Avengers, Volume 5: Adapt or Die

Avengers, Volume 5: Adapt or Die #(2020)

Avengers, Volume 5: Adapt or Die

Avengers, Volume 5: Adapt or Die

  • Title: Avengers, Volume 5: Adapt or Die
  • Author: Jonathan Hickman Esad Ribic Salvador Larroca
  • ISBN: 9780785154778
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Hardcover
Avengers, Volume 5: Adapt or Die By Jonathan Hickman Esad Ribic Salvador Larroca,

In the wake of Infinity, Captain America and Iron Man plan for the next version of the Avengers But they soon discover that a runaway planet is on a collision course with Earth Can a visitor from the future help save the day Then It worked for the X Men Would we be so crass as to do it again Yes, yes we would It s a blast from the past as Marvel introduces the All NIn the wake of Infinity, Captain America and Iron Man plan for the next version of the Avengers But they soon discover that a runaway planet is on a collision course with Earth Can a visitor from the future help save the day Then It worked for the X Men Would we be so crass as to do it again Yes, yes we would It s a blast from the past as Marvel introduces the All New Avengers But as the Science War overtakes the world s , what is the secret behind this time tossed team When the answers are revealed, you ll wish they remained hidden As Bruce Banner puts together the pieces and confronts Iron Man, the collision of the Avengers and the New Avengers is imminent Collecting Avengers 24 28

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I liked the story in this one much better than I have for the previous volumes Somehow it seemed less vague and trippy, and like a real superhero story Just my opinion For those of you who felt that Marvel hasn t showcased A.I.M enough in its comics, this volume should make you happy Plenty of action with the cool scientists in beekeeper outfits In fact, it s their meddling that brings the main storyline to a head.Ever wonder if all of the Avengers in the multiverse are good guys Or, important [...]

F %king A.I.M scientists Instead of screwing around in the multiverse, you d think they could do something that could benefit humanity like coming up with a watermelon flavor that doesn t taste or smell like unwashed armpits Amiright, Anne In the meantime, over at Avengers Tower, the Avengers are having a barbeque Thor is the barbeque master and I m sure he didn t forget to bring plates, utensils, napkins, etc Mmm Fimbulvinter pie.But the cookout gets interrupted by word that a planet s going to [...]

That s better.This is the first collection of this Hickman run that I enjoyed for the most part It mainly featured characters I recognize, it s got a cool big threat of a rogue planet hitting Earth, there s a kick ass scene of Bruce Banner struggling mightily to keep his cool while confronting Tony Stark about some sneaky shenanigans he s been up to, Thor grills up a whole bunch of meat, and we get some evil Avengers from an alternate dimension If they would have had goatees I would have given t [...]

This is a an important arc in Hickman s Avengers run as it moves away from the Infinity crossover fallout and begins the inevitable march to the last issue of the run Hickman s overall Avengers story in both Avengers and New Avengers starts to converge.As a story on its own merits, it is a satisfying read, specially when one can read all issues in one sitting I find the experience reading as a trade better than waiting for the biweekly issues The story is nothing extraordinary but I do love the [...]

This series keeps getting stronger and is obviously building to epicness.

Meh Probably a 2.5 if I could.I suppose Infinity is a pretty hard story to follow up This volume did nothing for me Blah, blah, blah fucking blah.Realistically, I was thinking that since Infinity was over I would just give this series a rest until Secret Wars starts up in the spring Especially with how lackluster the majority of the issues in this one were That last issue though, it hooked me the tension between Banner and Stark made for some very interesting story telling So now I have to keep [...]

In this collection, the Avengers A.I.M S.H.I.E.L.D all come across the Crime Syndicate of America from Earth 3 some bad Avengers from a parallel world The highlight is a sociopathic Bruce Banner who finds his way into some padded cell the Earth 616 Bruce Banner has set up as a hiding place Our Banner figures out the other guy s deal and belts him, then heads off to Avengers Tower and confronts Tony Stark on what is going on with the Illuminati and the new Avengers team Tony and Cap are assemblin [...]

Heroes fight evil versions of themselves is just about the oldest story in the superhero book Of course, this being Hickman, he ups the civilian casualty rate considerably I get that even heroes can t save us is a recurring theme in his run, but seriouslyhis Avengers are starting to seem really incompetent It feels like every issue they allow at least 200 civilians to get obliterated If I was S.H.I.E.L.D I d seriously consider looking to hire a new team of super powered freaks Anyways, this sill [...]

It starts off really good, with the part drawn by Esad Ribic, but when it gets into the adaptoids storyline line, it drops a little But then it ends pretty great It s not a very consistent volume from Hickman, and it did have me worried that the quality of his Avengers was beginning to slip But when you get to the end, and you see what he was planning all along it all makes sense There s pay off Both of his Avengers titles are also starting to spill into each other, which is pretty exciting I m [...]

Big, Dangerous things are afoot in this book Stuff that doesn t involve emotionless avatars from other dimensions at least not to our knowledge So that means Hickman s not a dick this time around And there s a brief frisson of humour even And yete horrors of the view spoiler evil Avengers hide spoiler end up feeling cold, like I should care but there are currently no stakes Or maybe the stakes are so much higher than this gang invading, that this is merely a blip For once, the AIM scientists are [...]

playing catch up on this series has backfired because I already read Secret wars Oh well I still enjoyed the story Hickman does a fine job at setting up for an epic earth colliding event Salvatore Larroca is a great artist, I love his attention to detail and crisp line work AIM is back at it and messing with science they shouldn t be Tony is keeping secrets and this doesn t surprise anyone including Banner The multiverse is in trouble and its gonna take everything to save it, or ya know it will [...]

I m a bit of a sucker for alternate reality stories So I enjoyed this one Post Infinity Avengers are less meander y than the overwhelming majority of Hickman s run His stories can get too big and abstract with no end in sight This one at least had contained and focused sub stories The larger narrative continues to grow.

This is a great story, but a bit all over the place.

Kind of a big letdown after how good the infinity crossover was.There are 5 issues collected, the first four deal with AIM and the multiverse and are overly complex and hard to follow The last one deals with Hulk and Illuminati and is better, still overall this gets 2 stars.In terms of content we get only 5 collected issues instead of the usual 6 for the same price, so not a greal deal either

After a fun break for Infinity, Hickman is back to building his Incursion story Everything dies, blah blah Since all the Earths of every universe are eventually going to collide, it was only a matter of time before we met some evil Avengers In this case, the meddling of A.I.M is what brings them to Earth 616 A.I.M also revealed to be tied to the Mapmakers a powerful race that Black Swan mentions This volume was a muddled mess In addition to the two Avengers teams going head to head, we have a ti [...]

Oh, good god, between the pseudoscientific gobbledygook par for the course with comics , Hickman writing larger and larger in less and less comprehensible ways, the AIM Comedy Mad Scientists in ever outrageous variants of the beekeeper suits and the blatant rip off of the DC Comics Crime Syndicate and the basic plot of Forever Evilwell, never mind.

Hickman is on a roll Wow I thoroughly enjoyed this book his big picture is making sense This is one part mystery novel one part sci fi Enjoyable I probably would not have gotten what was happening if I had read these individually but the trade made it make sense I can t wait for the next one.

Some interesting stuff around the edges, but too much of this is about a battle with evil Avengers from another dimension generic stuff that seems beneath a writer of Hickman s calibre.

Cool stuff happening here I especially like it when Hickman has strong artists to translate his ideas

Avengers and New Avengers finally converge toward something big

Collects Avengers issues 24 28I was drawn to check this title out when the original comic was released I had been wanting to read the first volume, and Issue 24W came with a free digital download of the first volume, so I decided to buy it I m really glad I did, because I decided to skip ahead and read the story in Issue 24W, and I got hooked It was really great This is some of the first Hickman writing I ve read, and his style really speaks to me At first, I planned to only read Issue 24W Then, [...]

Surprisingly good We have actual character development with characters I have heard of before.Also, Captain America joking about his evil counterpart being a Nazi named Sigmund certainty is funny aneurysm moment by now.

In some ways better than the earlier volumes, but adding evil Avengers from another universe just seems like a dumb and makes for an overly dumb and convoluted plot line I ll be happy when I get through this run.

Multiversal chaos that is sometimes a bit forced Still fun, though not consistently so.

This was another really good book in the Hickman story line with some great moments.After the heavy stories of Infinity, we start off here with a little RR They are golfing off of the rooftop, Thor is grilling various meats, and Hulk is delivering heaping platters of pies Tony Stark and Captain America discuss their needs moving forward.However, these things never last very long An Iron Man suit shows up on the roof and we learn later that this is a future descendant of Tony s coming back in tim [...]

Finally, this series seems to be getting back on track It was much focused and kept to the main story thread The main exception being the future Iron Man and the rogue planet section at the beginning, but I m sure the relevance of that will become clear later.I am finding the power of AIM to be a bit over the top They seem to be far too powerful and could take out the Avengers whenever they want, but for whatever reason they don t It s usually something stupid like not wanting to draw attention [...]

While I did enjoy this, I found myself confused and struggling to keep up a lot of the time, despite this being billed as a good entry point for people who haven t been on board for large chunks of the series Reading other reviews, it seems like the first part of the collection was actually deliberately confusing as it led to a bit of a payoff that, presumably, I would understand if I were involved in the comics overall Ultimately, I think I would have been left very frustrated if it weren t f [...]

Though this volume begins with a relatively lackluster bunch of stories, the first featuring an Iron Man from the year 3030 and the second featuring a group of evil Avengers from the multiverse, these plots culminate in a surprising twist Bruce Banner s admission into the Illuminati What makes these stories so underwhelming is they do so little to progress the greater plot that has been the forward moving current of Hickman s run Even worse, there s no character development whatsoever until Bann [...]

Hickman s Avengers run was not grabbing a hold of me too much until the Infinity event happened, and this story that followed continued to solidify the grand work seen in his book.The first issue is a standalone, one shot story, which are the kind I especially love Though apparently the Avengers are later going to then go in search of what was causing their problems for that story The rest of the collection contains some stereotypical alternate universe time jumping, but without the stereotypica [...]

This Volume, like a few of the earlier Avengers NOW volumes, only contains part of a story In the post Infinity era, we ve now moved on to multiverse stories, and playing with different universes Avengers.This Volume would kind of be a wash for me, being mostly just filler and positioning, but a conversation between Bruce Banner and Tony Stark kept it alive with its intensity and suspense.Recommend with slight reservations.But if Age of Ultron and Infinity both crossed multiple titles why a have [...]

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