Formarea inovatorilor. Cum crești tinerii care vor schimba lumea de mâine

Formarea inovatorilor. Cum crești tinerii care vor schimba lumea de mâine #(2020)

Formarea inovatorilor. Cum crești tinerii care vor schimba lumea de mâine

Formarea inovatorilor. Cum crești tinerii care vor schimba lumea de mâine

  • Title: Formarea inovatorilor. Cum crești tinerii care vor schimba lumea de mâine
  • Author: Tony Wagner Anca Sevcenco
  • ISBN: 9786067191448
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
Formarea inovatorilor. Cum crești tinerii care vor schimba lumea de mâine By Tony Wagner Anca Sevcenco,

Ce fel de educa ie poate ajuta copiii de azi pentru a reu i n era informa iei i a inov rii Cum poate fi ncurajat creativitatea tinerilor angaja i n ce mod p rin ii pot cultiva curiozitatea i inventivitatea celor mici Plec nd de la triunghiul joc pasiune determinare, Tony Wagner reface traseul formativ al c torva dintre cei mai str luci i inovatori ai zilelor noastCe fel de educa ie poate ajuta copiii de azi pentru a reu i n era informa iei i a inov rii Cum poate fi ncurajat creativitatea tinerilor angaja i n ce mod p rin ii pot cultiva curiozitatea i inventivitatea celor mici Plec nd de la triunghiul joc pasiune determinare, Tony Wagner reface traseul formativ al c torva dintre cei mai str luci i inovatori ai zilelor noastre, de la inginerul care a contribuit decisiv la crearea primului iPhone, la activi ti sociali care n scocesc, n Africa, biciclete ieftine pentru dep nu at Pe l ng interviurile cu aceste min i pline de creativitate, Wagner discut i cu profesorii i p rin ii acestor inovatori Scopul s u este s arate c t de important este o copil rie n care sunt ncurajate pasiunile celor mici i c t de mult conteaz modelul personal al dasc lilor dedica i De asemenea, sunt descrise c teva dintre liceele i facult ile americane cele mai vizionare ca program i ca abordare interdisciplinar.

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This book has an excellent premise, and the first few chapters of theory were useful However, the title would better reflect the content if it were called, Interviews with People Who Parented Innovators I thought the content could have been better distilled and organized While many of the people who were featured were interesting, I had to fight to finish this book.The inclusion of QR codes seemed like an interesting idea, but it distracted highly from the reading Perhaps for someone willing to [...]

How did I do as an innovation creator Very limited or no tv check lots of unstructured play check limited activities outside of school check encouraging my kids to do what they love and are passionate about check spending lots of cash on hoity toity private schools and perhaps even moving the WHOLE family for one kid s education at said hoity toity school darn Despite the lack of cash, I have to say that my children are amazingly creative and making a big difference in their chosen fields Wagner [...]

Tony Wagner s new book is pretty good It is worth reading and there is some good stuff in there, but I was a little disappointed after reading the Global Achievement Gap, which was one of the best books I ve ever read on education I suppose disappointment was inevitable.Wagner concludes that the creation of innovators demands passion, play, and purpose Wagner also looks for examples in innovative schools and innovative teachers The book is the next logical step after The Global Achievement Gap I [...]

I asked former CEO of Best Buy Brad Anderson to give an example of how he has used his employees knowledge to improve the overall customer experience, and he described how some of the younger employees had noticed that few women ever came into their stores It turned out that many women were turned off by the technical talk about the number of megapixels in a digital camera, for example, when all they wanted to know was how to e mail their friend a picture they d taken HEY BRO I FIGURED OUT WHY Y [...]

Follow your passion, repeat follow your passion, repeat again follow your passion This may have been an interesting magazine length article, but as a book it is very repetitive and not all that insightful.

Before you read this review please note that I read this book as someone who wants to learn about building innovative environments for vendors and potential employees I am not an educator.Tony Wagner explains how we as mentors, leaders, parents and teachers need to improve the development of young, potential innovators in order to help solve prominent economic and social challenges And I believe him Innovation is needed in every industry.In many respects, we re stifling youth development and in [...]

Let s see how do you create innovators According to Wagner it take three easy steps.1 Be Wealthy In almost all of the examples provided, the innovators came from middle class to upper class backgrounds If you want to learn about innovation, get insights about it, talk to CEOs, COOs, and other top executives of major companies 2 Gain Exposure to the top Universities in the United States Along those same lines, try and get into Harvard, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Emory, and the like to get the educatio [...]

CQ PQ IQCreativity Passion IQHelping my kids and myself explore the world and find what truly inspires them Learning how to learn and enjoying the process and failure is a necessary life skill Hopefully this will help our average IQ put a ding in the universe Our traditional methods for education are out dated in an era with such easy access to information We need coaches in education facilitating action not lecturing Let the internet know everything, show me what you can do with it and your pa [...]

I will keep this one short and sweet I like the premise of the book, that being an innovator requires play, passion, and purpose I agree wholeheartedly with the author s commentary about the poor state of modern education and the dangers of overparenting I would recommend anyone interested in properly reforming education read this book Anyone who has spent time in an elementary school classroom knows that every student starts school with unbounded imagination, curiosity, and creativity until he [...]

Can be a little redundant, but extremely interesting and informative Highly recommend the enhanced ebook on iPad The integration of videos is excellent I wish, though, that the book examined students whose gifts were in the arts The author addresses this omission in the introduction, claiming I think that the book simply had to be pared down But there was redundancy in the book sections that served to drive home points that had already been well made Without those redundancies, there would have [...]

This was one of the longest reads I ve gone through recently, but I believe it was worth it.Creating innovators is a window that peers into their lives at home, schools, and during their careers Each of these phases had directed and affected them one way or the other molding them into what they are Whether they innovated in STEM fields or social endeavors, you begin to see patterns in their upbringing, education, and self development that the author captures and explains in a concise and clear d [...]

The power of this book comes from the real world experiences written in a conversational and engaging way of the young innovators and their parents, teachers, and mentors who have made are making a difference, who are truly encouraging innovative thinking and inspiring students to follow their passions in a purposeful way One of the most resounding quotes that in the book was from filmmaker Scott Rosenberg, on page 145 I believe our job as teachers mentors parents is to look for the threads, pla [...]

I bought two acres of land in Sierra Leone a while ago I was thinking I wanted to build a school a place where kids come and don t think it s a school a place you want to come every day, where your day is about feeling your presence in he world, knowing that you control who you are, that you can influence others, but at the same time you are not different or removed from everybody else We have seen how essential it is for teachers of innovators to give up a measure of their authority and control [...]

I liked the book and agree with the philosophy and lessons from people interviewed I especially appreciated the concrete lessons distilled from lots of interviews e.g on what specifically kids get from play and how to structure it so kids develop as innovators, or on elements of school design environment that develops innovators He could have done a better job at bringing everything together into one cohesive framework hypothesis, but we probably just aren t that sophisticated as a society yet [...]

A great book for any parent, teacher, employer or concerned citizen There such a wide gap between the mindset of the academics in America and the mindset of the people leading successful businesses A bleak future can be avoided if we can nurture a generation of innovative young people who are willing to take risks, learn from mistakes and collaborate with others This book elaborates on the importance of Play, Passion and Purpose The author invested much effort to research the ideas put forth in [...]

I thought this book was absolutely fascinating It took a look at current education practices and showed how they are not producing innovative thinkers I think my take home message as far as helping my kids to be innovative thinkers is that they should have plenty of free playtime, should be exposed to a lot of different experiences as far as sports, trips, musical instruments,etc, and that we should encourage them to think for themselves and to problem solve as creatively as possible early on.

This book is very inspiring I am lucky to be able to teach in a school that isn t driven by test scores and gives kids a lot of freedom to pursue a passion for learning I recommend this book for all parents and teachers who want to inspire their children to be a different kind of learner one with passion, curiosity, insight, low fear of failure, drive, and the ability to think differently.

A bit repetitive and heavy on anecdotes of exceptional innovators from affluent households I wish it were concrete here is the recipe But that s probably because I m a part of the system that quashes innovative thought, even as I desire to change it Interesting ideas but I m at a loss how to apply them.

Fantastic read enlightening and eye opening, with many profiles of young innovators including the Product Manager of the first iPhone , this book already has us re thinking what we want to do with the kids this summer Beyond that, it has us reconsidering what we need to do relative to school and academia itself for our kids Provocative, and a must read for any parent or educator.

Another awesome book by Tony Wagner, one of the best minds in education today, details his extensive case studies in young innovators From a teaching and parenting perspective, his insights into the key traits of raising and educating a kid who can take control of her life and make a difference in the world are priceless.

Definitely gets readers to see concrete examples of students who are innovators and what type of education supports and constrains them Wagner is a voice that should be listened to regarding how education particularly secondary and post secondary needs to change.

Engaging read has something to say for parents, teachers, and teacher educators I found the most points of connection with the recommendations for higher ed how do we create opportunities for contemplation, play, and innovation regularly than the every seven years sabbatical affords

Must read for ALL

For educators, this book is worth reading carefully and read it again dozen time.

Some months back I went and had lunch with a friend who is also my former English teacher Though officially retired, she is still heavily involved in my old high school and helps to mentor kids who are going through one of the charter schools that s now a school within the school She had recently led a discussion group with parents of these students based on this book I have just finished the book and I am so excited about it It s just really gotten me thinking When I mentioned it to a friend, s [...]

But here s the problem It is often difficult in our society to act differently in order to think differently To do so requires radically altering our adult behaviours When Dyer and Gregersen were interviewed in a blog about their research, Hal Gregersen talked about the loss of creative capacity If you look at 4 year olds, they are constantly asking questions and wondering how things work But by the time they are 6 1 2 years old they stop asking questions because they quickly learn that teachers [...]

y l m t cu n s ch t t d nh cho nh ng ai nh m ch n v i nh ng c u h i L m th n o h c sinh v o c tr ng i h c t t nh t , hay L m th n o c c em c c ngh nghi p t t nh t Tony Wagner quan s t nh ng ng nh ngh kh ng c s i m i, v th y r ng ch ng r t d b t ng ho V y, t i sao ta l i ph i m t c ng h c tr ph i chu n b cho nh ng th c th b thay th trong ph t m t Thay v th , h y gi p h c tr tr th nh nh ng ng i i m i T c gi a ra 5 th nh t c b n c a h th ng Gi o d c s i m i Education for Innovation , bao g m 1 C ng [...]

This book is a bit outside of my normal reading, but as a parent and an educator I found this book incredibly relevant I often times need help thinking outside of the box, and Wagner pulls from a number of examples and ideas in rethinking education The many examples used at times did drag the book down a little I also do not totally buy in to Wagner s suggestions that students should essentially ignore studies that they do not find compelling Maybe I still have too much old school in me to belie [...]

I have never read about innovation before So that my knowledge in terms of your education is limited This book has helped me to widen my understanding about education Theory, lecture is not just happened in my country , but also in your country and many others Play, passion , purpose is where every young adults should have to develop themselves

The second book of Wagner s that I ve read There are many valuable points although it is steered toward middle and high school education I wish I could take away for my elementary teaching goals.

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