Jack lo Squartatore - L'autobiografia

Jack lo Squartatore - L'autobiografia #(2020)

Jack lo Squartatore - L'autobiografia

Jack lo Squartatore - L'autobiografia

  • Title: Jack lo Squartatore - L'autobiografia
  • Author: James Carnac
  • ISBN: 9788860524478
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
Jack lo Squartatore - L'autobiografia By James Carnac,

La figura del serial killer che terrorizz la Londra vittoriana ha ispirato il cinema e la letteratura Eppure il caso non mai stato risolto Finora Nel 2007, tra le carte di un celebre autore e illustratore di libri per bambini morto negli anni 30, stato rinvenuto un dattiloscritto contenente le memorie di tale James Carnac Lo scritto stato analizzato da una seriLa figura del serial killer che terrorizz la Londra vittoriana ha ispirato il cinema e la letteratura Eppure il caso non mai stato risolto Finora Nel 2007, tra le carte di un celebre autore e illustratore di libri per bambini morto negli anni 30, stato rinvenuto un dattiloscritto contenente le memorie di tale James Carnac Lo scritto stato analizzato da una serie di esperti e infine dato alle stampe quest anno in Inghilterra Ci che contiene , a dir poco, sconvolgente Il signor Carnac racconta la propria vita, dai primi ricordi di un infanzia malinconica, a un adolescenza funestata dalla morte dei genitori e da una fascinazione morbosa per il sangue La sua crescita coincide con la consapevolezza della necessit di uccidere, un istinto che Carnac cerca di dominare perseguendo una vita normale Finch si ritrova costretto a guardare negli occhi la belva feroce che sonnecchia in lui non potr mai vivere come i suoi simili, deve solo trovare il modo di appagare la sua sete di sangue recando il minor danno possibile a se stesso e alla societ Meglio allora stroncare la vita infelice di una prostituta alcolizzata e sola che non uccidere una donna nel fiore degli anni, che lascer un vuoto incolmabile tra coloro che l hanno amata Omicidio dopo omicidio, l assassino ci conduce lungo il suo cammino verso l inferno, fino all incidente che lo obbligher a fermarsi e a rientrare nella societ nei panni di un signore eccentrico la cui compagnia vivacizza le serate al club.

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An interesting book about the life of the author who claims to be Jack the Ripper He lost his leg as a young adult and got a big chip on his sholder He was quite a vengfull man His book was very graphic I would not recommend it to any one who is the slight bit squeamish.Enjoy and Be Blessed.Diamond

I ve long been fascinated by Jack the Ripper, and in preparation for writing Now You See Me, read widely around the Whitechapel Murders of 1888 Consequently, a book claiming to be a first person, period account of the Autumn of Terror was always going to be appealing The memoir which comprises the main part of this book claims to have been recently discovered in the effects of Sydney George Hulme Beaman writer, illustrator and creator of Larry the Lamb and to have been written in the 1920s by Ja [...]

The entire appeal of The Autobiography of Jack the Ripperis this Is it real or is it Mex.ction This work was purported to be discovered in 2008 amongst the possessions of S.G Hulme Beaman, a prolific writer of children tales who died in 1932 The manuscript is authored by James Carnac who professes to be the real Jack The Ripper Conveniently there is no evidence that Jack Carnac ever existed It may be a pseudonym for the actual Jack The book s two commentators, Alan Hicken and Ripperologist Paul [...]

Czy James Carnac to Kuba Rozpruwacz i po 40 latach postanowi napisa swoj autobiografi Ta ksi ka rzekomo jest histori Kuby Rozpruwacza Poni sza autobiografia wygl da raczej na utw r literacki, ale nic nie jest nigdy takie proste w rodku znajduj si zdj cia ofiar i miejsc zbrodni jednak nie s one super tajne, poniewa mo na z atwo ci je znale w Internecie mapa fragmenty maszynopisu na ko cu znajduj si podsumowania jednak t cz najwolniej i najci ej mi si czyta o indeks, dzi ki kt remu mo na szybko po [...]

Best Audible selection EVER Thank goodness I found it there Super hard to find otherwise I loved this book I don t care if James Carnac was the real ripper or not I was fascinated by his story.Ridiculously engrossing I was all the impressed with the length they went to in the appendices to hash out the logistics and facts of the events to evaluate whether or not James Carnac could have realistically been Jack the Ripper.Beautifully sociopathic when appropriate, wholly explanatory AWESOME.

Final Verdict Avoid this book If you want facts read a book by someone who has conducted research, or if you want fiction about Jack the Ripper, read something else.As someone who has made my life s work to study criminals, I have always been fascinated by Jack the Ripper While I would not consider myself a true Ripperologist, I still read a lot about the famous Whitechapel murders So when I saw a book about Jack the Ripper on Netgalley, I could not pass It was with reserved excitement that I be [...]

Well, this is my first time reading an autobiography, which I believe explains why I felt this book was extremely different from anything I ve ever read before.I don t know if it s wrong to admit this, but I was really drawn to the author s way of thinking He tackled many aspects of himself in regards of psychology and it was really eye opening and mind blowing Many theories came out after the official publication of Carnac s autobiography, and some of which went against the fact of him being th [...]

This is the autobiography of James Carnac A man claiming to be Jack the Ripper Never does the book claim to be the definitive work of Jack the Ripper Despite the slightly misleading title If you have a interest in Jack the Ripper, you should find this book entertaining enough to read In my personal opinion, this man is NOT Jack the Ripper My biggest disappointment with this work was that the original discoverer of this literature, edited out the parts he considered gruesome or offensive before i [...]

Whether it s real or not, I really enjoyed reading this book If it is a real confession, it s fascinating and it is very believable Personally I m pretty convinced by it, although of course it can t be proved and there are questions raised, as pointed out in the analysis I have very little doubt that part three is fiction it just falls into place too nicely He mentions a lot of things which seem to have a purpose later on, like the fear of being burned alive If I were him, I certainly wouldn t b [...]

If this really IS the notorious murderer, then I am fascinated by the unexpectedly human way his mind worked If this is just some work of fiction, I respect the author s dedication in research.Personally, I found the story really believable Maybe too believable Some parts of it I found extremely poetical and gave such a big artistic boost to the story that I must suspect this is fiction But, after all, I cannot be the judge of it Maybe these really are the words of Jack the Ripper And I really, [...]

The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper is a maddeningly fascinating work It was reportedly discovered in 2008 in the possessions left to his heirs by S.G Hulme Beaman, a children s author and illustrator best known as the creator of the Toytown stories and their characters including Larry the Lamb who died in 1932 The manuscript is attributed to James Carnac, who professes to be the real Jack The Ripper writing about his gruesome exploits 40 years after the fact The book is made up of four parts 1 [...]

This was totally entertaining I had my qualms about it being nonfiction, and I still do I think this is an ingenious piece of fiction that is very well written and well done The voice of the narrator was superb An old man, in the twilight of his life, writes what his despicable acts were as a young man And as that young man, he was known indirectly as Jack the Ripper The story meandered a bit at times, which I loved in its accuracy I ve never met an elderly person who didn t meander when telling [...]

Synopsis This is the alleged manuscript of the real Jack the Ripper Written in the 1920s by a man calling himself James Carnac, it was only discovered recently in a lot of memorabilia purchased by a vintage toy dealer.The manuscript is divided into three parts The first part deals with Carnac s childhood, which was quite brutal and culminated with a heinous crime Part two is specifically focused on the murders in Whitechapel and explains the initial catalyst as well as why they ceased abruptly T [...]

There are many books written about Jack The Ripper, nick name of arhetype serial killer, cruel murderer His true identity was never discovered, he was never caught or seen He became urban legend, his name sinonim for serial killers throuoghout the history and unfortunatly, today This is non fictional book, biography type even auto bio It is said that this is diary found by real Ripper Jack, but like supposed Hitlers diaries I am rather certain that is not real Not cold enough, descriptive enough [...]

Without a doubt a work of fiction Not to be seen as anything else As a ripper enthusiast, I d rather recommend a book like Portrait of a Killer Jack the Ripper Case Closed than this.

Not a great book for me Just the autobiography of someone claiming to be JR You can believe it or not, that s up to everyone and the epilogue from a famous ripperist is not clearing things up very much either.

Hmmmmm not sure what to think about this

In Whitechapel in 1888, at least five women were horribly murdered and mutilated Their killer quickly became known as Jack the Ripper Though there were many suspects, the killer was never caught, and over one hundred years later, the world is still fascinated by the mystery This book claims to be the memoir of James Carnac, the son of an alcoholic London Doctor, whose extra curricular practices bring his reputation into disrepute and his practice ultimately to ruin, leading to an act of murder s [...]

I m rating this book on what it claims to be an autobiography of one of the most famous serial killers Jack the Ripper In that aspect it was just okay I felt like it was trying to hard to convince me that it was the real guy Most of the evidence was stuff that could easily be researched with a little thrown in On a work of fiction it would only get three stars in my opinion It was a very slow read with no real action taking place The author claimed he did not want to put any graphic details in, [...]

Me prendeu bastante, tanto que em alguns momentos eu errei o caminho a qual estava indo por raz o da hist ria ter me envolvido li em udibook interesse ver como ele pensava e constru a seus crimes d medo de pensar que existem pessoas como ele

It was okay just not the story I was looking for.

Ma o wiarygodna, ocenzurowana Jednym s owem zawiod am si bardzo na tej pozycji, a szkoda, bo zapowiada a si super

Not worth the time Dramatic hoax at best.

When I first read it, I was so excited then I slowly became bored then I was excited towards the end of the book I really enjoyed reading the analysis.First of all, the book doesn t claim that this is the real or true story of J.T.R personal life, much less of his train of thoughts discussed in the book It is totally up to the reader to believe it or not are allowed to make their own conclusion, which brings me to the next point which isConclusion I hate when books are open ended in the end auth [...]

This Book Took Me Ages As I Just Couldn t Get Into It Firstly, There Was The Use Of Language And Then, Because I Wanted To Read About What The Book Suggested, From The Outset I Didn t Expect To Have A Full History Of His Life, Just The Accounts Of The Murders When They Were Talked About, I Didn t Find Them Very Detailed, Making Me Question To Authenticity Of The Book I Guess That s What A Book Should Do Anyway, By The Time The Author Got To The Murders, I Couldn t Put The Book Down.

Jack the Ripper Terrorized the Whitechapel county of London in the summer fall of 1888 People assumed that the killer was a maniac and lacked all sympathy and empathy The evidence that is presented in this book brings light to the possibility that the Ripper was a calculated and sympathetic individual in society The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper is the documentation of the life of James Carnac.The diary starts in the beginning of Carnac s life where he describes the murder suicide of his pare [...]

I received The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper through a Giveaway Of the several books I requested consideration, this was one I was most excited to read While I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a Ripperologist having read only one Ripper book prior to this one , I have watched many films and documentaries about the horrific series of murders and mutilations And, while watching them, consulted the online Ripper case sites when I had questions So I am not unfamiliar with the Whitechapel mur [...]

Had previously never heard of the book before but following a book recommendation on Instagram of all places had it downloaded right away.I have a small shelf of fiction and non fiction books about Jack the Ripper but haven t read much about him in a good long while.This book treads a little tightrope by pretending to be one of those non fictional accounts of the murders while actually being quite obviously a work of fiction James Carnac is a pseudonym for the author killer and in between the ac [...]

This story turned out to be better than what I was expecting I wound up reading the entire book in one day So for that alone the book gets high marks I m not a Ripperologist but I have read plenty of books on the subject of Jack the Ripper Approximately 8 to 9 books in all and out of them this was the most intriguing of the stories If this manuscript is true, which I do not believe it to be so, then certainly it would be a major component in finally solving who Jack was and why he did what he di [...]

This book was a present I wouldn t have bought it myself, since my passion for the Ripper Case thought me not to follow the excitement about the presumable biographies or confessions of the Ripper that periodically appear.I also don t like to read Ripper Fiction And still, it would have been better for the publisher to sell this book as such, I would have enjoyed it .There are absolutely NO indications that this book was written by the Ripper, or even by someone who had a good knowledge of the c [...]

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