Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics

Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics #(2020)

Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics

Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics

  • Title: Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics
  • Author: Jackie Huba
  • ISBN: 9781591846505
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics By Jackie Huba,

WE IDENTIFY WITH EACH OTHER I SEE MYSELF IN MY FANS AND MY FANS SEE THEMSELVES IN ME I CALL THEM LITTLE MONSTERS BECAUSE THEY ARE MY INSPIRATION LADY GAGA Famous for her avant garde outfits, over the top performances, and addictive dance beats, Lady Gaga is one of the most successful pop musicians of all time But behind her showmanship lies another achievement h WE IDENTIFY WITH EACH OTHER I SEE MYSELF IN MY FANS AND MY FANS SEE THEMSELVES IN ME I CALL THEM LITTLE MONSTERS BECAUSE THEY ARE MY INSPIRATION LADY GAGA Famous for her avant garde outfits, over the top per formances, and addictive dance beats, Lady Gaga is one of the most successful pop musicians of all time But behind her showmanship lies another achievement her wildly successful strategy for attracting and keeping insanely loyal fans She s one of the most popular social media voices in the world with than 33 million Twitter followers and 55 million Facebook fans And she got there by methodically building a grassroots base of what she calls her Little Monsters passionate fans who look to her not just for music but also for joy, inspiration, and a sense of community In Monster Loyalty marketing expert Jackie Huba explores Gaga s biography and fan philosophy and iso lates the seven lessons any business can learn from her For instance Focus on your One Percenters Lady Gaga is investing today in the audience she hopes to have twenty five years from now She spends most of her efforts on just 1 percent of her base, the highly engaged superfans who spread her message Lead with values Gaga stands out not just for her music but also for her message that it s okay to be yourself and to love others for who they are When you connect with customers beyond just providing a product or service, you create a lasting bond Give them something to talk about Whether she s wearing a meat dress or delivering jaw dropping performances, Lady Gaga knows what will get people talking Making your business word of mouth worthy cuts down on advertising costs and spreads buzz faster than anything else Love her or hate her, you can t ignore Lady Gaga And while not all businesses want to stand out the way she does, any business can win big by creating monster loyalty.

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Jackie s in depth analysis of Gaga is an intriguing one that doesn t immediately sound as if it would be as gripping as it is, being business related and all, but it s actually a very interesting journey through the mind of a media mogul Jackie outlines several rules that new brands and businesses can follow as well, if they want to learn the tao of Gaga, which is a souped up combination of social networking power, superfan branding, and giving the fans a feeling that they re involved in somethi [...]

I found this to be a great read and when you are in this business, it really has many great points to consider Yes, I m a Gaga fan for music, but I d never go buy a book about her to read as a fan But when I read the description, it sounded as if it could be perfect as I work on taking my start up global there are many things here that apply to our business I love how the author will compare a concept that Lady Gaga uses to 2 3 companies doing similar things with their customers Ultimately this [...]

Business books are often a single idea that is stretched into the length of a book, when an extended article was all that was needed This is not that kind of book Monster Loyalty is a thorough reverse engineering of Lady Gaga s fan base building techniques Each chapter examines each method that was used, and provides case studies of other companies success doing a similar thing for a completely different target audience You can learn how Mini, Makers Mark, Fiskars scissors etc activated their us [...]

Great exposition on the 1000 fans idea, here called the One Percenters Ideas like giving fans a name, being fans of your fans, creating symbols, aligning your products with a cause, are all good ideas.

Lady Gaga is one of the most popular pop stars in the world Her strategy for getting, and keeping, extremely loyal fans is incredibly successful with 33 million followers on Twitter, she must be doing something right This book shows how businesses of any size can copy her strategy.First of all, who are your passionate fans, those whose world revolves around your brand Are blogs or Facebook pages dedicated to your brand Do people call your toll free number, or send emails, with suggestions on how [...]

Lady Gaga, who hasn t heard of her well that says a ton for the business side of her talent She says basically go big, or go home but to be big what does one have too do The answer is care for others, then others will care for you In this book by Jackie she tells the side we do not hear about Lady Gaga, that is what she is doing for others teenagers, handling bullying and many others She cares for fans, she puts them first, she listens to them and she creates social, walking evangelists Lady Gag [...]

A couple of years ago I was linked by a friend to the blog article Jackie Huba wrote on this same topic and I was excited to learn that she had expanded it into a book.I m fascinated by the power and passion of fans and how fan communities self organize, self regulate, advocate and evolve I ve found it amazing to watch this shift in perception of the value of fans or evangelists or advocates, call them what you will , a shift in the way celebrities, businesses, media, etc interact with and engag [...]

This one didn t work for me There are some insightful points about customer engagement, but the book has some significant problems.First, Lady Gaga is a book s big focus But she s a problematic example for social media outreach, as most people trying to implement these examples will never have her resources in terms of money, coverage or interest Huba never engages the distorting effect of Gaga s celebrity.Second, too much of the book is dedicated accounts of Gaga s rise, devotion to her fans an [...]

If you have any background in basic marketing, this entire book is probably a no brainer However, being a musician, I don t have that background And while even I, the lowly artist, have figured out a fair amount of these concepts on my own, it s nice to see it mapped out in a quick to read form Nothing earth shattering Focus on developing an exceptional product, cater to your core advocates, build those communities etc The Gaga theme definitely made these ideas feel novel and fun than they actu [...]

This was actually better than I expected It was a simple, straightforward book about marketing, using Lady Gaga as a case study Yes, the author was a fan, but she applied fairly rigorous analysis to the Mother Monster s business strategy There were things from this book that immediately clicked for me and that I will incorporate into my work Basically, it s a book on building brand loyalty for people like me who don t like to read books that feel like they re part of required reading for an MBA [...]

I won this book through giveaway.I ll be honest here Outside of seeing some outlandish behavior on her part, I haven t paid much attention to Lady Gaga The book, as a result, was quite a eye opener This woman is a brilliant marketer and an incredible judge of talent in the selection of her advisors This is a thought provoking book that just might provide some useful ideas for certain businesses.

A really well thought out book that reveals fundamental marketing concepts at work very enjoyable read I am not planning to rename my clients little monsters anytime soon, but the powerful loyalty that Lady Gaga has orchestrated in her career is undeniable.

Sometimes the things Gaga does really makes me so moved, I actually teared just by reading the passages Not a Little Monster, but I love all the things she s doing to foster a community that is kinder and braver Way to go

A great marketing business book with practical information that can be applied to businesses and artists alike showcasing, of course, the career and relationship building skills of Lady Gaga Will update with full review

This book gets a business owner thinking of how to get your product to relate to your target market consumer.

I enjoyed this marketing book inspired by examples from Lady Gaga At time gets too wrapped up in fandom though.

Basic marketing applied to Lady Gaga Worth a read especially if you re a member of monster nation.

Superiorly insightful

A great read for how loyalty programs work and what drives loyalty using the pop culture book of Gaga Huba does a wonderful job

It s inspiring, gives some of Gaga s examples to spur ideas on how social media might be used for one s own company marketing I would have given it 4 stars if A an early chapter mentioned the comprehensive footnotes bibliography of social media sites included at the end It would have been great to go to the internet and view those pages while reading the book the first time I just discovered those tonight when I finished the book I am so glad I turned the page after the last acknowledgement or I [...]

There s something that seems a bit insidious, even heartbreaking, about analysing Gaga s Little Monsters movement from a marketing perspective and referring to them as customers , but this book is not as depressing as that sounds There are actually a lot of good lessons here how to sell people something good that they actually want, and maybe even improve their lives by making them feel a part of something I love Gaga, and I sort of wish I was a bit younger so I could really get into the world s [...]

This came through the book drop while I was working circ one day and I was intrigued I think this is an especially interesting read for writers because it gives advice for focusing on those who are already engaged with your art, vs always trying to court new fans I feel like a lot of self promo advice in general is about increasing numbers or exposure This gives some good ideas for how to strengthen bonds with fans you make organically.

It s not your typical business style, with key takeaways type of book, which is what I generally like to read I like books that are chockful of good and useful information The meatier the better, however, I found this book pretty interesting It gives the reader what to think about and new perspectives to consider So beyond being interesting, it was also useful Always a great combo.

Thanks Judith Coley for recommending this book I have found myself boringly quoting from it around the office for the last month I also like how other company examples are blended in so it is not just a GaGa bubble The last 25% of the e book was all references my only reason not to rate it 5 stars

did not finish

Can t say that I m a fan of lady Gaga, but Jackie Huba does a great job of showing how she creates and hangs onto fans and translating the lessons for businesses.

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