Loki: Agent of Asgard, Vol. 2: I Cannot Tell a Lie

Loki: Agent of Asgard, Vol. 2: I Cannot Tell a Lie #(2020)

Loki: Agent of Asgard, Vol. 2: I Cannot Tell a Lie

Loki: Agent of Asgard, Vol. 2: I Cannot Tell a Lie

  • Title: Loki: Agent of Asgard, Vol. 2: I Cannot Tell a Lie
  • Author: Al Ewing Jorge Coelho
  • ISBN: 9780785193319
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
Loki: Agent of Asgard, Vol. 2: I Cannot Tell a Lie By Al Ewing Jorge Coelho,

AXIS tie in Loki faces Doctor Doom But with Valeria Richards in the mix, who s the hero of this storyd who s the villain Doom has sentenced Loki to death for the crimes of his future self, King Loki But with the Red Skull drowning Latveria and the entire world in a wave of telepathic hate, will there even be a future left to save And when the events of AX IS inveAXIS tie in Loki faces Doctor Doom But with Valeria Richards in the mix, who s the hero of this storyd who s the villain Doom has sentenced Loki to death for the crimes of his future self, King Loki But with the Red Skull drowning Latveria and the entire world in a wave of telepathic hate, will there even be a future left to save And when the events of AX IS invert Loki, he begins a noble quest for truth, justice and the Asgardian waywhich pits him against the Enchantress, Loreleid the brutish Thor, god of evil COLLECTING LOKI AGENT OF ASGARD 6 11

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Holy Event Hijack, Batman Because we all love it so much when these crossovers turn fun titles into sludge Thanks, Marvel And the last volume really was a lot of fun to read Sadly, this one didn t quite live up to it, but the problem wasn t in Ewing s writing, it was in the mashed up way the story unfolded It was justl over the place.There s a whole thing with Doom in Latveria, that makes the most bit of sense, because it has to do with Future Loki So if you ve read the first volume, you should [...]

I m presently reading Journey Into Mystery issues which focus on Kid Loki this week, but I know I had to review this volume sooner rather than later because I ve delayed it for an entire month now I actually forgot some of the stuff that happened for Agent of Asgard, most probably because as interesting and as potentially riveting the idea of a newly minted Loki in his twenties trying to make amends and rewrite his bad guy reputation, there are certain aspects to this series that would make it u [...]

I hate giving this book only three stars, but there it is The problem is not really with Ewing s character work on Loki, who remains delightfully complicated The biggest problem is that the Axis event entirely hijacks the book for a few issues I had no interest at all in this event, but it kind of looks like Ewing didn t have a choice as to whether or not Loki would be included Still, it was a major disruption to the book, and the Axis stuff wasn t even all that good But Loki does turn into a ra [...]

3.5 starsIt s been a few months since I read the first volume but the memory of it stuck well enough I ve never been super deep into Asgardian mythology and folklore and I ve never been that invested in Thor s backstory And I ve also never been a Loki fan He was basically just there in my opinion I didn t care either way I still can t say I care that much The artwork and story are very original in this series and it s interesting to see how this new version of Loki deals with his past.

Excellent Love how Loki s been elevated into a full blooded character instead of a dull villain Never know quite what to expect from this series I got to buckle down and read up the prior JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY series that I mostly missed a couple years back Have to say I do like Loki as a Hero Would love to see of that.

cough So the art was really good Anyway, this was incomprehensible garbage It s firstly an Axis tie in, and that could really be made apparent on the cover Basically, if you re not reading that event and I hear bad things , you won t understand half of this book I get it, the good guys switched with the bad guys I guess, and some stuff happened in Thor, and basically Thor and Loki fight half a dozen times, and Loki is good but he s bad, but he s good, but he s sad that s he s bad, but also he s [...]

I really enjoy this book I find the interactions between the different Lokis not to mention the other cast members to be fascinating Unfortunately, this volume gets a bit bogged down by the Axis cross over Not quite as badly as some other books, to be fair, but it still took a small hit, quality wise.Overall, though, this is a charming book and I d still recommend it to fans of all things Asgardian.

Well, fuck AXIS.Crossover events hijacked this book like whoa, and I wanted less about other people and about Loki.Still, damn if I still didn t loved the hell out of this book Also Valeria I love Valeria.If the quality keeps going like this and they just manage to drop the crossover events, this is going to get 5 stars from me.

3.5 stars Some heartbreaking moments in this volume but still going strong

Another fantastic Loki comic that leaves me wanting , ,

ughhhhhhhhhhhhgod i hate marvel universe eventshas there ever been a good one ever literally every one i ve seen so far has just ended up hijacking stories i actually liked to waste whole volumes on a plotlines that don t fit or advance the characterization in any way and in this case in particular it really screwed up the comprehensibility balance, there were so many references to other series at one point i actually started laughing because wow literally no shame about the cash grab huh y all [...]

Complete garbage How did this go from so good to something I wish I didn t know existed in just five issues The crossover event as it played out here was dumb The non crossover bits were dumb I hate Thor and every time I read anything where he is even mentioned Freya s who knows all about what s in the basement reaction at the end was dumb The girl who can t be lied to s reactions were dumb She wants to talk until that conversation would actually clear anything up The entire volume is just how [...]

OMG me encanta.Lo nico que no me ha gustado es el cambio de dibujante en os primeros 2 episodios, pues me ha parecido un dibujo que encaja m s con novelas gr ficas que con c mics de superheroes but luego se ha vuelto a Lee Garbett, cuyo dibujo me encanta para contar esta historia de Loki __ Los comics de Thor y, b sicamente los que tienen lugar en Asgard y los nueve reinos Guardianes de la galaxia , siempre han sido los que m s me han gustado y con los que m s he disfrutado Y esta saga de Loki m [...]

I wasn t expecting to like Doctor Doom He has a niece, and she asked for ice cream, and he said Doom would consider her request, and she said that meant yes That was cute view spoiler Loki is sorry, but he just keeps getting hit or ignored or expelled or set on fire or deserted hide spoiler My poor Loki Also, apparently if Thor isn t worthy to hold Mjolnir, he considers himself unworthy to wear a shirt.Content Some language, two side characters are paramour s, violence.

I will also do a video review here at my channel youtube magicofbooks Loki Agent of Asgard, Vol.2 by Al Ewing follows Loki as he has to deal with threats like Doctor Doom and the Red Skull, all while struggling to continue on his quest to become the hero and redeem himself in the eyes of his family But when the side effect of a spell goes awry, Loki is forced to speak nothing but truthswhich gets him in a lot of trouble with his brother, Thor.I absolutely loved Volume 1 of Agent of Asgard It was [...]

Spoilers for the individual comics.This would have been a solid five star collection if only it had been a standalone story instead of part of a larger company wide event I ve griped about the Company wide Crossover Spectaculars before and, in truth, they are the reason I will never be able to get into Marvel comics as much as I would like to Because while we have a dynamic story here Loki, the god of lies and mischief, is suddenly capable of telling only the truth while Thor is made unworthy of [...]

3.5 StarsThis set of issues had me worried that Loki was doomed to become a companion piece for the rest of the main cast and I didn t enjoy it as much because of that.The AXIS event was well underway during most of this one, and as a result Loki was doing a bunch of stuff related to the main story but not in direct correlation to it We did get some pretty interesting info on what was going on during the Road to AXIS issues but it didn t start picking back up till towards the end when Loki finds [...]

March 28 Somewhat of a letdown after the first volume I think what threw me off was the weird, random Axis thing thrown in there I pretty much absorbed none of that information I m a n00b to Marvel comics in general, really so I don t know much of the backstories or different plot lines for each character I m not sure if it s just because of that that I felt confused, or if the plot for this was actually just straight up convoluted I also haven t read ANY other Avenger related comics so I m sure [...]

Loki Agent of Asgard Volume 2 by Al Ewing, illustrated by Lee Garbett is a complicated volume as it is tied in with another Marvel comic book series AXIS It still features Loki as the main character, who has recently quit serving the All Mother as the Agent of Asgard For a while, he doesn t know what his next move will be, but then he s promptly teleported to Latveria, in the castle of Doctor Doom Doctor Doom, upon visiting the far future the future in which the Old Loki has laid waste to Earth [...]

I can t tell if I like this because of the story probably not or just because I really like Loki most likely My issue with this graphic novel is that so much of it relies on you having read other titles in the Marvel universe I ve kept up with Thor, but some of the other series mentioned are not things that were even on my radar, and I m not sure I even want to pick them up I might, but I don t appreciate a comic book telling me what to do But I like Loki as a character Even if his story featuri [...]

Dear god I can t wait for the next vol This one was great I liked vol 1 better but okay I need I just can t get enough of Loki and VERITY I LOVE VERITY

Suffers from tie in syndrome.

Forgot to catch up on this Then found there s another volume And I kind of like this The art is still weird but good.

I gave the first volume of Loki Agent of Asgard a pass on its boggy backstory and constant need to reference events from other comics because I get that when you re reimagining a long running character you may have some issues get it you need to work through before you can really get things rolling That one time pass, however, does not extend to I Cannot Tell a Lie, in which off screen Marvelian shenanigans toally hijack a perfectly good Loki centric plot and leave you wondering just whose story [...]

Loki Agent of Asgard, Vol 2 I Cannot Tell a Lie by Al EwingStar rating 3 5 starsFormat library graphic novelSummary This volume ties into the Axis event Review Yiiiiiikes This volume was an absolute mess I lost track of what was happening so many times This volume constantly referred to things that happened in other comics that relate to the story here and it was super frustrating because it would be like See Axis 6 to find out what follows that look Or OOOORRR you could just contain the story i [...]

Loki has undergone some changes in the past few years He died He came back as a kid The kid grew up like overnight, maybe He became a spy agent for the All Mother to replace his bad past with better stories An older Loki from the future shows up and is evil and he is messing with the new grown up, trying to be good Loki This is Loki s story.When Loki was in the Thor movie, he got a lot of fans despite being the bad guy Marvel said cool, let s make some money Okay, that is the cynical view The le [...]

The one problem with Marvel comics is the incessant tie ins It s impossible to read a story without there being references to half a dozen other comics that hold pieces that connect to that story which is hell for completionists like myself But thankfully I did still understand the main line of Loki s story I m enjoying the team up between the God of Lies and a girl who can see through any lie, Verity Willis They are fun to watch and work well as friends The stakes do get higher though and emot [...]

Ah, multi plot tie ins, how I hate love you.It s annoying when you don t get all the story in one place and yeahhh it d be cool if you were reading the other series too and YEAH that s why they do that It s super awesome, actually, when you re actually reading the other story lines.In this case the only one of the four referenced other series I m reading is Thor Goddess of Thunder, soooo mostly I was annoyed.That said, the story itself is great, and complicated, and I ADORE this iteration of Vic [...]

There s a lot to like in this volume Ewing s take on Loki is still delightful and there are some interesting story beats, but the Axis crossover comes along and wrecks things, unfortunately Maybe someday Marvel will realize that forcing writers to disrupt their story arcs for yet another overdramatic crossover event is a bad idea.

The AXIS crossover event in the first half of this volume really was kind of out of place and not super interesting, but the second half reverted back to the actual storyline of the Lokis and it was as compelling and devastating as the first volume The story of the Lokis is just so good Hopefully the next volume won t waste space on non related storylines.

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