Bloodbound #(2020)



  • Title: Bloodbound
  • Author: Sylvia Frost
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Bloodbound By Sylvia Frost,

When werebeasts emerged from extinction to attack her family, Artemis Williams ran from the Federal Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, from her nightmares, and most of all from her destiny as a werewolf s mate But running is no longer an option With her room mate kidnapped, her mate convinced that she s an impostor and her powers growing, Artemis will have to unravWhen werebeasts emerged from extinction to attack her family, Artemis Williams ran from the Federal Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, from her nightmares, and most of all from her destiny as a werewolf s mate But running is no longer an option With her room mate kidnapped, her mate convinced that she s an impostor and her powers growing, Artemis will have to unravel the truth of her own identity in order to save the ones she loves And every truth has a price.

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I have no freaking idea what to think about these dang stories any The I read this cursed series, the I despise it, and especially Orion He can be so sweet and soulful one moment, and then a complete and total dominating bastard the next I have just HAD IT with his possessive Alpha ways and absolute control over Artemis That girl has lost all spine where he is concerned and I suggest that she find it again real quick STILL no news on Lawrence, by the way The whole entire reason Artemis started [...]

Another great installment for this series and I can t wait for the next on to come out this month hopefully.

I m done with this series The writing isn t bad, but I don t like Orion, so I m not going to continue.

Much better than 1 and 2.The story has picked up some however not because of the main characters It is the introduction of Orion s partner at FBSI, Cal, a bad a were tiger a true predator, who has sense than anyone in this story thus far And finally there is a bit of actionWere tiger vs were coyote both females It s bloody and brutal but it doesn t last long It was an unsuspected surprise I didn t see coming that livened up the story Then there s Cal and OrionOne has to wonder if Cal is just Or [...]

Someone in the FBSI apparently faked Artemis death but no one knows why She also has funky DNA and may have been something called blood marked And she is still holding out on the bond with Orion.

Bloodbound Moonfate Serial Book Three by Sylvia FrostWhat a roller coaster ride Faster, steeper and sharper turns and it comes to an abrupt halt with a shot in the dark Sylvia Frost has created a world that has the werebeasts tagged and tightly controlled Only their weremates are reviled than they An organization was started to investigate and control werebeasts It is the Federal Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, but things are changing in the Rochester office Werebeasts are being hired as [...]

I was gifted this book by the Author Sylvia Frost for an honest review.We continue to learn the way of the were beast from Dr Nina M Striker, but her daughter Stephanie with the PBSI has another theory, one that may change the way the PBSI and other entities may think of the were beast Stephanie discovers that there is so much to Artemis nature then was thought.Artemis comes to terms with her reality and the why of her parents murder, but she is still fighting it internally.Orion is so much th [...]

Art and Orion are growling closer and are still trying to save her friend while they find out that the FBSI faked her death all those years ago.Once again, CLIFF HANGER WTF Part one was free Part two 2.99 Part three 3.99 What s so hard about writing it and publishing it as one book instead fleecing money from people by publishing shorts It s a rip off Now, there is no 4th book when it s supposed to be out I d rather pay 8 10 for a full novel instead of four parts.If I finish this series, though [...]

Resistance only make it worstThe investigation into Lawrence s kidnapping is in progress with Orion s help Orion s belief that Artemis Williams is dead is something she needs to prove to him that she is the real one But why fake her death to that office and not the world Who and why are they trying to hide her Plus being so close to Orion and with ever touch the pull becomes stronger and harder to resist for Artemis And the surprise that comes from her DNA, well you ll just have to read the book [...]

Love this series If you haven t started it yet, you should right away Orion and Artemis have chemistry that is so hot It s a captivating, sexy, exciting story with a mystery thrown in I read in one sitting It keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to see where the story goes next And then the CLIFFHANGER Can t wait till the next one comes out Read this series, you ll be hooked from the first book Moonbound I received this book as a gift for an honest review which I m honored to do Patsy Sacc [...]

This is the third book in the serial In this book, Artemis has already met her mate and agreed to be with him as long as he helps find her best friend Artemis reveals her true identity to Orion But will he believe her Will they get her identity verified Or will the FBSI step in before they can Solid story line and plot The character development is great My only complaint is the giant cliffhanger at the end but she usually does this and makes up for it in the details and solidness of her stories [...]

Wow, what a crazy installment Crazy in a good way Your not the real Artemis, OKAY You might be the real Artemis, OKAY The FBSI faking information, DNA testing and shootings The sexual tension between Artemis and Orion is thru the roof Sylvia s description and the way she conveys Artemis thought and feelings is amazing Love this series can t wait for the next one I received an ARC for my honest review.

The I read of this series, the I want I keep waiting for Artemis Orion to give in to the connection between them, but they just keep resisting and the tension in this story keeps getting higher and higher I am on pins and needles waiting for the next one to come out and will be jumping on it as soon as it is up

another great book I ve waited and waited not too long a wait for this book from Sylvia Frost Her others in this series are excellent Very well worth reading I now can not wait for the next to find out about Orion and Artemis.

Felt contrived It s a whole other take on shifters, but the information should be explained up front rather than having you try to piece it together The girl was probably one of the most annoying people ever Wanted to love this Just couldn t

Received ARC from author for an honest review Artemis and Orion are fighting the need to finish their bond But it could take only a single touch to push either of them over the edge.

GreatAwesome, well developed story I m not usually much for serials but this one is worth the read Although, I wish the next one was out already.

Great ReadI really enjoyed this book and the series so far I think others will also Please start from book 1 in the series You won t regret it.

lovedI really love this series Sylvia really keeps you wanting to read and keeps you on the edge of seats I Highly recommend it this book and series

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