Her Highlander's Promise

Her Highlander's Promise #(2020)

Her Highlander's Promise

Her Highlander's Promise

  • Title: Her Highlander's Promise
  • Author: B.J.Scott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Her Highlander's Promise By B.J.Scott,

About to turn eighteen, and in accordance with her father s deathbed decree, Laurel MacClay prepares to take her place as lairdess of her beloved Highland clan, but her guardians her father s cousin and his vindictive, power hungry wife have other plans, ones that include a betrothal to their son and a devious plot that puts Laurel in danger Refusing to accept that fateAbout to turn eighteen, and in accordance with her father s deathbed decree, Laurel MacClay prepares to take her place as lairdess of her beloved Highland clan, but her guardians her father s cousin and his vindictive, power hungry wife have other plans, ones that include a betrothal to their son and a devious plot that puts Laurel in danger Refusing to accept that fate has condemned her to a life of misery, Laurel finds new hope when she reunites with Blair Cameron, a handsome young Highlander who when they were children promised to marry her as soon as they came of age Can Blair help Laurel unravel a mystery from the past, secrets that could stop the wedding, or will she find herself wed to her arrogant, weak willed cousin, a spineless man who refuses to defy his mother

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What a delightful, captivating, and dazzling read Her Highlander s Promise by B.j Scott I totally enjoyed this major page turner, fast paced, heart stopping book It really pulls at the heart strings so I advise to have a hankie or box of Kleenex nearby Not to fear as there were times I had my fist in the air saying bravo and applauding as well It has all the elements a reader could want for a well written, entertaining exceptional read So bravo B.j Scott you had me from the first page until the [...]

CAPTIVATING MEDIEVAL HIGHLAND ROMANCE This book is fantastic It is among the first I have read by this author, B.J Scott, and I promise it is not the last I have found a new author to add to my favorites list, which I consider a new treasure Finishing this book only made me want to purchase every historical this author has written I was captivated from the first page and finished it in one sitting The story pulls on every emotion imaginable as the characters struggle through obstacles trying to [...]

B J has once again wrote a wonderful read HER HIGHLANDER S PROMISE is a story of true love At the tender age of 10, Laurel MacClay s father, Laird Brandon dies At his funeral, Blair Cameron gave Laurel a ring, a promise and last words to her Say that you ll wait for me and marry no other At her father s last command, when Laurel turned 18 she was to become lairdess to the clan and inherit his estate The day of her 18th year was approaching, but the years since her father s death had not been eas [...]

A SIMPLE STORY, WELL TOLDThis is a book with just enough sex to keep it from being sweet Nearly anyone could read it without embarrassment The story is somewhat standard fare, except the two lovers vow to each other when he is but thirteen, and she merely ten Eight years later, she hasn t seen him in forever, her loving parents are dead, she is stuck with a vicious guardian who is planning her wedding to the guardian s son And the hero returns.Although the storyline is trite, the author keeps a [...]

This is a new highlander book by B J Scott and I loved it I read it in one sitting because I couldn t put it down This book has a really bad villain, a couple of wimps, and a hero There is murder, lies, deceit, as well as love, honor, strength and promises kept I do love a good highlander story When Lauren was 10 her dad died and left his cousin Murray in charge of her and her clan Murray s wife was really the one in charge and let everybody know it Just before Lauren s 18th birthday Deidra had [...]

Her Highlander s Promise, Is a wonderful story of love conquers all You meet the hero and heroine at a young age but they know what they want Years later they they meet up again, but this time it is under unfortunate circumstances I love the hero and heroine I love books that have them like each other from the start and not at each other throats constantly You get swept away with the heroine and what she goes through that you start to root for the hero to get done what needs to be There is surpr [...]

I liked this story It had tough times, close calls, and love included It showed some of the difficult times during the Scots and English during the time the English were trying to force the Scots into the English s way of law and the injustices that were able to come about because of the lack of communication afforded to us these days The ending was somewhat abrupt but the story ended with all the vital pieces covered I am glad this series is a trilogy This first book sucked me in and gave me a [...]

Such a sweet love story.The sexual content wasn t really all that sexual when you consider how much of a proper lady the main character was, it kind of fell flat True love conquers all It is a wonderful principle.Unfortunately, for the most part the story was woefully predictable.The excitement level toward the end would have been better utilized spread across the entire novel with a big finish.

This is such a wonderful bookfull of great characters both good and evil I loved the story of Blair Lauren, and how a childhood vow could change many lives I was so hooked, I read this in one day I love the way B.J develops her characters This book will keep you on the edge of your seat, hoping for that special HEA I highly recommend this book to others You will not be disappointed I am anticipating for the next book in this series will be awesome

BJ Scott presents a story written from the heart, with all the excitement and passion you expect in a Highland romance Rich descriptions and a wicked antagonist you love to hate, the hero and heroine face many obstacles, but love knows no boundaries in this tale.Her Highlander s Promise demonstrates how one man s vow can change a girl s future

Another Awesome Historical Romance Book by B.J Scott This is such a fantastic book Once I started reading this book, I couldn t put it down B.J has really outdone herself on this one This book will keep you on the edge of your seat, hoping for a happy ending I recommend this book for everyone You will not be disappointed I can t wait for the next book in this series.

Bagpipes plaid are mentionedThe most developed fleshed out character is the evil cousin The main characters are typical the romance is sweet I enjoyed the surprise guest during the conflict resolution Sexy time happens at the very end of the book.

Blair and Laurel met when they were children at her fathers funeral and he gave her a promise ring and said that he would come back to court her when they were old enough In the meantime, the cousins that her father appointed as her guardians have done nothing but mistreat her and lock her away Eight summers later they meet again and then it was love at first sight She has some ideas that her parents were murdered by her cousins wife because of her jealousy and greed Blair helps her discover the [...]

Overall, I liked the book The characters were relatable and interacted well with each other However, there is one detail that really bothered me No this will not give much, if any, away There is a portion of the story where Blair is racing to get help to prevent Laurel s forced marriage When he finds it, he sends a messenger to enlist the aid of his brothers, who are at Laurel s home Why He ll be moving as fast or faster And speed is important to him than a messenger It just really irks me.

This is a quick read It is a story that holds your interest It is a great plot with wonderful characters Laurel is left to the custody of her uncle and aunt after her father s death Her aunt is a devious, power and money hungry woman Blair is a noble Highlander that returns to claim Laurel as his wife, just as he promised her he would do My only complaint is that there was no epilogue.

Blah, I had to skim large portions in the middle, just tedious.

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