The Bandit of Hell's Bend

The Bandit of Hell's Bend #(2020)

The Bandit of Hell's Bend

The Bandit of Hell's Bend

  • Title: The Bandit of Hell's Bend
  • Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • ISBN: 9780839825777
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Hardcover
The Bandit of Hell's Bend By Edgar Rice Burroughs,

Western adventure and romance, set in 1880s Arizona The hero and heroine have to contend with hostile Apaches, outlaws, and wealthy Easterners with designs on the home ranch.

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Born in 1875, as a youth Burroughs actually spent time working as a cowboy on a 19th century Western ranch owned by his brother Though that was in Idaho, while this novel is set in Arizona, his knowledge of basic ranch life and Western conditions in the frontier era was firsthand and the descriptions here suggest that he had some personal familiarity with the landscape of the Southwest as well So in this novel, he was following the axiomatic advice for authors, Write about what you know his main [...]

Well over half of Burroughs plot lines are quite predictable in that boy meets girl, loses girl or believes that he has and finally wins the girl The action and settings of the books vary considerably, which is why they are fun to read In The Bandit of Hell s Bend, one of his few westerns, the presumed hero is rarely the main point of view character and is quite mysterious The girl thinks of him as a big brother and not until faced with devastation does she realize she loves him The motives of t [...]

When he wanted to take a break from Tarzan and Barsoom, ERB would occasionally try a Western The Bandit of Hell s Bend is one such The theme is the classic one of stuffed shirt Easterners vs Robust Westerners a theme that I daresay underlies much if not most of ERB s fiction The foreman of the Slash Y ranch is Bull, a laconic and steady cowpoke in the traditional mode But the Slash Y and its heiress, Diana Henders, must endure quite a bit before Bull s finer characteristics are fully manifest Th [...]

ERB was not as good a western writer as Louis L Amour, but his traditional westerns, like this one, are fun reading You know there s going to be adventure.

I m going to sound back ass ward here, but I have previously tried to read examples of the author s Tarzan stories and his John Carter series I made it through neither book.This book however, I found to be quite a page turner Much is said, both in academic reviews online and in the introduction forward to the volumne I read, about Burroughs first hand knowledge of frontier life in the American Southwest of the 1880s and 1890s, but this came over as pure glorious pulp.There s lots of misunderstan [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed this book It was not my first Edgar Rice Burroughs book, but my first western and I finished it in one morning In this story you ll find tenderness in the most unexpected places, covert gentleness in the most unlikely characters, loyalty and enough humor to keep you giggling at regular intervals At least, that was my experience.

It s shore a durn gum good read.Seriously, it s folksy and predictable, but it s also pretty fun.

Have not read a western in a long time, always have happy endings

Oh I couldn t get enough of this book The cast of characters was utterly perfect Texas Pete, Idaho, and Shorty, cow gentlemen of the finest kind Diana Henderson, the most lovable heroine Completely human but all the liked because of it Bull, the ex foreman Staunch, stoic, and completely unreadable Colby, good looking, dashing, nervy and by the end of the book I m not going to give a spoiler away without a warning, SPOILER ALERT I completely hated and loathed him Didn t like him from the first c [...]

I like western fiction and I like Edgar Rice Burroughsbut this one doesn t rank any than 2 stars If it was about 200 pages instead of 280, I think it would have been great

Such an amazing country and western I felt the old school grit and rawness of the characters Would be an amazing movie

A cracking Western that I enjoyed from start to finish Burroughs s clear, vivid style keeps the pace up and brings to life a host of characters and evokes landscapes and settings with apparent ease Social s have changed you wouldn t get away with the depiction of the Chinese cook these days but what hasn t changed is the power of this cinematic, romantic adventure It s also rather funny, which I didn t expect.Highly recommended Give the genre a go

ERB fans will enjoy it The good guys are good, the bad guys are bad.

I don t think Burroughs writes a very good western.

W Bur

Brilliant Witty Funny One of the best little reads of late Quite a page turner I was laughing out loud at several places

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