wasyond painful After the disaster that was Trace of Fever, I was very wary about reading this book, despite the other two being good Obviously I had to finish the series or what I thought was the end to the series and find out what happened with Jackson and Alani, but I didn t want their story to suck I liked Jackson I liked Alani Plus, I just couldn t handle another train wreck like ToF However, this book was fan [...]

This book has been my favourite of the series so far, it has the usual action, it was sexy and funnyI had some real LOL moments whilst reading this, especially at Alaini s expense as she has to deal with an overwhelming amount of embarrassment whilst recounting the bedroom antics of the night they spent together, of which Jackson has no memory You can actually feel her squirm as straight talking Jackson enthuses whilst desperately trying to pry every last detail he is unable to remembertally dev [...]

The exciting saga of sexy men who walk the edge of honor continues with Savor the Danger Jackson Savor can t get the beautiful Alani Rivers out of his head, but with respect to her recent trauma and being his friend, Trace s, sister he vows to keep his distance When Jackson wakes up in bed next to a naked Alani though, with no memory as to how he got there, all his good intentions get thrown out the window Now he can t stop thinking about what might have happened between them and what it would b [...]

What a great story The premise was absolutely fabulous, gripping and funny Alani was an interesting character, a little meek, innocent and naive but also brazen at times and bold in ways that aren t always helpful which was interesting Most of all I loved Jackson Jeepers Creepers, that man had me on a low simmer as I literally inhaled this book His sexy dialogue just really hit a spot for me, I wasn t aware I like that sort of nearly crass but so blunt and confident dirty talk But let me tell y [...]

obsessionwithbooksRelease Date 28th June 2011ARC kindly received by Netgalley.Savor the Danger is the third book in the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series and definitely my favorite.We first meet Alani Rivers in When You Dare after being rescued from a human trafficking ring, she is fiercely independent, mature and strong willed all the whilst still trying to overcome the emotional trauma she endured while being held captive.Jackson Savor, an out spoken, cocky, sexy and extremely alpha male h [...]

Savor the Danger is 3 in Lori Foster s Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series This book is everything I would expect in a Lori Foster book and in a romantic suspense book it is steamy, there is a nice romance and some decent action The steam factor is nice, but there is substance to the story as well The male character is instantly likeable and the female character is someone I would want as a friend The setting is wonderful, much of the book takes place in a rural setting which is beautifully de [...]

Uh Huh So why does this one get a low rating compared to the previous two It s simple I could not relate to the h at all, and the scene near the end made me actively dislike her.So her problem isBig brother has mollycoddled her since their parents died So she s spoiled.Big brother is a big, bad mercenary who has, over the years, made enemies.Big brother, in his infinite wisdom, kept her in the dark as much as he could read, defenseless Big brother made enemies.Enemies, as enemies will, target vu [...]

So a guy wakes up in bed with a girl he s always dreamed about Problem is, he doesn t remember how he got there Interesting premise, right Especially when the guy is Jackson, who is super cute and really crazy about Alani, a woman he s been chasing for ages.I really liked the beginning of this book I liked how much these two were into each other even while they re trying to solve the mystery of why this happened and what her ex might have to do with it, and I thought the slow build up between th [...]

No one does romantic suspense better than Lori Foster This one will curl your toes, seriously I thought I would take this one to the beach and maybe read a few chapters I ended up finding shade just so I could finish it Even with the ocean breeze I was hot I didn t read the first two in the series, but that in no way ruined this one since it was easy to pick up on Alani and her world and how it collides with Jackson Savor The story picks up on the sex trade and the evil behind it which is not an [...]

I have to say I think this one has been my favorite of the series so far Even though I loved Dare and Trace, there was just something about this storyline I seemed to like , and Jackson was just so cocky you couldn t help but fall fast for him Where the other two storylines built up to the two characters hooking up this one was opposite and pretty much started with that and only seemed to get hotter and hotter Even though Alani was docile, I still enjoyed reading her parts She was strong and br [...]

This was the third in the series and in my opinion the very best Loved, loved, loved it I was a little wary after Trace s story which I didn t like much so I was very pleasantly surprised that this was so good Jackson is to die for Even though he had had a hard life, he was so sweet, kind and loving I also really liked Alani Even though she had been through a lot of trauma in story 1, she was very strong and mature for her age Together, this couple sizzled and I loved their chemistry Now I am an [...]

My favorite Men of Honor book so far Whilst Alani was a little annoying, I loved the over the top possessiveness of Jackson and his assuredness with everything he did There was a lot steam factor in this one, right from the start

Absolutely adored this book Definitely my fave out of the three.

It s Lori Foster Enough said I love her alpha men.

Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsDon t make me chase you, darlin.As if any of us would run from Jackson The first 2 books in this series have been enjoyable, the characters are all interesting people and it s been a nice progression at the end of book 1 I looked forward to book 2 At the end of book 2, I was even anxious to get to book 3 and Jackson Jackson blew everyone out of the water, and I fell so hard for the guy We had a little introduction to Jackson in TRACE OF FEVER and the man do [...]

It is a truth universally acknowledged that watching your partner in sexcipades run for the bathroom to vomit upon waking up and seeing you is a kick to the ol self esteem This is the situation in which Alani finds herself after a super hot night with Jackson she thinks it s because he has regrets he knows it s because he s been drugged That much is revealed in the synopsis, but comes across much rongly the opening chapter of the book This setup brings up what one would hope would be logical que [...]

ahhhh, lovers Jackson Review As you may know by now, I love these guys and Jackson best of all This series has great plot lines, witty banter and amusing angst along with the interplay of previous characters Jackson is so wonderful, funny, honest and loving that his cockiness and rudeness only enhance his appeal We first met Jackson in Trace of Fever when he was called in to help protect Priss Since then, the big gorgeous hunk of cowboy has been watching Alani His intentions may have started out [...]

Jackson has wanted Alani since he first set eyes on her, and now he is determined than ever to have her Problem is he wakes up next to her naked and so it seems he has already had her, but the problem is that he can t remember it Alani is still recovering mentally from her kidnapping, and hasn t felt compelled to trust any man beyond her brother Trace and his friend Dare Too bad Jackson is a temptation that she just can t resist though, and despite his overly sexual banter he is proving to be q [...]

When I started this book I wasn t really fond of Jackson I didn t like how he talked to Alani To me he was just plain rude So I really didn t expect to like this book a whole lot I am happy to say that Jackson was not at all like I expected, he even won me over with his oddball charm by the end of the book.I found it so ironic with the scene that the book opened up on Jackson has had a thing for Alani for a long time, so when he woke up in bed with her naked with him and not remembering anything [...]

LOL Lori Foster and I must think alike, except where her heroine is named Alani my villainess is named Alani Picture Liv Tyler s Arwen gone bad, very bad Weird to be reading about an Alani being blonde and NICE Anyhow, I adored this book enough to go back and grab Trace s and Dare s stories Yeah, I know backward as usualJackson awakens with his boss s sister in his arms and no memory of the night before Or the day before Amnesia is never a good thing for a mercenary with too many secrets to hide [...]

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