The Codicil

The Codicil #(2020)

The Codicil

The Codicil

  • Title: The Codicil
  • Author: Tom Topor
  • ISBN: 9780786889068
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
The Codicil By Tom Topor,

When a late businessman s will reveals the existence of a war child to whom he has bequeathed fifty million dollars, renegade private detective Adam Bruno is hired to find the missing heir and encounters a web of deception Reprint.

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The book deserves a better rating than what is given here It kept my attention throughout A quick read I would have liked to read Adam Bruno detective novels, but it seems there is only one.

Well written and hard to put down I recommend it.

This is one of those books that I would sort of recommend if there was any reasonable way of finding it But it s an airport novel from sixteen years ago and there are few things thoroughly out of print than that It s a sort of legal eagle thriller in the style of The Firm where a tough as nails but deep down has a heart of gold lawyer searches for a dead rich man s Vietnam War child so that she can be given half of the inheritance and of course people don t want to her be found and blah blah bl [...]

Matt Marshall had a heart attack and died at age fifty one Shortly before his death, he changed his will so that half of his 105 million dollar estate will go to a daughter he fathered while serving in Vietnam He had never met this daughter, although he tried, and a conditin of the will is that his daughter is alive and living in the United States.Former defense attorney turned private investigator, Adam Bruno is hired to find the woman However, since Marshall s family stands to lose half of the [...]

Matt Marshall died suddenly at age 15 Shortly before his death he changed his will so that 1 2 of his 105 million estate would go to a child he fathered while serving in Vietnam The law firm probating the will hires Adam Bruno, PI, to find the child and mother Cricket Matt s wife and 3 children are not helping His friends from the war don t want to talk about it And someone is attempting to stop the investigation and destroy any leads Adam finds.

Not a bad book, not a good book, but not a bad book Maybe I was expecting from Tom Topor, who wrote the play Nuts The dialogue was nothing special Except for a few riveting scenes, the plotting was meh The characters were unformed and bland And the ending oy veywhere the hell did that come from

I actually listened to this as an unabridged audiobook, and I really enjoyed it It s a mystery of sorts, but of a different type than I ve ever read before basically, a legal thriller with many twists and turns The characters were compelling, and I liked the tie in to the Vietnam war.

The descriptions of combat and general life in Vietnam resonate with a detail that matches many descriptions provided by many veterans with in country revelations.The detective detail question list per topic might rank beside the detail of items that the best investigators would use.

Fast p svenska Kass vers ttning, men den suger nd tag i en.

The last sentence in this book taught me absolutely everything i needed to know about how we show love.

It s hard to get into at first but definitely worth reading till the end.

The Codicil written by Tom Topor and published in 1995 by Hyperion A very good novel featuring the search for a missing child and Vietnamese mother.

In my all time top 10.

cukup menegangkan dan seru, membawa pembaca menjadi penasaran sampai enggan melepaskan konsentrasi pada cerita.

My partner in crime Barb bought this for me Thanks, girlfriend

Well done Ending could be better.

Really liked thisad really smoothly kept interestrprised not a movie that Topor doesn t have alot published by now.

pretty good

Lots of suspense.

This book reads like an article than a story No character to like, no story I can really get behind.

3 stars outta five.

put on your bedside table you won t stay up past your bedtime because it s not that captivating It read as though a good writer couldn t be bothered to put time into it.

I like it

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