The Rings of Haven

The Rings of Haven #(2020)

The Rings of Haven

The Rings of Haven

  • Title: The Rings of Haven
  • Author: Ryk Brown
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  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Rings of Haven By Ryk Brown,

A ship stranded halfway across the galaxy A difficult and lengthy journey home A homeworld in urgent need of their return And now they are running out of food.The crew of the Aurora must now trust their new allies in order to survive But their situation may be far serious than they imagined And their actions could have repercussions across the galaxy.Their journeA ship stranded halfway across the galaxy A difficult and lengthy journey home A homeworld in urgent need of their return And now they are running out of food.The crew of the Aurora must now trust their new allies in order to survive But their situation may be far serious than they imagined And their actions could have repercussions across the galaxy.Their journey home may just have gotten slightly complicated c 2013 Tantor Audio

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Book one of the Frontiers Saga was entertaining, and with 19 books in the series and all on or coming to Audible , I found myself wondering what else the author had in store to fuel what appears to be a pretty successful book empire Alas, the second book, The Rings of Haven wasn t as interesting as the first book.In the good column, we still have Jessica the feisty, confident one woman army whom even the male narrator manages to make sound sexy as hell In book one, we met Jessica as she decided [...]

I am really backed up on reviewing books right now I read and the books simply remain on my currently reading list until i get around to reviewing them so, Rings of Haven.This is the second book in The Frontiers Saga and blatantly leads into another book Here the empire based on Earth is out of touch with the frontier and ourheroes are still attempting to build a society without support from the home world.We also deal with space pirates here, an ever popular facet of space opera All in all not [...]

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3.75 stars Book 2 was spent entirely on and around the farms and black markets on planet Haven Some treachery Some battles A few characters joined the series Some will be important, I think.

The Rings of Haven is the second book of what is going to be a million or so installments of the Frontiers Saga Apparently the series is supposed to turn amazing at some point, though I m still very much waiting for the magic to happen This one felt too much like it was written mostly as a continuation of the previous one and a setup for the next one Some new characters are introduced, and some incidental plot conveniently unfolds, allowing the introduction of some new characters and foreshadowy [...]

I think the main drawback with The Frontiers Saga books is that it is fairly light read That is not bad in itself, I like it when there s not too much character building or lengthy background stories, but it means they I finish them quickly which of course shortens the pleasure of reading them.That said, I really like them so far although I only gave 4 stars to this one I gave 5 to the first book.The reason for not getting the full 5 stars is that this one is planet bound than the other I prefe [...]

A fast read and an entertaining series I like the story and I also like the characters.That is in a nutshell what one hopes to find I do in a seriesright Like I said , I do.You can say that this books are a light read BUTey are funD they are also well written big plus right there.I will definitely read the next one, like soon.

I was surprised that my library actually purchased the second instalment of this series, there must be someone else that suggested the addition to their online catalog too I still don t have high hopes that I will ever finish the series, as there is something like 19 parts and the only easy way to get a hold of them is an e book through limiting their availability.Took me a moment to piece together what happened in part one but once I remembered I did enjoy the story Not quite as much as the fir [...]

Meh I really like this book and series in theory but a couple things keep bugging me First is a preoccupation to characterize all women according to appearance, and to a lesser extent abilities He doesn t explicitly denigrate women or paint them as two dimensional but there s too much emphasis on looks There s one representative conversation between Nathan and Vlad where they basically agree it s impossible for a male to make objective command decisions without being flummoxed if some woman bats [...]

I had about the same level of engagement here as I did with the first book, although, I ll admit, somewhere around the last third I really started losing focus because I started wondering if what I THINK is going on is actually going on If it is, it s not revealed in this book instead, we have some double crosses and defections and possibly some reveals I didn t keep track of it overall.Basic plot the ship needs supplies The undersized, unprepared crew doesn t know the area So they enlist the he [...]

To start, if you haven t read book one of the series called Aurora CV 01 you need to read that one first before picking this one up I like science fiction with a futuristic military bent, especially if it involves future tech that I am able to wrap my head around conceptually and the author delivers on this front The author continues his good job of continuing the storyline, and the battles on the ground and in space were good and not the over the top detail prevalent in many sci fi stories This [...]

This is the second book of the Frontier series Ryk Brown wasn t quite able to keep up the momentum from the first book Think of it like a symphony The first movement is fast, and the second movement is slower That is what this book is the second movement I found many predictable things reading the book, plot points I could see early Still, if you like the Frontier series, there is a lot of good character development here.

I am getting sucked into this sagaI learned of this series from Steve Gibson s Security Now podcast An aside of course, but certainly will worth discovering At times it does seem he subjects his characters to I bit too much mayhem and destruction The characters become increasingly interesting over time and as the plot marches on It is a romp of an action story.

Easy entertainment.

Not bad, but rather conventional and the plot mechanics are rather predictable.

the adventure continues

This has these characters growing on me They are still a bit over simplistic, but improving with time.

If you haven t read the first book in the Frontiers Saga series, then you should stop right now and do that Unlike some series of books, these do not work as stand alone stories If you miss one, the next one won t make any sense.In book 1, the Earth spaceship Aurora CV 01 tested an experimental prototype jump drive The jump drive worked, but perhaps a little too well, taking the ship and her crew much, much farther than planned A thousand light years from Earth, the intrepid explorers found them [...]

A bit dull and unremarkable, the flaws in the author s writing are a lot obvious in this installment given the slower pace Also, due to the short length, it doesn t feel like anything of import really happened.

Second book in the series and it continues to be very, very good I like the continuing character development These are very young people taking on some very heavy responsibilities It just so happens that the ship helps the right people at the right time To bad they had to fall right into a civil war Why couldn t they have just popped into a friendly universe with a lot of friendly people dedicated to helping them home Not going to happen if you re writing a science fiction book So, now the young [...]

From My Newsletter Number 29 The second review is on The Rings of Haven, from The Frontiers Saga Episode 2 by Ryk Brown The story starts out with the ship Aurora badly in need of repairs and the crew waiting for a contact from the planet, Haven, where repairs can be made Once everything is in order, Nathan and a few others visit the planet to get food and other supplies for the ship and crew As you might imagine, things go bad down on the planet and Nathan and his friends must find a way to get [...]

a very entertaining science fiction book the action mostly follows nathan cross a young guy with good instincts if not always following protocol It s an easy to understand story, nothing new here just good old fashion ships in space i ve read the first four books in the series and i ll post this review for all of them I read them in a row cause they are quite smaller then what I m used too and at first very addictive reading the only detraction came from the fact that the characters couldn t pos [...]

On the Rings of the Haven things start developing, however, still fast yet somehow so slow.The good Main chracter Nathan is entertaining at times, even than in first book Overally, writer is better with second book than with first one, plots and twists build naturally, yet they have very forced feeling to them Fits perfectly with first book More forced urgency that was required More intresting chracters oh yay The ugly Fast events that don t actually happen fast Fails to create believable susp [...]

This is book number two in the Frontier Saga The Aurora and crew are stranded halfway across the galaxy From the battles in book one, both ship and crew are badly wounded They arrange to mine the Rings of Haven with a rental crew, harvester and factory ships, to make money to buy food and ship parts While some of the key people are on the planet arranging for food, the Ta Akar warship finds them and is attempting to capture or kill those on the planet and also capture the Aurora.The book is well [...]

In book two the saga continues with the captain of the ship dieing in a battle the with an enemy ship and an officer name Nathan Scott being promoted to captain by the dying captain The ship rescues a person from another ship who was mixed in the battle and on her advice the ship heads to the planet Haven to try to make repairs The new captain, leaves the ship along with his security person and the ships engineer to look for replacement parts and food They are ambushed and flee back to their shi [...]

My favourite aspect of this series is how information is withheld from the reader You don t know everyone s motivations which makes them difficult to trust Tidbits are all that you are given at any time which really makes you think, I really dislike when a story is completely spoon fed.While the first half of the book is fairly slow, very little time passes and the decisions that the characters have to make with regards to trusting others become tense and questionable as they don t have the lux [...]

I think someone could make this into a video just using clips from existing movies TV shows Quite entertaining, tho I wish he would fix the assertion that stranded halfway across the galaxy was the same as 1,000 light years Quick google search shows the Milky Way as being 100,000 light years across The arm we are in is approximately that figure thick I know, why ruin a good story with the facts, and this is a good story I ll be interested to see how the story deals with relativistic travel, but [...]

The second book in the Frontiers Saga is a bit better than the first book Picking up right where the first book ended, this episode follows the Aurora crew as they seek help on a mining colony with their new found friends from the first chapter Ryk Brown does a good job with the action sequences, plot is good if a bit predictable, and many of the issues I found in the first episode are cleared up less noticeable in this episode The fact that the story is still episodic and reads a lot like a sto [...]

Fun continues.The plot includes new allies and complications The characters seem to be growing into the roles, in which the find themselves It would be nice to really see inside of their heads to find their feelings, fears and how they cope It didn t happen here.It s hard to say no spoilers because there is so little to the story This view of adventure is like anime than a novel It s pretty weak in every area I m reading it for free on kindle so I m curious to see if it s going anywhere.It look [...]

Quick, easy read The story is fun, and to the point The character development and dialogue is a bit formulaic and simple, perhaps overly simple and flat, but it is still a mindlessly fun read.

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