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Off Course

Off Course

  • Title: Off Course
  • Author: Sawyer Bennett
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  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Off Course By Sawyer Bennett,

Renner Caldwell has her life perfectly mapped out She has the ideal relationship, the perfect job and all is right in her world When a shameful turn of events happens, she boards the first plane bound for Ireland to lick her wounds and get her head back on straight Cillian O Bradaigh is the sexy, front man to the Irish rock band, Over The Edge His rising fame and sultrRenner Caldwell has her life perfectly mapped out She has the ideal relationship, the perfect job and all is right in her world When a shameful turn of events happens, she boards the first plane bound for Ireland to lick her wounds and get her head back on straight Cillian O Bradaigh is the sexy, front man to the Irish rock band, Over The Edge His rising fame and sultry voice make him every woman s fantasy come true Not to mention his single minded determination To put it simply what Cillian wants, Cillian always gets And he wants Renner, because there s just something about the flame haired beauty he has to possess If their relationship was just about sex and rock n roll, it would be easy for them to get lost in their desires Only their relationship is anything but a hook up Will lies, deceit and hidden tragedy get in the way, making the path to true love uncertain Or will the girl whose been knocked Off Course, find her footing with the man who is teaching her it s okay to lose control

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First off, I LOVED the first three books in this series I saw that the 4th was going to have an Irish theme and thought Uh, Oh If Irish is being done it needs to be done right, especially for an Irish girl like myself I am 47, I no longer live in Ireland but spent 24 years there and visit there at least 2 or 3 times a year It can be done by non Irish authors, PAMELA CLARE, comes to mind, especially Carnal Gift It can be done dreadfully, NORA ROBERTS comes to mind, especially Irish Hearts OMG, sc [...]

4 Cillian stars Why have I been ignoring this series for so long Why This book is totally adorable Decent plot, great pacing, wonderful characters, even though I couldn t, for the life of me, know how to pronounce all their names But whatever, Cillian is just sexy and he totally stirs my mojo And I love Renner Love the name and the personality that goes with it I m definitely reading the other books from this series D

You re all grown up now, Renner I m bettin you could handle me now Five years ago when visiting Ireland, a starry eyed Renner and young lead singer Cillian shared one evening and a scorching kiss, but he moved on and she returned home Now Renner has run back to Dublin to work in her Uncle s pub and hide away from her failed relationship and career She just needs a fresh start to figure out what to do with her life And Cillian is back is back in Dublin too He is now a nationally known Irish rock [...]

What started out as general interest in a story after reading an excerpt for the first book on a friend s blog has turned into a full blown love affair The Off series has become one of my all time favorites and with every book the stories get better and better.Cillian and Renner are one of my favorite couples in the series now after reading Off Course She met him when she was 17 during a trip to visit family in Dublin and the two shared some heated moments after one of his shows, before Cillian [...]

Once again, Sawyer Bennett has delivered a ridiculously great story And once again, she s delivered a story that helps solidify her Off Series as a favorite of mine There is something different about this series, something I can t quite put my finger on, that simply makes me a happy reader A large part of my love is simply Bennett s writing Her writing has such a natural feel to it, and I never find myself needing to reread for clarification, something I truly appreciate I also love that while h [...]

I received the ARC for a honest reviewOh where do I start Cillian, Cillian, CillianI freaking love you He plays no games when it comes to what he wants and what he wants is Renner I was hooked from the beginning and loved every minute of it We meet Renner who is the Nix and Linc s cousin She ran away from he home in Jersey to Ireland with her cousin Some things happened as you will read that made her leave While working at the pub she sees Cillian hot rock stark lol.w mind you, 5 years earlier s [...]

Oh, Cillian You can devastate me anytime Sawyer Bennett does it again delivering another sexy, alpha male with heart I love her heroes they are strong, confident, but always caring, and Cillian exemplifies these traits But it s not all about the hero, is it no, way Renner is awesome and gives it right back to him A sexy, heartfelt romance

5 Years ago, on Summer vacation in Ireland, Renner Caldwell crosses paths with Cillian O Braidagh The night before she heads back to the States, Renner meets Cillian, lead singer of Over the Edge After a steamy kiss that ends up going no where, Renner leaves for home with a constant reminder of the sexy Rocker 5 Years later we see Renner is back in Ireland Hiding out after losing her job and boyfriend to a scandal With no clue what she wants out of life, she heads to Ireland to have a break and [...]

5 HOT ASS STARS LOVE THIS SERIES Renner has been introduced to us in a past book, but with Off Course her character is brought to light She is a straight shooter that seems to do everything by the book She wants a perfect life with a business style man, but her ideas of perfect go out the window when she is hurt and lied to by the man she loves Cillian is rocker BABE He has a fast paced life that suites his needs He is successful and enjoys music with is band mates He is also a blast from Renner [...]

Sawyer Bennett makes the best book boyfriends EVER Take Cillian O Bradaigh from Off Course Off Series 4 for example On the outside, he looks the part of the bad boy tats, piercings, man whore, lead singer in a rock band On the inside, he s SO much He s determined, intelligent, loyal and brave And, to top it all off he s got a sexy as hell accent You want to know , right Renner is taking some time off in Ireland after getting out of a bad relationship While working in her uncle s bar, she meets [...]

Definitely my fave so far

4.5 starsSawyer has something special with her way of capturing love with a unique twist They are quick paced but not too quick and each book keeps getting better and better In this book we have Renner who has been burned from her past and wants to be on the straight and narrow and always chose the safe rootCillian is the bad ass irish rocker from her past.In five years they have grown up but not forgotten one another.While Renner is back in dublin with her tale between her leg She is trying to [...]

check out this review at others atTwinsietalkFacebook Twinsietalk TwinsietalkI received this book from the author for a truthful review.Ok So I have said it beforeI love this series It is the perfect miz of angst, sexiness, alpha males who get their asses kicked by love and did I mention sexiness LOLSo this book is all about Renner who we met in Linc s book he was the Airline attendant Evers thought Linc was dating REMEMBER GOOD If not i am sure you remember now.Well Renner has run to Ireland to [...]

This is my least favorite in Sawyer Bennett s Off Series If it were a stand alone I would not recommend it but since it is part of a series you may want to include it so you are up to date for future books.Renner Caldwell has barely survived a shameful turn of events and heads to Ireland to be with her cousin and work in their family pub She runs into a man she was once very attracted toCillian.Cillian O Braidagh is an Irish Rock Star who I did not care for in the least He is a man whore and gla [...]

3.5 stars For the most part it was an Enjoyable book and nice addition to this series Renner was an engaging heroine She was sweet and innocent when she met Cillian five years earlier When their paths crossed five years later, Cillian was a successful rock star and Renner was trying to put her life back together In all honesty it took me a bit to warm up to Cillian He took the cocky, bossy alpha male a bit too far What I enjoyed about their relationship is the fact that Renner didn t cave immedi [...]

I don t really know if my reviews should count for anything I say this because I have loved every book in the OFF series I think I am partial to Sawyer Bennett She has an incredible talent You feel every emotion right along with the characters.Ren and Cillian are a great addition to the OFF series The relationship was so intense And seriously who doesn t love a rockstar tainting the good girl and the fact that he was Irish made it all that much better with that sexy accent I did crack myself up [...]

Great story but someone really has to proof these books I have to question some of these 5 star ARC reviews that make no mention of the lack of editing of these books What good is it to give out ARCs if those people aren t going to give you an honest opinion about the edits so that you can make changes before the official release How about doing some edits and sending an update Start with the eating naked pizza in the kitchen sentence because that one irks me the most.

Fabulous story Sad about Maeve not taking it seriously but how supportive Renner was Also super crazy different names I hadn t heard ofCillian Anyway great way to sway from hockey to rocker It was a nice break from athlete to rocker I m excited for Flynn s story next

4.5 stars loving this series with each book it just gets better looking forward to Flynn s book next

It s improbable, it s practically impossible, but Sawyer Bennett s books keep getting better and better I fell in love all over again

SPOILERS I m always amazed at how differently we view our stories That s what make reviews on GR so interesting and insightful I m grateful to have all these various opinions here, which is why I always come back for .This is how I know that readers love this hero To me he is one of the worst I ve come across when it comes to loving, protecting and respecting his heroine.Maeve is the ow His babe , as he calls her numerous times His honey His darling.Also in the hero s own words my very good frie [...]

Sawyer did it again She produced an amazing read for her readers I had no doubt that I would enjoy reading this story I loved it I read it in one shot, no breaks along the way I think the reason I have become enad with this series is the characters Sawyer not only writes a drool worthy male lead but she writes female leads that I want to cheer for She doesn t write the female that needs the man She writes the female who finds a man that compliments her life I was thinking back at all the female [...]

THis is not really a review like a rant of some certain characters I just finished this book, and I m just going to post a bunch of gifs expressing my emotions enjoy fucking maeve is that how you spell her name, i don t care she s a manipulative bitch image error AND CILLAIN when you chose the bitch over Rennerphew glad I got that off my chest on another note, cillain and renner do get their HEA But that doesn t mean I m still not pissed as hell over such nonsense

4.5 starsInmensely enjoyed this one Would have given it 5 stars but the last couple of chapters were just a bit flat for me Even so, loved the characters, and especially Cillian and Renner What really sold me on this was the dual POV I loved that though Cillian wanted to sleep with Renner, it wasn t a case of insta love for him He struggled with his feelings and eventually when he got to know Renner he really fell for her Besides, I love a good alpha male, and Cillian checked all the boxes for t [...]

I had an instant crush on Cillian Then I loved him, then I hated him, then I felt sorry for him, then I hated him again, now I love him and want to marry him and have little Irish rocker babies with him LOL JK, honey I love Renner Not as feisty as I would have imagined a red head, but she held her own with Mr Cillian Admittedly a little boring to begin with but surprised me when she first gave in to Cillian and demanded he kiss herI got butterflies in my stomach with each seductive scene Love th [...]

Renner goes to Ireland to get away from thingsShe meets lead singer from Over The Edge, CillianCillian wants RennerAnd what he wants, he always getsMy thoughtsI m loving this series Great characters, hot chemistry, some angst and fab writing.At first Renner was a bit hesitate considering who Cillian was, but she got her head round it pretty soon.You didn t honestly think you could hide from me, did you And then there is Cillian Hmmm Love getting his POV He s as delicious as Nix I m trying to mak [...]

So I thought I loved Off Course but I was wrong this one is def my fave out of the series Renner you know she s a good girl, but she s also one that speaks her mind, of course I know who you are, Cillian O Bradaigh, but your name doesn t impress me much Now if you ll excuse me, I m going home myself Cillian is not one to hold back what he wants, first, I m not pestering you I m trying to make it clear that I want to eff you into oblivion Second, there is no other woman I m interested in Clear en [...]

I was skeptical of this book I was so attached to Linc and Nix, I wasn t sure about Renner However, she s totally likable She s not perfect, she doesn t have a place in life and she just got hosed by a major douchebag This finds her in Dublin and under the skin of a rock star I like that the rock star isn t your typical ego or chick magnet.As with all of Bennett s characters, they are deep and hesitant to let people in for many good reasons Watching the layers peel, the trust form and the resist [...]

Who doesn t like a hot and steamy story about a bad boy Irish rock star This is the fourth book in the Off series by Sawyer Bennett and a bit hotter and steamier than the other one and with maybe a little angst and drama too.Overall I enjoyed the story The storyline was good and I mostly liked the characters, but Cillian was maybe a little bit naive at times in my opinion and the chemistry between the main characters was good.

Rating 4 StarsIt was fun to take a trip overseas I loved getting a peek at Renner and Cillian s past and that whole concept of the one They met and they each imprinted on each other in such a way, that a spark was still there 5 years later This book followed in the find tradition of Off books lots of drama, humor, schmexy stuff and love romantic and familial love I got tons of warm fuzzes

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