How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time

How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time #(2020)

How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time

How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time

  • Title: How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time
  • Author: Kara Jesella Marisa Meltzer
  • ISBN: 9780571211852
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time By Kara Jesella Marisa Meltzer,

For a generation of teenage girls, Sassy magazine was nothing short of revolutionary so much so that its audience, which stretched from tweens to twentysomething women, remains obsessed with it to this day and back issues are sold for hefty sums on the Internet For its brief but brilliant run from 1988 to 1994, Sassy was the arbiter of all that was hip and cool, inspiringFor a generation of teenage girls, Sassy magazine was nothing short of revolutionary so much so that its audience, which stretched from tweens to twentysomething women, remains obsessed with it to this day and back issues are sold for hefty sums on the Internet For its brief but brilliant run from 1988 to 1994, Sassy was the arbiter of all that was hip and cool, inspiring a dogged devotion from its readers while almost single handedly bringing the idea of girl culture to the mainstream In the process, Sassy changed the face of teen magazines in the United States, paved the way for the unedited voice of blogs, and influenced the current crop of smart women s zines, such as Bust and Bitch, that currently hold sway.How Sassy Changed My Life will present for the first time the inside story of the magazine s rise and fall while celebrating its unique vision and lasting impact Through interviews with the staff, columnists, and favorite personalities we are brought behind the scenes from its launch to its final issue and witness its unique fusion of feminism and femininity, its frank commentary on taboo topics like teen sex and suicide, its battles with advertisers and the religious right, and the ascension of its writers from anonymous staffers to celebrities in their own right.

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i don t know that this book would hold together for someone who wasn t a sassy reader in its heyday it would certainly lose a star, at least i enjoyed the first two thirds mostly out of nostalgia not that i m complaining that s some good nostalgia right there , but it didn t seem really lively or insightful in its own right until it got to jane s defection, the petersen sale, and the diaspora the brief vignettes about the broken fruit chandelier, and about mary putting money aside to afford an o [...]

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I was a Sassy girl Though I was a wee bit young for the demographic, being only nine or ten when the magazine started publishing and sixteen or so when it stopped, I loved my every issue of Sassy It spoke to me It taught me It understood my freaky teen aged self.And, according to Kara Jesella and Marisa Meltzer, authors of How Sassy Changed My Life A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time, I was very much not alone They posit that there are a whole nation o [...]

I must say, I was quite impressed with Kara Jasella and Marisa Meltzer s almost completely objective take on Sassy True story I was talking with my husband about how we should have his high school age JV cheerleader daughter read up on Sassy in a not so subtle attempt to steer her on a social course that would potentially be diversified Just after that conversation, I read the dark side in Chapter 6, The Sassy Ethos, which politely chastises the magazine for promoting a type of nonconformity th [...]

I read this in one sitting while at Borders The font is HUGE, making it possible to read the entire thing in about 20 minutes.I was disappointed in the book As a girl who read Sassy growing up, the title of this book seemed really promising The love letter is basically just a summary of what the magazine was all about and how it compared to other mags like Seventeen I didn t really find anything that new or interesting in this book I would have given it one star, but it was such a quick read, th [...]

When I first saw this book, I thought, wait, did I write that Because Sassy really did change my life, coming along at the exact time when I was becoming dissatisfied with the media available to me as a preteen 1988, to be exact I have to admit wasn t one of the diehard fans who stayed with the magazine until the end at a certain point right around the time the font changed, as I remember I was starting to move on I wasn t sure if I was changing or the magazine was changing , but for a while the [...]

this book goes behind the scenes at sassy magazine explains how it got started it was based on an off kilter teen magazine for girls in australia , what made it different from the other teen mags of its era, what happened on that fateful day in early 1995 when girls across the country found a new issue in their mailboxes after a mysterious three month absence, only to discover the content of teen magazine lurking between the covers i was a sassy subscriber in the early 90s, i feverishly anticipa [...]

Back when I was a shy, awkward teenager who didn t fit into my small high school, Sassy magazine was my savior It was written and edited by smart, outspoken women and men who weren t afraid to call themselves feminists Sassy brought underground culture to small town girls like me who didn t have a cool big sister or older friend to show her the ropes Sassy was written for the girl who didn t want to go to the prom, or who did, but wore combat boots and a vintage dress The authors of this book ha [...]

After reading this I m now searching ebay for old copies of Sassy magazine since we didn t have it in Australia Apparently the original format was based on Australian teen magazine Dolly which is weird because Sassy was ground breaking and political and really fucking cool whereas I remember reading Dolly as a kid and it was just the standard teen magazine bullshit.I really loved this book, most of all the chapters about the riot grrrl movement and zine reviews and the whole Olympia scene, it tr [...]

I checked this book out after my cousin s boss male, 50 made some crack about this magazine We both mocked his obvious lack of respect for Sassy because duh it actually was the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time Knowing the behind the scenes information and the influence the magazine had on current blog writers and zines made our mocking much delicious.Also, this book makes me wish I had kept my old issues Bummer.

At some point, the typical Sassy girl became a smugly superior alterna chick, says Lara Zeises I was never actually cool enough to read Sassy I listened to show tunes and wore leggings until my freshman year in college But I was smart and funny and subversive in my own way.

I bought this book because for me Sassy was life changing I loved the magazine and read every issue religiously from the first issue until sometime around 1994 I wanted to love this book too, I just didn t What made Sassy different and special for me was the combination of visual creative and editorial Mostly, this book was about the history of how Sassy came to be some behind the scenes info I m happy to have the book it just was of a flip thru.

It took me a long time to get through this book I kept putting it down Now I have to pay late fees I am getting so bad I was okay with late fees because it s like, free to use the library you know So late fees are alright as income generating for such an awesome service But now I m a homeowner and holy crap, I actually DO pay for the library I saw it on my taxes So maybe I should get better about late fees and return books on time Anyway, about this actual book It feels good to hold this book, l [...]

So I didn t actually realize at the time that the magazine was that different or revolutionary than its contemporaries, but I did used to read my younger sister s Sassys once in a while, and although I noticed that they would reference less than mainstream topics like riot grrrl or indie bands, for some reason I was under the naive impression that all teen girls magazines did the same I might have first heard of Magnapop through the Cute Band Alert, but can t be sure One time my bandmate, Mike, [...]

Despite a somewhat misleading title, I really enjoyed this book To me, it was of an arm s length, academic treatment of the rise and fall of Sassy magazine than a love letter to the publication Still, the authors did a great job of painting a picture of how the magazine got off the ground due to just a few handpicked twenty somethings in the late eighties I wish the authors would have continued in this vein and gone even deeper into what it was like in the Sassy offices on a daily basis, includ [...]

When I was a teen, I actually hated SassyI thought it was the worst of all the teen magazines and this book really brought back why it was a depressing, nasty read written by the type of girl who was never pretty and resented those who were This book also reveals that one of the main goals of these writers was to influence girls to be pro abortion and pro gay They also mentioned how they wanted staff fans to be politically and socially active but ONLY if they were active in left wing organizatio [...]

Although I started reading this book over a month ago, it only took me about 2 hours in total to complete It s a quick read, and it isn t so much a love story as a long article about the history of Sassy It was a nice trip down memory lane, though And I am sad that I got rid of my copies long ago.It was interesting to learn of some of the behind the scene mechanics that built the magazine and brought it down Most surprising was how Jane Pratt apparently checked out after fives years I hadn t not [...]

I was born after Sassy s original run ended, but I ve always heard about its mythical presence I didn t really know what this book was gonna be about, but I figured as a 90 s alt culture aficionado, it was right up my alley Needless to say, it satisfied my interests The 90 s marked a time when interests began to get broken up into extreme small subcultures due to the advent of cable TV and the Internet and this book explains why that mindset can t really work out too well any As someone who has [...]

I did not learn anything from this book Reading a book written by people who read the same magazine as you when you were little is, well, not pointless, but not real point ful either I am just freaked out by nostalgia and attempts to justify it Yes, this magazine did actually change my life, and I can see how someone who became a writer would want to document that fact And yes I was really excited to get it in the mail from Amanda And yes I probably am a writer to the extent that I am what, a bl [...]

When I started reading this book, I actually got a little teary remembering how much I loved Sassy in High School It completely tapped into my angsty teenage self I don t doubt I ended up a feminist at least in part due to the unapologetic feminism of Sassy On the down side, it was depressing to read about the magazine s collapse I remember getting the NEW Sassy and hating it, but knowing the details doesn t make me feel better about it.I really want a book that combines all the great issues of [...]

When I was in the 9th grade I shared a locker with the person who would eventually become my oldest, dearest friend I like to tell people that the only reason I really liked her then is because she had a stack of Sassy in the bottom of our locker three feet high This is not entirely true, but I did love Sassy Magazine If you re looking for insight into the magazine, the way it ran, why it ended, and all of that stuff in between this is not the book for you if you re looking for an excuse to reme [...]

This book was great fun I loved Sassy magazine as a teenager and was so sad when its publication was halted It was the magazine for anyone who felt like they didn t fit as a young person The book chronicles the history of the magazine from its start as a spinoff from an Australian publication to its demise at the hands of corporate idiots I would definitely recommend this book to ANY individual who enjoyed Sassy as a young adult.

Interviews with Sassy writers were my favorite aspect of this, but really this book aimed a direct target at me and my interests I was a Sassy reader who was in Jane Pratt and co s demographic early teenager and not an adult reader, but all the reader anecdotes presented here hit home I think I ve written the blog post a couple years ago about how Sassy changed my life.

I am still to this day miffed that my carefully preserved in a paper bag collection of teen magazines is lost to the trash forever Sure I could have moved them to my Chicago apartment sorry Mom no hate It s the Sassy magazines I wish most to have back I also credit Sassy for having read The Virgin Suicides at fifteen.My first experience reading a Sassy magazine in the early 90s, and right away it was notably different Their sassiest teen girl was round faced with a pixie cut and a nose ring Thei [...]

There were reasons this didn t get 5 stars, and I ll get them out of the way quickly the format was uncessary the cost prohibitive 19 bucks at a bookstore, I got mine used from Abe the storytelling scattered and dumbed down at times Of these things, the willy nilly dipping in and out of subject matter, and the very loose organization of the book, frustrated me the most It meant that moments were mentioned and then re mentioned, leaving me feeling like the book s sense of time was confusing to it [...]

This week s headline America s sassiest girlsWhy this book yet nostalgiaWhich book format remaindered first editionPrimary reading environment late at nightAny preconceived notions not a subscriberIdentify most with reader Lara ZeisesThree word quote triangulate their audience Goes well with craving roasted marshmallows As a former Teen reader, I was prepared to do battle with this book Yet every time I tried to say Yeah, but the writers beat me to it And they won me over.Teen, though apparentl [...]

It s funny the subtitle of the book is A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time and yet I still spent the first three chapters rolling my eyes at how gushy the authors were Sometimes I be so stupid This book delivers exactly what it promises A flagrantly nostalgic ode to a magazine and a staff that showed up at exactly the right moment, then said exactly the right things, to exactly the right people It was fun to indulge for awhileI can remember looking up to not only the writers, [...]

A pure joy every page

This is definitely exactly what it promises to be in the subtitle A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time I was a HUGE fan of Sassy in my teen years and hit it right at its heyday, so I can relate to the fervor that these fans express toward this wonderful but ill fated magazine The book shares some enlightening insider scoops on the rise and fall of Sassy, along with some great nostalgic references to favorite columns and declarations of love from past readers It is well researc [...]

A great blast of nostalgia I was the target audience for Sassy I remember getting coming soon pre subscription cards, the shopping with Sonic Youth and Kurtney stories, learning about alternative music and longing to dye my hair with Kool Aid I was amazed as I read by how vividly I remembered everything most of the writers names and personas Christina Karen Catchpole Mike Flaherty , the first Sassiest boy in America, reading excerpts of Girl, how Jane s presence dwindled gradually to just an edi [...]

History of the greatest magazine ever published for teenage girls Great behind the scenes action for fans of the heyday of Sassy.And within these pages the authors put a fine point on the all consuming question of my adolescence Sexual s were changing drastically in the late 1980s, and girls weren t having an easy time of it The casual attitude toward sex fostered in the sixties and seventies had fully permeated the culture, but the idea that you could have premarital sex if you wanted to trans [...]

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