What Pooh Might Have Said to Dante and Other Futile Speculations

What Pooh Might Have Said to Dante and Other Futile Speculations #(2020)

What Pooh Might Have Said to Dante and Other Futile Speculations

What Pooh Might Have Said to Dante and Other Futile Speculations

  • Title: What Pooh Might Have Said to Dante and Other Futile Speculations
  • Author: Manny Rayner
  • ISBN: 9781105520716
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
What Pooh Might Have Said to Dante and Other Futile Speculations By Manny Rayner,

Would Mr Darcy have preferred Mary Poppins to Lizzie Bennet Is the New Testament science fiction Could the Three Musketeers have beaten the Lord of the Rings in a fair fight Does Jemima Puddleduck work better as a French trash novel And what would Pooh have said to Dante You ll find answers to all the above questions, and many , in this book.

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Praise for What Pooh Might Have Said To Dante would make a great present for somebody who s never heard of GoodReads before, like maybe a caveman recently unfrozen from an ancient glacier BirdBrian Having observed both Counsel extremely closely, I am compelled to find that the market value of Mr Rayner s efforts is precisely Nil Ian G something rather amateurish that looked like it had been done in somebody s back room notgettingenough Manny doesn t like Harry Potter and sometimes I get mad at h [...]

Unfortunately necessary postscript added In Manny s foreword he writes about At first I couldn t really see the point of entering all your books on an internet database, writing reviews of them, and comparing them with reviews other people had written but, remarkably quickly, I found I had become an addict I have now posted well over a thousand reviews.So what is the point, you may ask I m not quite sure I can explain, but let me try Your first reaction, if you re a sensible person, is that it [...]

Bertie Wooster and Jeeves meet Manny RaynerIt all started one evening when I returned back from the Drones to find Jeeves in the parlour, his nose deep in a book, smirking.Now don t get me wrong Jeeves doesn t laugh or giggle like us ordinary mortals But the right corner of his mouth was turned up by one eighth of an inch, which is equivalent to uncontrolled chortling in normal people, so I gathered that he was amused Funny book, Jeeves I asked.He stood up Extremely so, sir It is the one by Mr M [...]

Do you know Manny Rayner Do you DO YOU If you re looking at reading this book then you probably should This is a collection of his reviews, brilliantly edited and organized into a cohesive, strangely comprehensive narrative.Stop and think about that for a second What would you come up with if you took your reviews and tried to publish them I know what I d get and it would probably look like this And it would probably end up being a bunch of nonsensical scribbles with incoherent screaming and ran [...]

Day one This guy has been reading the same paragraph in this Steve Jobs book for an hour I ve been watching this guy reading the same paragraph in this Steve Jobs book for an hour I try to catch his eye to make some witty remark about how dull airport bookstore selections are but he won t look at me He s too busy trying to catch the eye of the chick who has been holding one of the Twilight books in her lap for the last hour Steve Jobs sure is lame, isn t he Nothing I bet they write these things [...]

Anticipatory InjunctionHis Honour Mr Justice Graye This book passes itself off as the incomplete published works of a soon to be tried and true Renaissance Manny.As we speak, it is safe in police custody, winging its way to this Court, in transit, sic, across Gloria s Mundi, but hopefully not air or sea sic.When it eventually arrives on one of this Nation s four shores, I will eagerly prosecute the Plaintiff s case for it, patiently listen to Defence arguments, sit on them briefly, get down, get [...]

This is an entirely new thing a book of and about paratexts A book about the chatter of books the reviews, commentaries, responses around texts And here I am poised to contribute to the paratexts around this book of paratexts Is a revolution stirring within these pages Or is this some sinister catalogue of subliminal advertising filtered from the digital culture into our precious print space Let us explore.I am reviewing a book of book reviews In these book reviews, the reviewer, Manny Rayner au [...]

I don t write reviews for friends So this is not a review, as Manny is my friend We speak well, write Swedish sometimes, so he is a special friend as well, sharing experience of the strange little corner of the world I call home sort of.Why did I read this Because I love books, I love , I agree with Manny s definition of a review and a reviewer No I read it for the strange reason that I happened to say in a comment thread somewhere that I think the New Testament is science fiction As a devoted A [...]

UPDATE has now openly declared war on authors and reviewers alike.They have deleted some of this author s reviews, along with a spate of other reviewer s reviews, which they arbitrarily decided did not go along with their new policy guidelines which give staff the go ahead to delete content including shelves that they disagree with Manny reports The review below was deleted by , along with two others I received the following message Re 104307 Deleted ReviewsTo MeOct 11 at 8 41 PMHello Manny,Your [...]

WHY I loved this witty, varied and challenging collection, as I knew I would, having read many of Manny s reviews and comments before So why did I shell out money for a physical version Primarily it was because I have a visceral affection for the physical form of books, and, I suppose, for ownership of them Having bought and read it, I found other advantages I studied reviews I wouldn t otherwise have glanced at especially of books I haven t read, some of which I may now read , without the distr [...]

This is a great book I wanted to quote one bit from the author s oeuvre in particular that I loved In the shower just now, I suddenly had a Eureka moment The aspect of this current censorship war that s been upsetting us most is the feeling of powerlessless can arbitrarily change the rules, and they hardly even bother to respond when we complain But we are not powerless There are twenty million of us, and only a few dozen of them We just need to get a little organized, and we can easily resist. [...]

Hey, guys Here s another book Marvin left out Maslow, Ashley and Fanci mustered up their cattish curiosity and sniffed the book Is it about cats asked Fanci I don t think so replied Ashley There appears to be a bear on the cover and it written by some one called M A N N Y MANNY , Maslow jumped up and down as much as a cat that resembled a bowling ball with feet could Manny Rayner I know Manny You do WellI know the name That name comes up on that web site usually just before Marvin starts banging [...]

I joined the community in January 2013 Dutifully I added the 350 books I kept in a private database for years and read some of the reviews of these books Before long I noticed a bearded man from Switzerland who read many of my books too and gave them a similar rating In fact it was almost like some sort of a hare and hedgehog experience to me On almost every book page I visited I discovered the beard man on or near the top of the review list shouting Ick b n all dor I m already here into my face [...]

In response to innumerable queries from MJ and other people, this cheap, tacky PDF edition is now available to people who want to post sarcastic reviews without substantially affecting their bank balance Can be ordered from the relevant Lulu page But I tell you, it s no substitute for the real thing.

A book about book reviews, that kept me endlessly delighted, seductively enchanted, and just plain tickled pink, even though I didn t often agree with them Upon first hearing of a book that consisted only of reviews, I wasn t very interested But low and behold I couldn t believe how many different and creative ways there are to write a review I began to look forward to the next review, not to find out what the book was about or how Rayner felt about it, but because I couldn t wait to see how he [...]

MANNY IS A FUCKING VOTE WHORE THERE I SAID IT Never in my life I seen a desperate attempt to get votes He took vote whoring to a whole new level He wrote a book to take you from the real world and drag you to the online world and vote for him What a bitch Little known fact Do any of ya ll know that I m forbidden to mass vote for Manny One at the time it s cool But no mass voting it has never bother me Cuz fuck The day I was about to mass vote his ass and drop a few thousand bounds on him I was [...]

Eating an egg salad sandwich while reviewing Manny s book, which in turn will leave egg on my face, but it can t be helped, as I am rather messy Manny writes reviews for , and this book contains those that he feels are his best He also has a big following, and I was going to say Huge but that word has taken on a negative connotation in American politics this year, one in which he is very disappointed in, just as am I This book has been around for a while, and I thought it was just about Pooh and [...]

, and GRers themselves, fundamentally inspire the reading of books and the writing of reviews and the interactions that occur as a result of the collisions of both The variations that inspiration engenders could probably be calculated using non linear mathematics by the author of this speculative fiction piece given his prodigious applied and theoretical background in computing science, his achievements in chess, and his other publications.This collection of reviews is, in part, the author s att [...]

The completely disinterested opinion of the proofreader.Not In case anybody other than me is interested in the production process, a few comments on what you get from Lulu.I was expecting something rather amateurish that looked like it had been done in somebody s back room But leaving aside the fact that you can t get section sewn books, which is my strong preference, the finished product is excellent You never know with perfect bound books, the name belies the facts, sometimes they fall apart i [...]

I have not read this book yet, but I think I have read some of the reviews.As for the authorI think Manny isWellHe is Manny PS I just hope he is not offended and flags my review.PPS I forgot to star it Five with a guess because I am projecting the future based on the past and I may conduct a Stress Test later on and change the rating.

Funny, erudite, irreverent, bi or is it tri lingual, offbeat, too sexy for maiden aunts, insightful, challenging, refreshing, but enough about me Manny s book s pretty good too.

A review of a book of book reviews sounds like something recommended by the Department of Redundancy Department Nevertheless, this little jewel is well worth your time.In the midway of this our mortal life, I found me in a gloomy wood, astray.Ok, it wasn t quite like that A few years ago, I faced an unplanned layover in a strange city I had 24 hours, but no map, no friends, and I didn t speak the language The bus ride to the old part of the city was pleasant enough, but I worried too much Where [...]

I feel a bit shy about writing a book review of a book that consists of great book reviews but I ll give it a go These are the most creative book reviews I ve ever read in my life They come in so many different formats and styles, each one unique They are all absolutely hilarious, witty and smart I think I would understand of the humour in some of them had I actually read the book in question, but for the most part I had read the books or at least had an idea of what they were about I did leave [...]

Someplace, somewhere, someone is gearing up to write a dissertation on the intertextuality and layers of reference one finds in the reviews of this book Think about what this is Reviews of books, originally posted alongside other reviews, gathered into a book, taken out of their original context, only to be re situated in said context, so that other people including the author himself can post reviews of the reviews, which will probably be commented on by the other reviewers And when the doctora [...]

Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter I am the original author of this review, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted illegally My fellow CCLaP book reviewer Karl Wolff and I were having a discussion just the other day about the following subject that given what a wealth of original critical writing is being generated on a daily basis these days from pro am critics at places like , Shelfari, LibraryThing, Netflix and , it s perplexing that [...]

Well, I don t think there is any doubt that Manny is the undisputed Champion of writing interesting, creative and funny reviews At times poignant, sometimes laugh out loud funny, silly, witty lots of things at the same time Also tiring, because I had to stop reading to get up and then like the review here on , and then sit down and read again and then repeat as soon as I found another review I liked A wise move to send me the book, Manny you got yourself at least 10 or 15 new likes now.

Felkeltem, l tudom nyos, falloszentrista, szexista szemetet A gyakoris g sz m t a k vetkezo szavakat mondani mindenkinek sex 29fuck 8cunt 7shit 11Twilight 20Queen s Gambit Declined 1 n pihenni n esetemben.

Book by manny is a wonderful piece, which helps to know about other books.I am a follower of manny s review, and this book provides ample of them.I liked the review of selfish gene, and i will be reading it sooner.Thanks alot manny for writing such a excellent piece.

Halfway through and enjoying itW, I was surprised to find negative reviews for even such a harmless book as this.There are 3 1 star ratings for this book, and one negative review in Hungarian which calls it pseudo scientific, phallocentric, sexist garbage based the frequency of certain words in the book I strongly suspect one of Manny s bot friends is behind this review.Another 1 star rating is by our friend Abe, whom we also suspect of being a bot.Are the bots ganging up against Manny

Manny Rayner is witty and erudite And, as I have told him, I ve benefitted from his excellent insights He is justly one of the most popular reviewers on GR.This book is a celebration of GR for which, at the time, Manny selected some of his personal favorite reviews to include in this book I recommend it to all GR members.

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