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  • Title: Poltergeist
  • Author: James Kahn
  • ISBN: 9780246119353
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover
Poltergeist By James Kahn,

Based on a Story by Steven Spielberg with a Screenplay by Steven Spielberg, Michael Grais Mark VictorFrom the imageless eye of the tv set, from the flickering snowy light, it calls to Carol Anne, six years old and innocent.From beyond the world of the living, it reaches out in unholy anger, ripping her from the arms of her family into the thrall of the Poltergeist.

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Libro basado en la pel cula La prosa es mala, descuidada, quien sabe si es culpa de la traducci n o del material original Los personajes son planos, cumplen su funci n como una familia americana de los suburbios B sicamente el libro es eso familia de comercial estadounidense en una situaci n extraordinaria Es lo de menos si no eres un lector exigente Es divertido para una lectura sin giros complejos Se va r pido, es gil, dura lo mismo que un viaje de dos o tres horas aunque quiz s en estos tiemp [...]

I m not sure I liked the novelization as much as the film, but Poltergeist in a book format is still very eerie and suspenseful.

Por incr vel que pare a este filme fez parte do terror da minha adolesc ncia, perdi a conta das vezes que o vi ainda no auge das videocassetes , quem vir este filme agora, com toda a certeza vai chamar me maluca, mas s eu sei quantas noites espreitei debaixo da cama antes de adormecer, quantas vezes ficava em p nico quando a televis o assumia aquele estado de formigueiro sem imagem, quantas vezes contei para avaliar a dist ncia de uma tempestade.Opini o completa aqui baudatanocasspo poltergeis

Poltergeist 1982 The novelizationMy novelization binge continues with Poltergeist written by James Kahn, one of the all time best at this particular specialty, with Return of the Jedi and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom among his credits Erase all thoughts about the insipid, half baked, cynical cash grab bastardization remake currently infesting movie theaters around the world I am talking here about the Steven Spielberg produced Toby Hooper directed classic from the fabled summer of 1982 A [...]

Need to be reviewed.

I truly enjoyed this one The novel is less than 200 pages it added a lot of depth to the characters and while the phenomena was explained in the movie, the book had a thorough explanation that felt satisfying than the story presented on the screen Even if you have no interest in seeing the movie, you might enjoy the book if you like to read horror ghost stories.

couldn t find the english one, not cool, then i happened to find this french version, ok, cool y noe i m a big fan of poltergeist series things and 80 s horrorsbut reading french is not that cool for me, cuz my french is not that cool vraiment encule, mais a se dit pas, putin

Has extra scenes left out from the movie and they do show why as they are the weaker parts of the story, making me rate it as 4 while I rate the movie as 5.

Poltergeist was a fascinating movie the unusual imagery, the twists on the haunted house storyline, and of course the rud curse But what stuck out to me the most were always the stories that the movie we saw wasn t the movie they had planned, and that Spielberg had pared away the weirdness and explicit horror elements to create a family story first, a horror story second This novel, as far as I can tell, depicts the film as it was written and planned before Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg both [...]

Poltergeist is and will always the best horror based novel of all time No wonder they made a movie and received so many awards People may disagree for some reason but this book could be the only thing to bring if your plane crashes and you are stuck on an island by yourself The reason is because of all of its freight and chills in the book that can be passed from the book to you only by reading it It gave me chills up and down my spine the whole time I recommend this book to anybody that is look [...]

Except for Tangina s story, it didn t add much to the movie I m glad that it remembered that Carol Anne is four years old Like when she would do something odd, like eating a pea off of the table without using her hands utensils I don t like that it had a explicit ghost molestation scene, Entity already exists Dana remains kind of two dimensional The end was almost as creepy and tension inducing as in the movie.

I didn t really enjoy this book Unlike the movie, I didn t feel that suspense or thrill I felt most of the characters were one dimensional and some of the language was too scientific to really appreciate Next time, I will just watch the movie.

This is a suspense,paranormal thriller readers will find hard to put down When a family finds their home was built on a burial ground The headstones were moved but not the bodies all manner of paranormal activity is about to be unleashed.

I enjoyed the movie much better than the book, I guess visuals on some subjects for me are favored.

This one was a blast

Novelisations are a hit and miss affair, and this is definitely the latter It seems to have been based on an earlier script revision, and as such it is missing a lot of the stuff that makes Poltergeist one of the most superlative horror films ever One of the key ingredients is the bond between the family Poltergeist, as a movie, really made you believe that the Freelings were a real family It spent the time setting up their dynamic, which a lot of horror movies nowadays dispense with The kids ar [...]

There s nothing particularly indispensable about Kahn s adaptation, but he does add several sequences that are pretty effective and also fleshes out a few characters who ended up with less screen time in the film My experience with film to novel titles is limited, but this was enjoyable and delivered about what I expected, although a little experimentation would have also been welcome 3.5 stars.

No where near as good as the film but good as far as novelizations go I like how author James Kahn added in things that were not in the movie I like that in a novelization The book s major problem is that Poltergeist is such a visual movie its next to impossible to capture most of those images into the novel Ovarll, I thought ir was a good book though.

Me gust mucho Siento mucho que Marty se haya ido de la casa despu s de su pesadilla Sin embargo esa escena es mi favorita, por la crudeza de la imaginaci n del autor, y la excelente narrativa que cre un ambiente real completo a la novela Mi primer libro de estas vacaciones, y espero leer muchos m s.

This reminds me why novelisations of movies aren t my favorite books to read Yes, it was true to the original movie, no the characters didn t suddenly start acting differently but still something was missing I thought reading it might be spooky but it wasn t I can honestly say this was about as frightening as my shopping list Ah well onto the next ghost story.

Read a french translation a few years ago and enjoyed it immensely I have never seen the movie and don t really intend to.

This edition had an awfull translation and some blank pages I guess that s what I get when I buy books for 50 cents.

Well, it wasn t nearly as scary as I remember it being years ago But, it was a nice fast read for this months book club.

It is the movie, almost word for word However, there are a few added details and explanations, especially regarding Tangina.

Really enjoyed this quick read, fast paced and enjoyable.

Clear your minds It knows what scares you It has from the beginning Don t give it any help It knows too much already Nowopen the door Ha Good stuff

Interesting I really liked seeing how the first draft of the screenplay differed from the final film I preferred the movie , but this was pretty good.

better than the movie

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