Chocolate Box Girls Coco Caramel

Chocolate Box Girls Coco Caramel #(2020)

Chocolate Box Girls Coco Caramel

Chocolate Box Girls Coco Caramel

  • Title: Chocolate Box Girls Coco Caramel
  • Author: Cathy Cassidy
  • ISBN: 9780141341576
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Hardcover
Chocolate Box Girls Coco Caramel By Cathy Cassidy,

Another delicious book in the Chocolate Box Girls series, a sequel to Cherry Crush, Marshmallow Skye and Summer s Dream, from bestselling girls favourite, Cathy Cassidy Coco is the youngest of the Tanberry sisters but she s as headstrong as any of them Coco is crazy about animals and loves her riding lessons When her favourite pony at the stables is sold, Coco scopes oAnother delicious book in the Chocolate Box Girls series, a sequel to Cherry Crush, Marshmallow Skye and Summer s Dream, from bestselling girls favourite, Cathy Cassidy Coco is the youngest of the Tanberry sisters but she s as headstrong as any of them Coco is crazy about animals and loves her riding lessons When her favourite pony at the stables is sold, Coco scopes out the new owner and she s not happy about what she discovers With big sister Honey going off at the deep end and Summer only just recovering from her eating disorder, Coco can t rely on family help Can Coco save Caramel alone or will a new friend help her A perfect next step for fans of Jacqueline Wilson, by the bestselling author of Scarlett, Dizzy, Angel Cake and Ginger Snaps For all the latest Cathy news, visit cathycassidy

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Coco Caramel is the fourth Chocolate Box Girls book, which is a series I love I ve been anticipating this book for just under a year, so I was really happy to get my hands on it Because Coco is twelve, and a tomboy, I thought that out of the five sisters I would be able to relae to her most out of the five sisters In some ways, I was right, but in others, I wasn t.Fresh and light are two words that describe the book It has action, lots of emotion and a touch of romance The emotion is well descri [...]

I am someone who usually sticks to adult or young adult fiction and never really dip into books below that age range As a child and younger ages teen I did read a lot of Cathy Cassidy books as I grew up and by that I mean all She still does classify as YA though, although so the younger kind Either way, her books still have a mature feel to them that I have always been able to enjoy I read the previous three books in this series before I started blogging which is why I am suddenly reviewing the [...]

Apr s C ur sal , j ai attaqu C ur coco, sur la plus jeune soeur des Filles au chocolat J avais beaucoup aim l histoire de Shay et j ai encore plus appr ci celle ci, sans doute car le roman est plus long donc plus d velopp Coco est une grande passionn e de la nature et des animaux Au d but du roman, elle soutient norm ment de causes et n h site pas s investir en vendant des g teaux la r cr ation pour r colter de l argent Je me suis tout de suite attach e cette jeune fille de douze ans qui a une g [...]

I really loved this cute book and finished it three days I never thought coco was a very important character in the past books but in coco caramel she explains how she s the youngest and always treated like a baby But my favorite character would have to be lawrie Marshall, I love how misunderstood ,mysterious he is and especially his past The relationship between coco and lawrie really developed over the book and how by the end both of them had changed for the better The only criticism I have is [...]

Even though I ve enjoyed all of the chocolate box girls books, I felt a little hesitant at first about what this one had in store Coco was always little kid like in the others, but after a chapter it two i saw that she was just simply on the verge of becoming a teen I thought that the personal side of her book, the whole thing with the horse dragged on at the start but I really enjoyed the story with lawrie and the family side of her story Definitely takes a while to flow but turns out great, I [...]

C est la plus jeune de la famille qui raconte ce tome et elle montre qu on grandit tout en restant le b b de la famille Elle montre aussi qu on peut se tromper sur une personne.Alice, 10 ans

Ici, nous suivons les aventures de Coco, la plus jeune des filles Taberly Dans les tomes pr c dents, elle a toujours t un peu en retrait, c est donc un r el plaisir, ici, d enfin pouvoir mieux la d couvrir Coco est un personnage attachant, elle est toujours un peu trop chouchout e par sa famille, et a a le don de l agacer En effet, elle aimerait avoir un peu plus de libert , elle aimerait qu on arr te de la prendre pour un b b En effet, elle n a pas tort, c est peut tre elle la plus petite, mais [...]

Even though I didn t love it as much as the others especially the first two in the series, I did really enjoy Coco s addition to this gorgeous series Coco had a really charming, engaging narrative voice and I really loved her gutsy, lively attitude to life as it felt really fresh and she had an enjoyably positive mindset I enjoyed the youngest one angle as it gave new perspective to where Coco fitted into the family and it also brought to life Coco s despair at never being taken seriously and be [...]

The 4th installment of The Chocolate Box Girls and really excellent I have to say I really love this series because it shows how disfunctional a family can be and how different things can make and break something I have always thought that Cathy Cassidy s books centered too much on boys and relationships but even though this series does have a new romance for each sister, they each face problems that are so relevant in this day and age Coco is raving mad for animals and loves to play the violin, [...]

This is the fourth book in the Chocolate Box Girls series, and it is my favourite one so far Any reader will be able to relate to at least one character in this book The whole series focuses on five sisters living in Tanglewood house together There are a lot of dramas and problems, but they always get through them in the end Pick up the first book, Cherry Crush , and get reading In this book, Coco, the youngest sister , is telling the story She is animal mad and is out to save the world Coco ado [...]

Pas de suspense, j ai kiff ma m m en d couvrant ce quatri me tome, le personnage de coco est tellement attendrissant, sa passion pour les animaux m a beaucoup touch , et j ai r ussi a m identifier enfant coco a se lit tout seul bien entendu, c est tout mignon, gourmand et color J aimerais tellement que ce genre de livre se lise en classe par des l ves de ce2 cm1 Bien sur celui ci est bien plus adapt un public de petites filles mais cette s rie est d finitivement pleine de morales plus qu importa [...]

En r sum , un quatri me tome que j ai appr ci , malgr la grosse faute de l auteure de donner une aussi grosse libert de vie une jeune fille peine g e de douze ans Cependant, la cause qu elle d fend et le fait qu elle essaye de sauver Coconut de son probl me est louable Mais il est vrai qu une aide adulte aurait pu changer la donne et que les soucis que Coco et son ami traversent auraient pu tre amoindris Je lirai videmment la suite avec plaisir, curieuse de d couvrir ce que cache vraiment Honey [...]

Le tome consacr la plus jeune des soeurs Tanberry, Coco Un jeune demoiselle qui aime les animaux plus que tout et qui veut tout faire pour les sauver en r coltant des fonds en vendant des cupcakes l cole De toutes les filles, c est de Coco dont je me sens la plus proche J ai ador l intrigue de ce tome, m me si je trouve dommage que Honey prenne un peu l ascendant dans toute la saga Elles sont 5, elles ont chacune leur tome mais Honey prend une place importante dans chacun d entre eux.Jusqu ici, [...]

Une fois de plus, un tome tr s sympathique Cathy Cassidy parvient maintenir la m me ambiance, la m me synergie chez cette famille, de tome en tome, tout en nous plongeant dans un environnement chaque fois radicalement diff rent Coco la petite colo est un bien bel exemple pour la jeunesse d aujourd hui, loin des pr occupations futiles du monde moderne, n coutant que sa passion pour la nature Tr s rafra chissant et mignon au possible

Coco wasn t my favourite sister at first, but now she is Well, she tied close with Skye but anyways I absolutely loved the story so much Now, I got to understand Coco better Lawrie was my favourite character He is awesome And I can t wait to see what happens to Honey I d love to see things from her point of view

I have read the past three Chocolate Box girls books Cherry Crush, Marshmallow Skye and Summers Dream last year but reading Coco Caramel was quite an experience, I haven t read a book from an animal loving, persons point of view but I must say I did enjoy reading about the adventures Coco makes to save the horses.

Coco tait jusqu pr sent le personnage qui restait le plus myst rieux mes yeux puisqu elle n tait pas beaucoup pr sente dans les tomes pr c dents Je ne savais pas trop quoi m attendre en commen ant C ur Coco mais j ai vraiment ador son histoire, son amour des animaux et son engagement malgr son jeune ge

amazing, i really liked lawrie he sounded sooo nice tho i think that cocos stepdad and mum should have hired lawries mum for the chocolate business because she made everything run so smoothly for the time that she was helping them.

une lecture fraiche, mignonne qui fait un bien fou

Karkkiv rit ja makeat kannet johtavat harhaan Uusperheen sisarusten taistelua ja teiniangstia.

Such a great book

Coco Tanberry is a young girl who loves animals in fact, her main mission in life is to save endangered animals Although due to Coco s family she is forbidden to do a lot of things she has hopes to do Since Coco is the youngest, her family does not trust her to perform any risky actions As I mentioned before Coco adores animals, but she also hates injustice of any kind, which means when Coco spots bullying she will go out of her way to stand up against the bully To take her mind out of things Co [...]

Vihdoinkin Kirjasarja ehti edet jo nelj nteen kirjaan, ennen kuin loppuratkaisuun ja onnelliseen loppuun ei kuulunut se, ett p henkil l yt itselleen poikayst v n Turhan pitk n t t kin sai odottaa ja t ss kin poikayst vyys oli hilkulla Juuri t m koko ajan toistuva poikayst v ratkaisu on minua h irinnyt koko kirja sarjan ajan Lis ksi Kookoskaramellin poikayst v kuvio toistaa hyvin samanlaista tarinaa kuin Vaahtokarkkitaivaassa Olisi hienoa, jos sarjan jossain seuraavassa kirjassa ei seurusteluteem [...]

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Coco loves helping animals and when she finds out that her favorite pony has to go she will literally do anything to bring her back unlike Caramel starts to understand that Coco loves her and wants to save her.They both start to have a really big connection between them.But the big question is why is that moody boy always gets in her way Just because he works at the stables doesn t mean that he has to stop her from saving Caramel, they must be another reason Will Coco save Caramel or will she lo [...]

This is a good read Parents should be aware of some child and animal abuse, violence Good for 9 or 10 depending on how well your child can take the things stated above Brilliant for any horse lovers and also surprisingly good for children who struggle with bullying as it had a good message about the bully Overall this is a great book and my 10 year old daughter and I loved reading this book together

coco caramel from the chocolate box girls was a book that i liked because i could imagine what i was reading in my head which is pretty cool because that does not happen for me all the time I would reccomend the book for ages 7nand up.

I liked it a lot because of Coco s animal addiction

4.5 stars

this is probably my least favourite of the series so far I loved Coco s determination to save the animals looking forward to the next book to see what shenanigans honey gets in to

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