Four Rubbings

Four Rubbings #(2020)

Four Rubbings

Four Rubbings

  • Title: Four Rubbings
  • Author: Jennifer Hotes
  • ISBN: 9781620151631
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
Four Rubbings By Jennifer Hotes,

In author Jennifer L Hotes YA thriller novel, Josie Jameson and the Stone Witch, readers meet a teen that s been struggling since childhood to fill the shoes of her dead mother Josie is a caregiver to her little brother, a confidante to her grieving dad, and the backbone of her tight knit group of friends.But always being the strong, responsible one has taken its toll oIn author Jennifer L Hotes YA thriller novel, Josie Jameson and the Stone Witch, readers meet a teen that s been struggling since childhood to fill the shoes of her dead mother Josie is a caregiver to her little brother, a confidante to her grieving dad, and the backbone of her tight knit group of friends.But always being the strong, responsible one has taken its toll on Josie, now fourteen After stumbling upon the grave of a witch, she s been plagued with nightmares, dark visions, and fainting spells that leave her feeling like a freak And then suddenly her faulty heart gives out and for 5.4 seconds Josie is technically dead.Hoping the life saving surgery will finally transform her into a regular girl, Josie s about to discover the witches have other plans As she struggles to accept the foreign object now regulating her heartbeat, Josie begins to dream the life of a headstrong teen in 1820s England who, along with 11 other girls, is devoted to empowering women in their strict society.The second book in the Stone Witch series takes readers along with Josie who, with the help of her friends and clinging to the final memories of her mother, must face the challenges of her future as the past battles for her soul Will she be strong enough to face her fate

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Four Rubbings The Stone Witch Series Volume 1 In the first few chapters, we meet four young teens who go to an ancient cemetery on Halloween not to be hoodlums or vandalize, but to do headstone rubbings on four graves 1 each The book follows the kids as they research their graves learning the stories behind who is buried there a baby, a war hero, a priest and an accused witch and they soon discover the spirits have unfinished business and stories that need to be solved before they can rest peace [...]

The debut novel of Jennifer Hotes is not only a spooky Halloween tale In case you don t know the premise, four teenagers rub the headstones of four graves on Halloween night Their leader, fourteen year old Josie Jameson, tasks them with learning about the life of the person whose gravestone they rubbed As the teenagers investigate their cemetery residents, they simultaneously embark on four journeys of self discovery As the four teens learn about their dead, the reader learns about the teens and [...]

Jennifer Hotes Four Rubbings is an exquisitely wrought YA novel full of beauty, intrigue, and adventure that is crafted with love and care.Throughout the work, her prose is lush and lovely Her words and the descriptions created from them shine like polished stones, like those that devoted survivors place on top of the headstones of their dearly departed Also quite beautiful are the characters of the four teen stars of the novel They are all resourceful, grounded, compassionate, and loving, despi [...]

I gave this to my 11year old daughter as Christmas gift This is what she thought I read this after Christmas on break I couldn t put it down My friend s mom passed away from cancer last year and so this was pretty sad to be reminded of it But it s a great story with really good characters I was really excited to learn this is first book of a series Because this was eery Creepy Interesting All enjoyable And the rubbing kit that the author sent as part of the package was really cool I look forward [...]

What a fun book As a local to Seattle, it was fun to read about places I have been And Jennifer does a great job making your heart yearn for the characters and experience their joy and fear right along with them As we near Halloween and the fall, I highly recommend this for curling up next to the fire while it is blustery outside reading.

I ve loved YA thrillers since I was a kid Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was one of my first favorite books Lois Duncan was one of my favorite childhood authors and I was thrilled to death to receive a personal letter from Betty Ren Wright when I was in third grade or so I still have that letter somewhere As I grew older, I never outgrew my love of scary stories Although I also read grown up horror stories Stephen King will always be my 1 favorite author , I still enjoy YA horror as well Four [...]

Four Rubbings is a story about a group of young adults who decide to make rubbings of gravestones one Halloween night This isn t a ghost story, however After they complete the rubbings, they research the people who have died and try to help them to resolve any unfinished business and to find peace.The story is written by weaving short vignettes of each young adult s journey together Josie, Casey, Blaze and Seth each tell their stories from their own point of view Included are poignant back stori [...]

I enjoyed the first person narrative style of this book Although it did take me a few chapters to get used to the narrators changing over But I was quickly captivated by this story Indeed changing the narrator really helped me to understand the psyche of the Baby Group and Grace too.I was fascinated to learn the legend that the Blarney Stone was thought to be a piece of the Stone of Scone I grew up near to a ruined 16th century castle, not too far from where the Stone of Scone now rests I was re [...]

I am about 50 pages in and loving this book The multi point of view is written in a way that is not only easy to follow, but also clever I love the concept, but even than that, I am already feeling these characters Hotes made me cry big time already Runaway Bunny Seriously How could I not cry Wow, Jennifer Hotes, so beautiful Great stuff Can t wait to get back to reading this afternoon Finished tonight Wow What a glorious, emotional read I should mention that my father died of cancer many years [...]

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review This was a really fun book It s based on four middle grade teens who set out to rub gravestones on Halloween night As they set out to learn about the person under their gravestone, they each go through their own personal discovery and growth This book was very well written It was fast paced and kept me engaged in the story and characters I would recommend this book to any and all who enjoy YA with a splash of paranormal Great [...]

I received this book in exchange for an honest review I flippin loved Four Rubbings I couldn t put the book down for one second No drinks, food, bathroom or stretching breaks Absolutely nothing could pull me away from it Once I finished reading it, had to research information regarding rubbing headstones 394 pages of awesomeness If you love paranormal reads, you will love this book

Four teens go to a graveyard on Halloween and each one is drawn to a tombstone to rub As they learn about the dead person, they each solve their own mystery Great characters Loved this story.

A plodding, spooky story I found the novel Four Rubbings different to other teenage fiction that I have read This is a spooky story, probably best read around Halloween and follows the lives of four teenagers who try to find out about the gravestone they have, quite literally, taken a pencil rubbing from However, the teenagers have a lot on their plate than just finding out about the graves and this takes the form of how all of them live in dysfunctional families As such, I found parts of it q [...]

Well, the first thing I have to say is that I made the mistake of taking this book along on vacation, thinking it would be a quick, carefree read to while away the hours on the drive to and from our destination no, I was not the one driving, lol As it turns out, I spent almost all my spare time on vacation reading this book because I really didn t want to put it down I wanted to find out what happened next The plot was really engaging, and it was a decidedly different twist on the typical teen g [...]

Grace, the cemetery caretaker, spots four youths rubbing headstones on Halloween and, thankful that they aren t there to vandalize, she sends a prayer to God Little does she realize that this prayer will lead each of the teens on a strange journey with the gravesites occupants Fourteen year old Josie sets out to rub her mother s headstone, but is drawn to that of a witch instead Casey, who lives in the shadow of her older brother, rubs the headstone of a baby boy whose parents still show him at [...]

I am an independent reviewer for PRATR On Halloween night four teens decide instead of going trick or treating they re going to the cemetery to do some rubbings You know where you put paper on a grave stone and use chalk to rub the stone Well the four each go separate ways and each have separate problems in their lives.Josie lost her mother to cancer when she was 8 and is now the mom in her family She planned on rubbing her mom s grave to feel closer to her but is lead to the grave of an unknown [...]

Jennifer Hotes has written an alluring narrative largely about a young girl dealing with her mother s untimely death, as well as her father s melancholy But this is also the story of four childhood friends with deep connections.One of my favorite characters I found myself looking forward to her every appearance , was Grace, the lively caretaker of Lakefront Cemetery, which serves as the backdrop for ensuing spooky adventures and several mysteries The author evenhandedly intertwines skillful pros [...]

I was lucky to received the e book of Four Rubbings I really liked the mystery of the story and the characters I enjoyed how the characters all interacted with each other and how each one had a back story However, the one thing that bothered me was the fact that the characters were supposed to be 14 years old They spoke and acted like they were in their twenties Other than that, I enjoyed the book.

A very interesting story with themes that touch every single family out there I can t say I expected it to be that good, but was pleasantly surprised.

I won this book in a giveaway.Overall, this book wasn t bad, it was just very uneven It started well, but roughly halfway through people s reactions started to get a little overblown, there would be scenes that didn t quite fit, and it never really seemed like it knew what kind of book it wanted to be It did have a lot of promise, and, with maybe a little editing, I bet it would have been really, really good.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.A couple of things I liked about this the author has an obvious love for the Pacific Northwest, and did a pretty good job representing the ethnic make up of the Seattle area She includes white, black, East Asian, and Pacific Islander characters, and such diversity is commendable in modern YA lit Unfortunately, that s about all I liked For a start, the writing was repetitive, wordy, boring, and just generally not g [...]

With so many YA books out there with a focus on the paranormal, it seems to be getting harder and harder to find a story that is original and engaging, but this book is both When I first began reading, I thought the characters were a bit young for the roles they were given, but as I continued reading and learned about their history together and the family issues they each had to cope with, I found myself fully engrossed in their lives and in the mysteries they were pursuing I really liked the p [...]

This ebook was givin to me in exchange for an honest review You can find reviews at highway yaThis story was very good and written in a way that makes it feel like you are apart of the story That is what I love about reading stories like this The story opens with four teens who go to a cemetery to rub tombstones They each research their tombstone that they rubbed and see what they can learn from that person and find out that the spirits have some unfinished business The characters were well tho [...]

I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.This is a great young adult read While the main plot centers around Josie s conflicting emotions over her mother s death years ago, it also tells the complex stories of all of the baby group, a group of teens who ve literally been together their entire lives Each of these kids has a different issue in his or her life, and the issues are real life problems facing many kids today With multiple points of view, the novel delves into th [...]

Hmm This book is a conundrum I was intrigued by the blurb, as I thought that this would make an interesting read And yet, it seemed to take me a while to get into the book.Now this is by no means a short story The relationships between the 4 teenagers, their families and each other is as much a part of the tale as the stories of the graces they have rubbed Really, I felt as though this was 3 books rolled into one relationships Josie s grave rubbing and then the other 3 Rubbings.For me at least, [...]

A YA fantasy thriller about four friends who makes grave rubbing on Halloween night that lead them onto different adventures This book is not of a genetic usually choose to read and I was v pleasantly surprised by how the story gripped me Josie, Casey, Blake and Seth our four fourteen year old protagonists have personal hurdles of their own to overcome and befriend the Lakefront Cemetery caretaker Grace, who is quite a character too when i finished this book I knew what a marvel it was to read b [...]

I could not stop reading Four Rubbings by Jennifer Hotes, the first in her Stone Witch series For a debut novel, it had me hooked from beginning to end I love a good ghost story, especially one that takes place in a cemetery I love Seattle, with all its macabre history Throw in four lifetime friends with all their teenage coming of age angst, and this is definitely a spooky YA series for teens and adults alike Well done, Ms Hotes Can t wait for the next installment.

Great story I liked how the characters had to do some searching i their own lives as well as for the history of the deceased A great mystery with a touch of paranormal.ybe than a touch

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