The Boy Behind the Red Door

The Boy Behind the Red Door #(2020)

The Boy Behind the Red Door

The Boy Behind the Red Door

  • Title: The Boy Behind the Red Door
  • Author: JohnGoode
  • ISBN: 9781613722800
  • Page: 491
  • Format: ebook
The Boy Behind the Red Door By JohnGoode,

This title is part of the 2011 Advent Calendar I ll Be Home for ChristmasMatt Wallace thought moving away from Foster, Texas, would change his life But ten years after high school, he s still just as miserable and just as in love with the boy who lived down the street as he ever was Now on a trip home for Christmas he finds out that running away from your problems isn tThis title is part of the 2011 Advent Calendar I ll Be Home for ChristmasMatt Wallace thought moving away from Foster, Texas, would change his life But ten years after high school, he s still just as miserable and just as in love with the boy who lived down the street as he ever was Now on a trip home for Christmas he finds out that running away from your problems isn t always the best way to deal with them, and that for mending a broken heart, sometimes there s no place like home.

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Ten Reasons John Goode Rules the World1 He creates memorable characters that experience real emotions, talk like real people talk, and worry about those things real gay guys worry about They may live in North Texas, but the guys could really be in any small town in the United States.2 He knows the difference between being alone and being lonely One a guy can live with, the other sucks really really bad.3 He knows there are three types of gay guys virgins, sluts, and the rest of us Virgins don t [...]

Matt Wallace is the BIG GAY GRINCH Nothing about his life makes him happy He knows that he should be, after all, he did manage to leave Foster, Texas Went to San Francisco, gained a successful career, was young, good lookingHe SHOULD be happy He just really wasn t.Matt never did fit into the gay scene in the city, what he wanted was a lot simple What he really wanted was that boyThe only thing that could still make him smile was recalling the boy he had a crush on back in Foster, who lived in t [...]

Dear John and no, this is not THAT DearJohn letter p , may I say that with this, I have totally become your fan, even if you haven t wrote a full length novel one category that I m usually based my being a fan of What I love the most about John Goode s writing is how FRESH it is yet simple and relatable His characters are like real people, they talk like actual people do, they have problems like actual people have not necessarily just gay people, because just like Matt here, I think I can easily [...]

After ten years Matt Wallace returns to his home town Foster for Christmas He s never forgotten his first crush, the boy up the street who he first saw leaning against a red door.The moral of this warm homecoming tale is that maybe the thing you left home in search of, was really in front of you the whole time I loved Matt His clumsy ways made me smile I also loved his mum view spoiler I was hoping that s who Frances son was going to be hide spoiler Looking forward to lots from this talented au [...]

Not too badce little book if you re a fan of the Foster High series Otherwise, it s a little too quickly developed read as not developed at all and unbelievable But to read the familiarity of the Foster High world again, decent enough short story.

I read both Foster High books and liked them very much Therefore I was really looking forward to this one, as I was under the impression that this was the story of Mr Parker Sorry to say, it was the story of Mr Parker s love interest and Tyler Parker appears rather late That said, this book, at least for me, wasn t as good as the other Foster books The writing style in this one was difficult for me to follow with all that back and forth in time Overall it felt not balanced The beginning was goo [...]

I enjoyed this short story but felt no real connection to the Christmas theme In fact Christmas is only used as the reason Matt goes home, we don t see any of the Christmas traditions.It was overall a sweet happy read, despite Matt being a bit of a gloomy guts Things felt a bit abrupt at the end I would of loved to read the actual dinner with all the family I certainly would of liked to see Matt apologise for the way he treated his mum A feel good read not necessarily for Christmas.

I really liked this story It is well written, thoughtful, has a main character who learns something about himself, there is great Christmas spirit and it is funny to boot It is also about a man still struggling to accept himself and his differences from other gay men ten years after moving away from the town and his all straight friends he thought was at fault for him being miserable.Matt has a great sense of humor and his ability to critically analyze himself is priceless He calls himself the w [...]

Starts at 1% and ends at 92%First 28% so boring and repetitive I get it He had never fit in He had a crush on boy next door He blames everything on Christmas Yes I get it Can we move on to something else now maybe something interesting Doesn t even talk to Tyler till 50% Up to now 35% has been boring an repetitive I hate how to flashes back and forth and his thoughts are endless Even skimming them they are too long view spoiler Then after meeting for first time they just instantly fall in love a [...]

3.5Compared to the other DSP calendar stories so far this one was pretty good.The first half dragged a bit, and didn t really make me like Matt much.And the ending felt a bit rushed, but I liked that Mom was right view spoiler it felt a bit like insta love to me, I mean they knew of each other, and maybe there was a crush, but Matt didn t even know Tyler s name as a teenager So, after spending a few hours together Matt promises to leave his home of 10 years, and move back to TX, if things work o [...]

So I m gonna be honest right up front I love John Goode s writing Was introduced to his work with the summer First Time for Everything anthology piece, Maybe with a Chance of Certainty The second part of that story was recently released The End of the Beginning also wonderful However, I think this now might be my favorite John Goode story I read this story while at Barnes Noble and another friend was ithere and I just kept laughing out loud and she just kept looking at me so I kept reading passa [...]

4.5 starsI love childhood friends turn lovers stories, although technically, Matt and Tyler were never friends when they were in high school But they were aware of each other, and Matt even idolized Tyler.I appreciate the author didn t make people in this small town in Texas stupid and completely bigots They may not like gay lifestyle, but they respect the people The talk with Matt s father is really nicely done The mother reminds me a bit of Marie, Raymond s mother in Every body loves Raymond.

Too Late for reviewwill do it later But if anyone was curious it was fantastic John writes good stuff

A solid 4 star and 4 rating from me for this one A Christmas tale where the actual Christmassy part is fairly irrelevant as the story just happens to be taking place over the Christmas Holiday.I have to say first of all that John Goode s writing is absolutely delish, quality writing, I love it whichever of his stories you read This is obviously a adult read than the Foster High series, but I m going off topic again.Matt has moved away from Texas to California in the hope that his life as a gay [...]

You see s the thingere are people, characters in stories, that are so much like real people you know or once knew They resonate somewhere deep inside you.Like certain foods we refer to as comfort , there are story lines that are much the same You are drawn to them, they make you smile, give you a laugh, let you shed a tear when they touch that place in your heart that so very little touches any.The Boy Behind the Red Door is just such a storya comfort storya long lost frienda sweet remembrance.M [...]

I enjoyed this book but felt it was way too short.Matt Wallace has never been happy his whole life When he was living at home, he was not out and even had a girlfriend to impress his older brothers He wasn t as good of a jock as they were and he never felt like he quite fit in He did have a crush on a jock from another high school, but all he could manage were some peeks across the fence When it was time to graduate, Matt couldn t escape fast enough to San Francisco where he thought he might fin [...]

Finally a good christmas story from dsp Halfway through the book I still didnt like the hero He was a sad, miserable man He was also detached, patronizing and judgmental, very critical of family members and friends alike It was difficult to empathize with him I wanted to shake him Then this all changed because we learned through this hero that perceptions are formed on the basis of previous experiences or over reactions as a defense mechanism You hurt them first before they hurt you At the end, [...]

Wonderful Christmas story The author chooses to hop back and forth between the story and the main character relating the story of his life, growing up gay in a small town and moving away to the city, and this was a bit jarring, at times But the character s voice is so strong and funny that it carried me along I laughed aloud at parts and, having grown up in a small town myself, I could really relate to the main character s experiences The romance seemed a bit too easy, with everything just kind [...]

Gosh I love this shorty John Goode written novella is realistic, emotional, excellently well written and simply the best The First time I read this gem, I wished we could read a longer sequel about Matt and Tyler, because their story wasn t completed jet And finally Taking Chances is out YESSS 2011 12 10This Christmas story was WAY to short, but really good I like it A lot And the end came to soon, why so short This couple was really interesting and I wouldn t mind reading about those two Reall [...]

4.5 StarsI really like John s work His characters are always real with real lives and jobs and some even have money issues well Matt s brothers do This short story is quite good with MC s that you want to have as friends I would have liked a little knowledge of Tyler Matt s father had a great effect on him and seems quite believeable His mother less so as I find it hard to believe a mother in North Texas would be trying to find a male date for her gay son Would like to read of their story.

A lovely story about Matt from Tales from Foster High coming home to Foster for Christmas and meeting Tyler for the first time after high school Just a warning, though don t buy this if you re also planning to buy Taking Chances which I very much recommend , because Taking Chances includes the whole The Boy Behind the Red Door, just adding lots of additional story.

4.5 stars rounded up I love Christmas stories It s my favorite time of year and I m starting to look forward to it even though it s not even November I really liked this short sweet romance John Goode creates memorable characters and I found myself quite liking Matt through his quirky internal dialogue Would love to see this story expanded upon.

I received a copy of this story from the amazing author I felt so honored and I loved it, just like I love all his work.But I have a love hate relationship with short stories I get so connected to the characters, and in this case loved this story, and want

It s loosely connected to Foster High series and I loved to see glimpsed from characters I know from other John Goode books.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for Tyler s story

This is a really nice heart warming story.I was never ever a fan of stories written in a first person narrative style, I get confused and it rarely ends up well in my case After I read The Boy Behind The Red Door I changed my opinion about it forever.The story took me in like a force of nature I was glued up to it from the first sentence It enveloped me in the heat waves of internal search for purpose of life and happiness it was so real, so true and yet well balanced with a wicked cool sense of [...]

He s done it again John Goode is, well, good His way with words is beautiful He takes ordinary, everyday, common words and weaves them together in such a way that they pull you in, wrap themselves around you, make you part of the story, comfort you and challenge you all at the same time I don t know how he does it but I love his writing The Boy Behind the Red Door was his Christmas book Since I m perpetually behind in reading I just got to it this morning The story of an adult gay son returning [...]

I love John Goode s stories because they feel quite realistic and his characters are very loveable There is a moment in your life when you have to make a choice that is going to change everything It s like sitting at a blackjack table, staring fate in the face, and the dealer is asking you, Hit or stand You can say nothing and let the moment pass, let the chance pass by and leave your life as it always was Or you take the hit, betting it s the card you need and won t bust your hand I was miserab [...]

4.5 StarsWow There is a paragraph on pg 1, PAGE 1 people, that begins withI remember being on the edge of seventeen, that dangerous time between childhood and young adult when the cement is still wet in your mindd I had to pause in my reading because, YES, I remember my 17 year old self and THIS, this paragraph is perfection Wonderfully crafted characters I didn t always like Matt but he rang true.

I wondered if Tyler would get a story after End of the Beginning, so this was a welcome read because he seemed like a great character so he s one of those ones you re cheering for similar to Kyle This was short, but a nice introduction to Matt, which of course only leads to possibilities and questions of what will happen next I definitely recommend this, especially if you are already hooked on the Foster High series like me

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