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Supernatural Devices

Supernatural Devices

  • Title: Supernatural Devices
  • Author: Kailin Gow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Supernatural Devices By Kailin Gow,

Don t Miss a New Release from Kailin Gow Books Sign Up and Get a FREE book from Kailin Gow as a Gift bit 2dhXnbv From the ALA YALSA Award winning author of Bitter Frost and the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Award winning FADE Series, comes THE STEAMPUNK SCARLETT SERIES 5 out of 5 Stars This book is a fun read, and Gow s story line moves rapidly holding yoDon t Miss a New Release from Kailin Gow Books Sign Up and Get a FREE book from Kailin Gow as a Gift bit 2dhXnbv From the ALA YALSA Award winning author of Bitter Frost and the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Award winning FADE Series, comes THE STEAMPUNK SCARLETT SERIES 5 out of 5 Stars This book is a fun read, and Gow s story line moves rapidly holding your interest hostage with the twists and turns Glenajo 5 out of 5 Stars A quick, fun read Light on the steampunk, but with a generous helping of the supernatural and a smidgen of Sherlock , this story has an engaging plot that draws the reader in and keeps the pages turning Handsome suitors abound and Scarlett has a chance to sample a kiss from all of them First in a series, this book is a great start Pig Weasley, review from NetGalley DESCRIPTION Scarlett was a sensible seventeen year old young lady or so everyone thought, but there was definitely to her The daughter of famous English Egyptologists and archeologists Theodore and Gemma Seely, she was prone to adventure and all the world had to offer It was the 1890s, and she had just received a letter from one of her parents dearest friend, a certain detective who lived on Baker Street, who needed her help on a case most bizarre As she embark through the supernatural side of London, venture into the forbidden realms bordering Victorian society often accompanied by a dashing but infuriating Lord Darthmoor Scarlett s first case, which had seem innocent at first had taken a turn for the unexpected and dangerous BOOKS IN THE STEAMPUNK SCARLETT SERIES Supernatural Devices Immortal Devices

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Supernatural Devices A Steampunk Scarlett Novel 1By Kailin Gow May contain spoilers Supernatural Devices is really of a historical paranormal novel, rather than a steampunk novel, which makes the title very misleading The Devices are the only steampunk elements in the book and they don t come into the story until almost the end Most of the book is instead about a seventeen year old girl named Scarlett Seely who has second sight, which is the ability to see things such as ghosts and other parano [...]

Read the electronic ARC from NetGalley on my Kindle Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with Supernatural Devices A Steampunk Scarlett Novel Book 1 by Kailin Gow Initially I thought it had great promise, but it fell far short of what it could have been It felt like Gow was trying to capitalize on the latest trends in YA lit vampires, fey, steampunk I expect zombies and werewolves to show up in the sequel Everything is shallow the characters have no depth, the plot is not compelling, and the s [...]

I listened to the audio version, and I confess I fell asleep during the last portion only to wake right before the end So, this is based upon me missing a bit near the end.I also confess I do not enjoy stories that are mainly romances, most especially those of the current fad of teen hearthrob vampire romance variety.So, your mileage may vary.I did not expect this story to be great literature or the next blockbuster I did have hopes for a fun and entertaining story, with hopefully likeable chara [...]

I don t like giving bad reviews, but in this case I have to as I got this book and will only get others on condition of reviewing The character of Scarlett was interesting only because she s a strong, self sufficient young woman in the Victorian era But that s the only saving grace for this book The author has thrown in all the elements of the supernatural from vampires to fey and not really landing on a story I can guess, but only from the last few pages of the book that Scarlett has some sort [...]

I thought this had promise after reading the sample It had a young girl who was going to be working for Sherlock Holmes on a case There was some interesting chemistry between the girl and Cruces Once I bought the book though, it all deteriorated It was definitely supernatural there were vampires and fey and ghosts and other gifts most of the book involves the one male lead or another kissing this poor girl and putting their mark on her It was so ridiculous that it would be worth one star, but I [...]

I always like to read Kailin Gow s series to see what new spin or twist she will put on a theme whether it be vampires or witches or fey.So I was pretty excited to see that she was coming out with a steampunk series because even though I am new to the genre I really like what I have read so far And this just isn t steampunk although, I will admit it is pretty light in that area as far as steampunk goes, so light in fact that I think people who don t like steampunk will still really enjoy this se [...]

I have wanted to read a book by Kailin Gow for a while now I am glad I finally got the chance to read one of her books Supernatural Devices was an enjoyable quick read I felt myself get pulled in from the very first pages The book is fairly short compared to what I am used to, but I found in the end the length was perfect It answered questions and left enough questions to have me wanting to read the next book in the series Supernatural Devices is about Scarlett a seventeen year old young lady Be [...]

Copy provided by NetGalley What I Liked I really liked the character of Scarlett She was smart and adventurous She was a fairly strong young woman who used her wits and special abilities to help Sherlock Holmes solve mysteries She is unofficially apprenticed to the great detective and is eager to learn all that she can from him It was a fun story with some adventure and romance The mystery was fairly predictable but still enjoyable We are left with a sort of cliff hanger ending so I am looking f [...]

I found out about this book through reading through the book reviews on YA holic I was immediately intrigued because of the word Steampunk For those of you that don t know, Steampunk is a genre in science fiction where steam power is widely used instead of electricity Steampunk stories ususally take place in the Victorian period of Britain, or the Wild West of the United States for info on steampunk check out I personally love Steampunk and think it is an extremly interesting genre of science f [...]

This book was a short, silly read I was a little wary at first, once I realized the author was the same as the Shiver books angst much But this was a reasonable read once you got in the right mindset for fluff The heroine has a team of handsome men vying and kissing for her attentions, it was much like those Japanese dating sim games with your own reverse harem But it was too pressured or emotional, it was a girl caught up in the moment Bad notes on the book were plenty of speech anachronisms, a [...]

This was my first read by Kailin Gow I was pleasantly surprised by the first of the Steampunk Scarlett series.Paranormal, Steampunk, Amateur Mystery, Young Adult series.What a delectable vampire, gorgeous gypsy man, chivalrous English gentleman and the most noted detective of all time have in common Miss Scarlett Seely, a young woman seventeen and of proper breeding, is one who has been exposed to many peculiarities in her short lifetime She has traveled to Egypt and is accompanying her parents [...]

1.5 stars.Rounded down because the last 20% of this ebook was sneak previews of other books by this author.There are several things about this book that annoy me Let me list them for you.1 False advertising This is not steampunk Nor does it really involve Sherlock Holmes in any real capacity.2 Scarlett is not your typical silly Victorian girl Or so we are told repeatedly And I do mean REPEATEDLY And it s something that everyone around her feels the need acknowledge or to tell anyone who dares as [...]

Scarlett Seely is in Egypt with her parents, who are archaeologists She really doesn t want to be there and is glad when she gets a letter from Sherlock Holmes wanting her help on a case in London When she s in London, she heads out to meet him As she s outside, two thieves grab her bag She chases after them, when all of a sudden a man sticks out his foot, so he can retrieve her bag The man, Cruces, just happens to be the client that Scarlett is supposed to help.Apparently, his servant, Cecilia, [...]

Supernatural Devices is set in London during the Victorian era Scarlett, however, is not the typical female from the time period that you would envision She is a tough girl who has been trained in self defense and fighting She is also very smart and helps Holmes in some of his case because her powers of deduction are also finely honed She is also blessed with a gift that allows her to see the supernatural that is around her including ghosts and vampires When Scarlett gets called home from an arc [...]

This book was definitely a bit of fun 17 year old Scarlett, who travels around with her archaeologist parents, is suddenly called to return to London to help a family friend, a Mr Sherlock Holmes She returns to London, very happily, and then the rest of the book is one small adventure or mishap after the other We don t actually get to meet Mr Holmes but we do find out that Scarlett has a special ability, to see paranormal activity.whether that be vampires, or the Fey, Or even the Romanian gypsie [...]

Scarlett, the daughter of world traveling archeologists, sees that most and is open to new ideas and oddities When family friend contacts Scarlett to return home from another boring trip, Scarlett is thrilled Her parents agree because they know and love Holmes s, so she moves quickly to get home A thief steels Scarlett s satchel from the steps of Holmes s house kicking off a series of events that stretch even Scarlett s mind and put her in danger Scarlett discovers that she has a lot to learn a [...]

Not very good I m afraid Far too many love interests to keep track of The story felt very immature And Steampunk Uh what Steampunk The entire book revolved around the supernatural and various types of supernatural creatures The only nod to Steampunk I found in this book was using the term devices , when they really should have been referred to as ancient magical artifacts Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 s [...]

I really enjoyed this book It was Nancy Drew meets Sherlock Holmes meets The infernal Devices by, Cassandra Clare I loved how adventurous it was I really liked Scarlet s character Scarlet is a strong independent and can hold her own I also loved how there was a touch of romance but not mushy I loved the bantering between her, Cruces and Tavian, very funny There wasn t a huge cliff hanger, but enough to want Overall this book had everything in it Adventure, Romance and Mystery This book also had [...]

I loved Scarlett she was so fiery and independent yet retained some lady like behavior I thought the males in this book were awesome there were four rather important men in the story and all of them sexy and different Of course Cruces had my heart from His and Scarlett s first meeting, but then Tavian gave him a run for his money I like Scarlett s unique aibilty and the fact that this story also involves the famous Sherlock Holmes I didn t like the length of the book it seemed a novella then a [...]

Although this was listed under the genre of steampunk, there really isn t much gadgetry, enough to realize this isn t the usual Victorian tale Being geared toward the YA audience there is the usual angst of several males vying for Scarlett s affections This was a quick, fun, guilty pleasure read that gives another nod and a twist on Sherlock.Archaeology, Egyptology is mentioned, mystery, mysticism, the supernatural, vampires, ghosts, Gypsies, Roma, family, friendship, admirers, rivals, mystical [...]

A quick, fun read Light on the steampunk, but with a generous helping of the supernatural and a smidgen of Sherlock , this story has an engaging plot that draws the reader in and keeps the pages turning Handsome suitors abound and Scarlett has a chance to sample a kiss from all of them First in a series, this book is a great start.An electronic review copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher through NetGalley.

Steampunk Sherlock Holmes kissing And no, we re not talking about kissing Sherlock Holmes here Scarlett is a friend of Holmes with the ability to detect the supernatural As such, she gets called in to help on a case We see vampires, gypsies, changelings, and a mysterious Order that wants darkness, chaos, and Scarlett First book in a series, book 2 is out now, so don t expect complete resolution, but it is a promising start.

Supernatural Devices was, in one word, quick Short read Rapid and inconclusive chains of thought Fast and barely enough character development Quick and underdeveloped and sloppy fact gathering and continuity, both by the characters and the author is Scarlett s father named Theodore or Thomas But, nonetheless, I have some hope for this series and its main character, and will continue with the next installment.

I really liked Supernatural Devices I thought is was interesting.The book could have easily been just as good without the Sherlock Holmes tie in It s story was original enough to stand on it s own.The only real down part to the book was the love triangle It all moved too fast I didn t like the fact she seemed to attract every single guy in the book.

Hmmis book was ok It was good in the beginning, but then it became to fast past I feel like Scarlet threw herself at Cruces and Tavian, without much thought Then it doesn t explain what Scarlet is exactly This book would be really good if it wasn t so fast past I did enjoy it though I really like Scarlet as a character, and I really like that Holmes plays a part in this book.

Kailin Gow s Steampunk Scarlett books are not actually very steampunk they re paranormal fantasy in a Victorian setting but I ve nevertheless enjoyed the first two books and look forward to the next They re a light, fun read, with an appealing protagonist, interesting supporting characters, and plenty of mystery, adventure, and romance.

scarlett fell in love a lot in this book, which is heart wrenching If you have a hero in mind for her, she tears his heart out think that I am getting into Steampunk Scarlett s love life I What do you mean I have to wait til September to find out who she will love forever Now, why am I having a difficult time editing my postrry for that.

Seeing as the first conversation between Scarlett and Cruces left me gagging, I definitely couldn t go on Oh you re so beautiful I m certain you could do almost anything you wanted to a man And of course she was all indignant and easily offended and annoyed Gross.

I chose this book since it was listed in the steampunk genre It is in the category of paranormal I liked the heroine even though it has the theme of a romance where she is torn between several suitors.

It was OK The characters didn t seem as fully realized as I wanted, but the story moves along at a good pace It s worth a read if you can find it at your library I ll probably get the next book and see if it develops in a good direction.

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