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  • Title: Dividers
  • Author: Travis Adams Irish Tierney Roberts Frank Frederick Lonna Marie
  • ISBN: 9781507506493
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
Dividers By Travis Adams Irish Tierney Roberts Frank Frederick Lonna Marie,

Doing the right thing the wrong momentn destroy an empire Dividers is ferocious and delicious in its execution Earl Calbraw, a wealthy man seeking redemption, has discovered that his most cruel and resourceful enemy is none other than his own son Jacob With both of them controlling massive fortunes, their personal feud decimates the lives of those in their empDoing the right thing the wrong momentn destroy an empire Dividers is ferocious and delicious in its execution Earl Calbraw, a wealthy man seeking redemption, has discovered that his most cruel and resourceful enemy is none other than his own son Jacob With both of them controlling massive fortunes, their personal feud decimates the lives of those in their employ Jacob wants the truth from twelve years ago regarding the disappearance of his mother, while his father pursues the forgiveness of a world scarred by the greed of his ambition Each man is mindlessly caught up in the passion of the game, having at one another with ferocity and cunning, but in the throes of their hatred, another enemy is born, discerning and ruthless, inspired unto their destruction I despise your plight, said the creature, of man s vanity and the machinations of death polluted You have neither the wisdom, nor the time on this earth to know the agony that my agony has shaken Your foolish little versions of hell are but childish notions of your own distress Come to dance with me on the edge of night I will show you the swordfish in your flesh Thretch.

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This is the most unique book I have read in years Vastly intrigued by the author s very candid biography, I skimmed the synopsis for this book and thought it was worth a read I did not think it would be my type of book in the first few pages, but somewhere around Chapter Two and 5%, I got totally sucked in and found myself flipping pages eagerly to learn what happens next.I liked Jacob than I expected to, and I cared a great deal about his fate There were moments where I was staring at the page [...]

An avenging spirit that wants nothing than to cause mayhem A billionaire that enjoys tormenting people for his own experiments And a man and his son struggling to find their ways in the world.what could possibly go wrong, right beautifully written and with a cast of characters that will draw you in, Dividers is a masterpiece of fiction I admit, I still think Jacob is a tool, and i kind of care about Kelvin and his son, but there is only so far you can push the characters before they start blurr [...]

I can honestly say I have read no other book like Dividers This fast paced suspense novel is strewn with a maddening story that makes you question and think throughout its many plot twists I can t pick a specific genre that would fit this story ideally, but if you re interested in a gripping thought provoking tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first chapter to the last page pick up this book.This story follows Earl, a wealthy man with the world at his fingertips who has a [...]

Dividers is probably the most unusual novel I have read to date this year The book has a complex plot told in a circular fashion So although I will not divulge spoilers, please bear with me as I try to tell you what Dividers is about This unusual literary read starts off by telling us about a spirit called Thretch who can inhabit the bodies of select me and take control Thretch has been doing this for centuries Jacob Calbraw, a billionaire businessman and heir to the Calbraw fortune is Thretch s [...]

Jacob Calway blames his billionaire father, Earl Calway, for the disappearance of his mother when he was a child Thus is the stage set for the confrontation between father and sibling, and Jacob is hurled on a path of destruction that will take him face to face with dark forces beyond his understanding, and so, his control.Needless to say, with both in possession of vast fortunes, their dispute inevitably leads to suffering of all those in their path.As the confrontation between Jacob and his f [...]

Dividers is a fantastically fast paced and exhilarating ride which you have trouble putting down once you ve picked it up With a lot of books of this size the first few chapters are a slog to get through as they are filled with world building and descriptions, but Dividers brilliantly takes you straight into the action and the revelations and it worse off for it at all Dividers is the kind of novel that blends action, intrigue, mystery, and the supernatural into one seamlessly and believably Jac [...]

I will admit that I have a tendency to judge a book by its cover, and the cover for Dividers leaves a lot to be desired Though a friend had told me it was a great story, I had low expectations Luckily for me, those expectations were wrong, and I was completely gripped within the first five pages and thrown into a lavish world of intrigue, betrayal and class warfare.First, let me just say that very rarely have I ever read a character quite like Jacob To evoke both intense hatred and pity simultan [...]

Earl Calbraw is a man with a lot of money, a lot of power, and a lot of regrets He hurt a lot of people while fighting his way to the top, and now he is trying to make amends for the pain he caused But there is one major roadblock on his road to atonement his son, Jacob.Jacob is heartless and cruel he loves spreading pain, suffering, and humiliation wherever he goes But his main goal in life is to destroy his father and dismantle his empire He also wants the truth, and he will stop at nothing to [...]

I was gifted this novel in exchange for an honest review.This book deals with family relations and the edge of one s darkest feelings It s not your average type of book and Jacob is certainly not your average type of character The story quickly draws you in, making you equally love and hate certain characters and events also making you redefine what s right and wrong for yourself Dividers is great for anyone who loves a fascinating, complex, thrilling and unique story Just when I finished it, I [...]

DIVIDERS A vengeful spirit that wants to harm people A billionaire that is suffering from his mother s abduction when he was a kid, and uses people when he wants A farther and son that has no life together because of the turmoil in their lives and hatred they have for each other.This book is beautifully written and has a strong sense of character I picked this book because of the cover and I am so pleased that is has to do with what the cover is displaying.The Father wants to change his life.The [...]

I loved The Dividers Right from the first few pages I was hooked and as the plot unfolded I had to keep making myself slow down as it felt I was reading each successive page quicker than the last to find out what would happen next The lead character Jacob is incredibly complex I know the anti hero type protagonist is quite popular these days, but few writers manage to pull off the balance of love him and loath him as Travis Adams Irish has done here The story itself is quite unique, and I could [...]

Admittedly, I found the first few pages rough but definitely worth it to keep going I thought this was a fantastic story filled with richly complex characters that made you connect with them because they re so humanly complicated What I found unique and really liked in addition to the story was that it was told in present tense, similar to a script, which appealed to me since it s so different from the majority of other books You re on the journey with Jacob in real time so to speak which gives [...]

A pleasantly gripping story of wealth, suspense and thrills As Jacob hunts for the person who is behind his mother s disappearance, Earl, his father, has to do everything in his power to stop him Jacob from finding the truth This captivating story perfectly captures how extravagant, wealthy men destroy their lives and others all for a bit of something no one really understands but them.In a nutshell, a captivating story that hooks the reader right from the first and keeps the reader s interest t [...]

I was captivated by the energy that this book delivered I felt pumped up during the intense scenes and I still find myself thinking about the characters even hours after I have finished the book The words are engaging, and the characters are dynamic I loved the metaphors in the book, and I am shocked to admit that I battled with my own like and dislike for the villain when you read it, you will understand Great story, and I hope to read from the Author.

Imaginative, butis book desperately needs a good editor The narrative is over written and doesn t always flow The writing in places is decidedly amateurish I wouldn t recommend it, unless one is a fan of sprawling, over the top storytelling.

Powerful and brutal It speaks about humanity on so many levels and glimpses into what we can become.

The title of this book is very appropriate for the contents The author really knew how to draw you in in every social aspect in the story Dividers, socially, economically, politically, religiously, racially, mentally every aspect of the term was explored in this book There was story within story, past meet present So much present and past destruction collides in a world set upon total devastation from like Threck likes to kill, the inside out Jacob was a troubled, mentally psychopath with too mu [...]

Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely and, money is the source of power When the quest for and wealth is added to the mix, along with the insatiable desire for revenge, and a malevolent spirit that has been searching for redemption for 6,000 years is added to the mix, you have a tale that is mesmerizing.Dividers by Travis Adams Irish is the story of Jacob Calbraw, the wealthy and spoiled son of billionaire Earl Calbraw, and his quest to discover who was responsible for the death of [...]

Jacob is a possessed madman This book takes you on an unexpected emotional roller coaster and is one of those unique books that leave you feeling unsettled But not in a good way Travis Adams Irish does a great job creating a set of original characters each with their own mental and social struggles Dividers casts you into a world of the ultra wealthy and focuses on the feud between Earl, a billionaire, and his son Jacob Jacob is wildly violent Tormented by his mother s disappearance, Jacob turns [...]

Powerful, intense, spooky and well written What an intense story I won t give away details but this book just has so many powerful people in it that you can t stop reading it This author has an amazing talent with coming up great characters and story plots The section with Kelvin and his son was heart breaking and the magic show with Jacob was just so incredibility spooky I don t think I would have been able to handle it It s an all around amazing book that I got lost in when I started reading i [...]

Dividers is compellingly written, I ll give it that.It s set in the not too distant future, where billionaires rule the government and get their way.I m not sure how to review this book, other than to say I uncomfortably aware how timely this book is,and didn t want to read it, but I had to read it to see what happened next.Not sure I would recommend this to anyone else, yet it flowed and kept me reading.

This book s cover would not have made me what to find out what this book was about It did not grab me But I enjoyed this book The idea of poor and rich working together was good I think this book had a good story line and characters I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

Could have been 5 starsI liked this book The plot is unique and switches between time lines not hard to follow The characters were well developed but I believe that there was waay too much description of EVERYthing sometimes it s good to let the readers use their imagination, even just a little And the book needs an editor And thus 3 stars only.

This three part book series was free I just finished reading it this morning The writer has a great way with words and twists turns with plots It is a mixture of mystery, suspense and the super natural If you enjoy novels combining these three genres you should give this book a try.

Too convoluted.The message of the book is obvious and it is a worthwhile one Nevertheless, there are so many other enlightened and creative ways that need not be as obscure, treacherous and even disgusting at times.

Free copy for honest review.This book was interesting at first but then started to get a little slow It was very confusing in the beginning and very boring but the I read the I started to understand this book Still not my favorite but it wasn t the worst.

Good book.The book was good but at times it just got weird and also it would go on and on I don t think I wil Will read a other book from this author.


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