American Witches: A Broomstick Tour Through Four Centuries

American Witches: A Broomstick Tour Through Four Centuries #(2020)

American Witches: A Broomstick Tour Through Four Centuries

American Witches: A Broomstick Tour Through Four Centuries

  • Title: American Witches: A Broomstick Tour Through Four Centuries
  • Author: Susan Fair
  • ISBN: 9781510703803
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Hardcover
American Witches: A Broomstick Tour Through Four Centuries By Susan Fair,

Throughout history, the specter of witchcraft has both mesmerized and terrified us But witches aren t mere fairy book threats American history is brimming with tales of their terror From 19th century murders to a bizarre monkey faced creature straight from Hell to bewitched pigs hell bent on revenge, American Witches a Broomstick Tour through Four Centuries describes sThroughout history, the specter of witchcraft has both mesmerized and terrified us But witches aren t mere fairy book threats American history is brimming with tales of their terror From 19th century murders to a bizarre monkey faced creature straight from Hell to bewitched pigs hell bent on revenge, American Witches a Broomstick Tour through Four Centuries describes strange incidents that have long been banished to the margins of our history.On a tour through four centuries of American witchcraft that s both whimsical and startling, we ll encounter 17th century children flying around inside their New England home like geese We ll meet a father son tag team of pious Puritans who embarked on an anti witch mission that involved undressing young ladies and overseeing hangings And on the eve of the Civil War, we ll accompany a reporter as he dons a dress and goes searching for witches in New York City s most dangerous neighborhoods.Entertainingly readable and rich in amazing details often left out of today s texts, American Witches casts a flickering torchlight into the dark corners of American history Shelf Awareness says American Witches is a delightful and thoughtful adventure into one of the darker superstitions that has plagued the country for centuries.

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Hey Fellow Readers I m Susan Fair, the author of American Witches a Broomstick Tour Through 4 Centuries There s so much to the history of witches in America than just the Salem trials and so many obscure, bizarre, and almost unbelievable details that are absolutely true The real life stories of American Witches are sometimes poignant, sometimes humorous, often both and they re always thought provoking And American Witches has NEW revelations including a new clue as to where Houdini got the idea [...]

I received this book for free through First Reads By nature, I am a brutally honest person that likes to get straight to the point I suck at lying and I suck at sugarcoating things I try to avoid situations like this when I really don t want to be me about something but know I am incapable of not being 100% me See, I respect the hell out of authors and what they bring to the table I do not have the courage to pour my heart and soul into something for the whole world to read and judge I respect t [...]

Very Fun read More like journalism than academic but thought provoking nonetheless The chapter on Christian Science was hilarious This should be read along side Catherine Albanese s A Republic of the Mind and Spirit for a litter look and the dark side of America s religious history.

American Witches is a light and engaging account of some of the darkest times in America s history Susan Fair has a good voice and tells the multitude of witchy tales in a modern voice with laymen terms that will appeal to even the most casual reader and or student The history of witchcraft that ran rampant across America started even before people made it to the country Bringing suspicions from England and everywhere else , many would be settlers never made it across the ocean due to bewitched [...]

This is a fun book to read The majority of the books I read are either for work computer in nature or for research on Hecate This book is neither It was fun to sit down and just read a book for the value of the book The author gives us a historic yet tongue in cheek look at American Witches from the journey to the new world to the Blair Witch The information is clear and presented in a humorous manner This book covers not only the historic Salem witchery but also some references to Native Americ [...]

This was an extremely entertaining read The topic of witches in America is grim at first, although the writer makes it bearable with her sense of humor It does get lighter in tone once the hangings stop and it s just weird stuff people believe and the distance they go for it Not an academic resource but I did learn a lot of details along the way The epilogue is about the Blair Witch Project and as one of those people who had seen the website before the film and was, like, WTF it was really inter [...]

Everyone should read this just to remind them of how quickly hysteria can spread throughout a society I was a bit disappointed, however, in that there is no mention of real witches, witchcraft actual practices or modern day wicca practitioners The chapter on Mary Baker Eddy is interesting but goes beyond the scope of the book I wish she had written a little balanced book with a little serious treatment of a very serious subject.

I loved this book so much Enough humor to keep it from being dry history and really interesting stories that I hadn t heard before Coincedentally, I started reading The Scarlett Letter and had just read the quoted passage about his family s history with the witch trials when I came to the part of the book where he is quoted The Blair Witch chapter was a blast from the past Looking forward to reading from this author.

A nice overview of the history of witchcraft in America Susan Fair provides a well documented glimpse into the recorded instances of witches in America and the subsequent trials, imprisonments, and executions She does so in a very entertaining and highly readable fashion Fair has a nice flair for whimsy and gentle sarcasm, which runs throughout the book I appreciate her perspective on a fascinating subject in American history.

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I really enjoyed that this book included other stories outside of Salem Some of the cases were started while at sea with accused being hung on ships The Southern states, with their deer familiars, had a tendency to not punish, while the Northern states saw their witches put to death A good portion of the 17th Century witch hunts were lead by the Mather family who saw witches everywhere, and anything could make a person a witch The 18th century saw this cases decrease as people became skeptical [...]

Susan Fair s fun and odd look at witches in America was an interesting read This joyful read was far funnier than I imagined such a book would be, and also quite illuminating on the subject matter Particularly engrossing is the content related to the Salem witches and all of those puritanical murderers and their religious fueled paranoia Particularly fascinating is how far into the future beyond the 1600s issues of witchcraft continued, even into the 20th century What kept running through my min [...]

Witches Are People TooI admit that I enjoyed the many weird stories in this book Who wouldn t want to know about the murder of a supposed witch in Booger Hole, WV or bewitched pigs Susan s Fair s ability to relate events from the past to our modern sensibilities is so uncanny that one might wonder if she had some help from down below What I liked most about this book was how the witches and other characters were given names and made to come alive as real people The only name I was familiar with [...]

This was an interesting look at the history of witchcraft persecution cases in America That designation is taken rather lightly, since it involves anyone regarded as a witch or involved in the occult or fortunetelling, up to and including Christian Scientists It then shows its age by capping it off with a look at the Blair Witch movie and its effect on the area in Maryland where the film was set There are some interesting new anecdotes here, and considering how much I have read about witchcraft [...]

3.5 stars.This book has a fun, lighthearted tone that is often at odds with the horrific punishments and torture described When you read what was done to these poor people, mostly older women, there s nothing amusing about it.There is plenty of careful research here and some interesting, less famous stories of witchcraft in America So many of the books available focus on the notorious Salem witch trials this one even has stories that took place on ships headed for the new world.All in all, a goo [...]

Wow A weird trip full of dark humor, surprising new stuff, a wry look at human nature and lotsa witches Really cool pop culture stop off with the story behind the Blair Witch Project an interview with cool director Eduardo Sanchez, as well as a look at a really cool witch letter that apparently no one has seen in generations The book helps to see how and why all these crazy incidents involving witchcraft occurred And there s surprising new stuff about Howard Houdini and his spiritualist de bunki [...]

While a little blithe than informational, this book about the history of people being accused of witchcraft in America managed to bring in new bits of information that I was unaware of Thankfully, it doesn t all focus on Salem I was a little afraid this was going to be another rehash of the famous trials, and luckily, it wasn t This book traveled through a history of accusations of witchcraft in Native American tribes, early accusations in colonial America, and other incidents since Salem It s [...]

American Witches is a mostly entertaining historical read, though there were times when I felt the story dragged on a bit I enjoyed that the book went beyond the Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692 and that it also explored overseas voyages, Native American culture, Civil War, York Hex Trial, the Christian Science movement, and even the Blair Witch phenomenon The Witch Awards was probably my favorite chapter.

This book was so much fun entertaining as well as educational I especially liked the early colony witch stories I think the author took some liberties to speak for the historical figures or read between the lines of what first hand accounts reported but it did not make the story telling any less enjoyable A fun page turner.

One of the most entertaining nonfiction books I ve read in a long time Although it was probably unintentional on the part of the author, Susan Fair, it was hard not to realize that the methods and hysteria surrounding witch hunts are still with us today It s just that the modern version of she s a witch is he s a racist or he s a sexist Some things never change.

Fabulous read I have read many written works on witchcraft history and, though informative, find them mostly dry and stilted However, Susan Fair has written this delicious history of the American witch in a wonderful witty, humorous yet still thoroughly academic style that reads as easy and enjoyably as a favourite fiction novel This is just fantastic work.

This was quite a fun read, definitely some interesting stories captured I liked how the author spanned so much of US history, not just the well known Puritan bits She approaches each story with a healthy dose of scepticism too.

An interesting foray into the history of witchcraft, but definitely not what I was expecting At times I felt the author was trying too hard to make the book funny, and it ended up feeling awkward Had she just stuck to the story, it would have come across much better.

American Witches retells the history of witchcraft from Europe to the New World, including parts of the Indian history There is even a chapter on the Blair Witch Project which I have never seen So if you want to read up on witches and witchcraft, this is one book to read.

Enjoyable and Humorous I wish this had gone further forward, instead of skipping from Salem to York But it s funny, engaging, and enjoyable.

A thoroughly informative and interesting book ruined by cutesy narrative style.

It wasn t what I expected, but informative and interesting.

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This is another book that I could not finish It is a history of American witches and I am a history person Yet I wanted from the writer It reads like a history book you would get in school Just the facts, cut and dry I am not going to totally give up on it It is one that I will come back to in the future it does have some interesting facts.

Interesting jaunt through the history of witches in America Full review to come.

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