Scalped: The Deluxe Edition Book One

Scalped: The Deluxe Edition Book One #(2020)

Scalped: The Deluxe Edition Book One

Scalped: The Deluxe Edition Book One

  • Title: Scalped: The Deluxe Edition Book One
  • Author: Jason Aaron R.M. Guéra Brian K. Vaughan
  • ISBN: 9781401250911
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Hardcover
Scalped: The Deluxe Edition Book One By Jason Aaron R.M. Guéra Brian K. Vaughan,

Fifteen years ago, Dashiell Dash Bad Horse ran away from a life of abject poverty and utter hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation searching for something better Now he s come back home armed with nothing but a set of nunchucks, a hell bent for leather attitude and one dark secret, to find nothing much has changed on The Rez short of a glimmering new caFifteen years ago, Dashiell Dash Bad Horse ran away from a life of abject poverty and utter hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation searching for something better Now he s come back home armed with nothing but a set of nunchucks, a hell bent for leather attitude and one dark secret, to find nothing much has changed on The Rez short of a glimmering new casino, and a once proud people overcome by drugs and organized crime Is he here to set things right or just get a piece of the action This new collection of this modern classic series from superstar writer Jason Aaron is now in a deluxe format with bonus material and exclusive sketches from artist R.M Guera.Collects Scalped 1 11.

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This has got epic written all over it, but it starts slow, taking you backwards and forwards through time showing important events which have led to today You can really feel the tensions building after each page I m looking forward to seeing it all blow up

So I finally got around to reading Scalped, the gritty crime story that pretty much everyone loves and I gotta say, it s a very good read, my picky self had a few problems though.What s it about There s this Indian guy who moves back to the county he grew up in and with there being a controversial new casino opening and a lot of crime happening things get crazy and plot twisty.Pros The story is very interesting and never gets too boring.The main thing that makes this book good is how interesting [...]

It takes a little while to really start and find its rhythm but once that is done this a hell of damn book although not what I expected At the heart this is the story of a crime committed 30 years ago and how since then it has affected the life of so many people at the Lakota Reservation.Jason Aaron doesn t pull any punch and the story is violent and full of sex.It s full of flash backs too and they help build the background of characters and quickly we realize there is no black and white and th [...]

Aaron, eres un m quina.Luchas tribales, casino, matones, sexo, droga, alcohol Una historia cruda en lo m s profundo de Am rica La crudeza de las reservas indias, normalmente olvidadas por esos blanquitos que llegaron creyendo que les pod an arrebatar todo.Y tambi n la mafia dentro de la propia reserva Cuervo Rojo es el Al Capone de Prairie Rose.Y qu decir de Caballo Terco, pura rabia, un indio que sali de la reserva con 13 a os y ahora vuelve con un objetivo, no le importa morir, naci para esto [...]

Pedazo de C mic, en Scalped Jason Aaron nos lleva a la reserva india de Prairie Rose, Dashiell caballo Terco es un antiguo habitante que regresa tras a os alejado de ella, tras algunos altercados con sus hombres, recibe una oferta del cacique local Lincoln cuervo rojo para convertirse en ayudante del sheriff Aaron y Guera nos mostrar n el interior de la reserva india con mayor paro y tasa de alcoholismo de los USA, cuyos habitantes han ca do en la decadencia m s absoluta drogas, prostituci n, de [...]

Pretty impressive It has a lot depth to it than I was expecting Aaron touches on quite a few topics here without being preachy, including the plight of the Native America, gun violence, how events in a childhood can completely drive someone s behavior as an adult.Note that it does have, dare I say it, Aaron s trademark for violence, although I wouldn t say he s exploiting it His story requires it and there is quite a bit of foul language for anyone concerned.The art is fairly dark, both in the [...]

Historia criminal negra, muy negra, en una reserva de nativos americanos El primer arco argumental de tres n meros, la presentaci n, exuda una rabia y una violencia excelentemente plasmadas por las ilustraciones sucias y tenebrosas de Gu ra, pero peca de un tanto convencional Sin embargo el segundo, seis n meros que cuentan seis historias m s o menos en paralelo, cada una desde un personaje distinto, son palabras mayores Las luces y las sombras de una comunidad rota por los designios del hombre [...]

Wow It s hard to know where to begin Dashiell Bad Horse returns to the reservation where he grew up, full of bad attitude and anger He draws the attention of Red Crow, the man responsible for building a new casino that s set to open soon, and who s known to be involved in shady business Dash ends up with than he bargained for, specifically a gun, badge, and brand new job policing the reservation There s going on than is apparent at first glance Not everyone is who they say they are, and a shoo [...]

I was a little skeptical of this series going in, but it really rings true You d think Sherman Alexie had a hand in it Jason Aaron does a great job depicting rez life The dialogue is on point, the pacing is great, and it touches on a lot of modern aspects as well as federal Native relations back in the 1970s, old attitudes towards killing the Indian in children at schools, 19th century history, and traditional Lakota beliefs R M Guera proves he is not your run of the mill Vertigo artist His expr [...]

Wow That was epic, gritty, and real What this comic has that others dont is a sense of reality It is not sugar coated The characters feel real, because they are all flawed in their own way and they act the way actual people would, not perfect comic characters The art, i thought I would hate But I realized very quickly on that it is perfect for the story and is actually really well drawn Unfortunately I started with the deluxe version which combines 2 volumes into one big book, so I m going to ha [...]

I thought it was very good A number of strong stories with complex characters Dark noir, with a lot of action My one complaint is that the story jumped from past to present numerous times It was usually pretty well indicated but I thought it could have been clearer I would have preferred fewer flashbacks, although the story certainly turns on an old crime and therefore that had to be shown Great dialogue The art is very strong I ll probably be reading in this series.

I never knew about the Reservation system in the US administration It s basically a piece of land governed by a tribal representative and populated mostly by native Indians The setting in Scalped is one such reservation of South Dakota Bad Horse an undercover FBI agent with a troubled past infiltrates Red Crow s the administrator of the reservation inner ring In the first edition, we have gritty action sequences, flashes of the histories of most of the characters, alcoholism and meth fueled viol [...]

Meh This series has apparently been highly praised, but the first volume of the deluxe edition the first eleven issues plus minimal extras did not overly impress me Aaron seems to have done his research a lot of fact lies beneath this story, as far as I can tell but he puts it in the service of a shallow narrative few elements of which will surprise anyone with much of a thriller noir grounding I knew I was in trouble when I figured out instantly that our hero, Dash, was really some kind of unde [...]

Unsurprisingly for a book by Jason Aaron Wolverine and the X Men, Southern Bastards, Star Wars this book captivated me from issue 1 Violent, gritty and therefore oh so human, Jason has an approach to developing characters that probably makes him one of the best American comics writer of his generation Let yourself be tempted by the story of the uber badass and nevertheless so weak and flawed Dashiell Bad Horse, you will not regret it.

3.5 stars

Prva knjiga Skalpiranih odvodi nas, kako joj i naslov govori, na Indijanski teritorij Prije nekoliko godina kad smo razmatrali ideje za scenarije za strip netko je spomenuo kako bi bila super ideja imati strip o Indijancima danas to se dogodilo nakon pokreta za prava Indijanaca sredinom sedamdesetih to bi bio takav strip, vi e noir ili vestern Na sva ta pitanja donekle odgovara Jason Aaron u Skalpiranima Roman je to koji nas odvodi u srce indijanskog rezervata, rezervata u kojem je indijanska ma [...]

A caldo, dopo appena 11 numeri, vi direi che Scalped di Jason Aaron una bella lettura ma assolutamente non il capolavoro che tanti decantano Ha dalla sua una ambientazione davvero originale ma tutto un po troppo prevedibile Forse avevo delle aspettative troppo alte e dalle voci che girano intorno a questo fumetto mi aspettavo chiss che cosa Fatto sta che sono rimasto un po disilluso Sopratutto la lettura maledettamente altalenante ci sono momenti in cui non vedi l ora di girare pagina e altri in [...]

I had high expectations from the book, especially as I enjoyed Southern Bastards from the same writer Also, the premise reminded me of one of my favourite TV series Banshee While it wasn t bad, it didn t come close to meeting the expectations What got on my nerves was all the macho posturing, especially when half of all the conversations seemed to expletives, and the use of non linear timeline turned out to be mostly a gimmick for elevating the pretension of a complex, multi layered story The sa [...]

To jest pozycja, kt ra z czasem b dzie coraz cz ciej okupowa a czo owe miejsca na komiksowych listach wszech czas w Aaron jest niesamowity Fabu a mimo tak wielu w tk w nie pozostawia luk i niedopowiedze , wszystko si tu jakim cudem spina i dope nia Czyta si z zapartym tchem, cho to ci ka, przyt aczaj ca i obfituj ca w brutalne sceny lektura R wnie ci ka kreska i kolorystyka idealnie wpasowuj si w klimat Wszelkie zachwyty i nagrody zas u one opinia dotyczy ca ego cyklu

La HBO Time Warner, quindi Warner Bros, quindi medesima azienda che possiede la DC, cio la Vertigo o quello che fu oggi si pu ancora dire che esista una Vertigo.Io mi chiedo cosa aspettino a farci una serie tv, da Scalped.

It was really good and really well done But not exactly my personal favorite This probably deserves 5 stars but only because of personal preference did I give it only 4 I don t think I ll continue reading But I d recommend it to anyone who likes the synopsis.

Well worth your pennies

This is a pretty great Native American crime drama Probably the best one I have ever read.

Good intro to the series With the artwork the way it is, though, sometimes it s hard to tell who is who.

Excelente, brillante, historia y dibujo Todo lo que uno espera de un buen c mic indie Recontra pulgar arriba para continuar la serie.

Gritty, exciting illustrations Complex story Fascinating backdrop A real piece of comic book art.

I am pretty mixed on this book Good setting and good start to a story but the art isn t my favorite.

Jason Aaron and R M Gu ra s Scalped makes quite the first impression Gu ra s artwork is dark murky, almost which is a perfect compliment to Aaron s anxious writing The illustrations did take a while to grow on me and, admittedly, occasionally, it is difficult to make out what exactly is going on in a panel.But I am sort of shocked by how good this is, particularly the second half The first half of the volume, in which Dashiell Bad Horse infiltrates the reservation he grew up on as an undercover [...]

Ehhhhh confusing

I wasn t sure what to think of this I got no recommendations from any friends or critics I just saw it on the library shelf, and thought the concept of racism against the Native American communities in America today looked like an interesting topic so I got the whole series shipped to my house I was slightly intimidated by the length of the graphic novel There are some the same length as Scalped that have just bored me from start to finish, and I was unfamiliar with Aaron s work, but I ve gotta [...]

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