The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes

The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes #(2020)

The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes

The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes

  • Title: The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes
  • Author: Vincent Starrett
  • ISBN: 9780523006956
  • Page: 274
  • Format: None
The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes By Vincent Starrett,

Interesting sidelight of the Sherlock Holmes stories This is a basic book for all afficionados of the great detective illusIS TITLE IS CITED AND RECOMMENDED BY Books for College Libraries Catalogue of the Lamont Library, Harvard College.

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One of the cornerstone books in any serious Sherlockian bookshelf, and my copy is personally inscribed by Otto Penzler It doesn t get much better than that This is one of the books in Otto Penzler s Sherlock Holmes Library, a reissue of eight previously hard to find classics from the earlier age of Sherlockiana, it was originally published in 1933 Starting with part of the classic Dorr Steele color illustration for The Norwood Builder, this one just feels like a classic a word I don t use often, [...]

THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES 1930 Vincent Starrett .Here s a book study on the adventures of Sherlock Holmes that should be in everyone s library if, that is, you are any kind of a fan of Sherlock Holmes Starrett spends a great deal of time sharing his research on the Holmes canon, including the backgrounds of the stories and the timeline if one can be established Most of the stories from Conan Doyle employ a formulaic approach to crime solving Starrett reveals the formula What he also do [...]

If you love Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in particular the hawk nosed Holmes and mustachioed doctor , then this book is for you.I d first heard of Vincent Starrett in conjunction with his poem, 221B, and this book of essays showcases the same love for Holmes and Watson that s reflected in the poem Starrett discusses what we know about the detective and his companion based on the Sacred Works, a.k.a Arthur Conan Doyle s original short stories.Oddly enough, I was most interested in the sections w [...]

In good faith I gave the book 3 stars I really wanted to just give it two stars but I think that is mainly because I was expecting one thing from the book and got another My opinion was that I was going to read a book about the origins of Sherlock Holmes, the characters, cases, etc Instead I felt like I got some factual accounts the public hated it when Mr Doyle killed off Sherlock and a lot of fictional jargon I thoroughly enjoy mysteries and have always loved all of the Sherlock Holmes stories [...]

Not quite what I expected, but still an enjoyable read Amazingly or not so amazingly I knew most of the trivia type stuff I think what I most appreciated was the list of all of the cases mentioned but never written about, as well as a list of all of Holmes writings on bees, tatoos, and tobacco, to name a few.

The single best work of Sherlockian criticism not a pastiche, exactly, though it does include one of the two greatest short pastiches ever written, The Adventure of the Unique Hamlet One of the few books that should stand on the shelf next to the COMPLETE SHERLOCK HOLMES.

Flunked the fifty page test.For Holmes junkies.

I was thinking it would be something other than what it was Still it was interesting.

A famous but slightly disappointing study much quoted by Baker Street enthusiasts Chapter 7, The Untold Tales of Dr Watson contains a wonderful list of the stories mentioned but not recounted by Dr Watson, the most famous, of course, being The Giant Rat of Sumatra, and my personal favorite, The Affair of the Politician, the Lighthouse, and the Trained Cormorant The mind reels.Mr Starrett theorizes that Mrs Hudson followed Holmes to act as his housekeeper in his Sussex retirement, and also act as [...]

Starrett s treatise on Sherlock Holmes can be roughly divided into two core aspects One focuses on the fictional character and the setting, providing a systematic fictional biography of Holmes and Watson drawing from the canon This includes topics like what 221b looked like, speculations on Holmes s early history, Holmes and Watsons routines and the teased but unpublished Holmes mysteries.The other aspect focuses on the non fictional side of the story, including the inspiration behind Holmes s m [...]

A gorgeous little gem of a book Starrett writes of Holmes with such care and love The book contains a variety of material about the Sherlock Holmes books, all beautifully written and researched.Anyone involved in any fandom will find the chapter about the Baker Street Irregulars completely charming It s lovely to know that superfans have been around for ages.The chapter about Mrs Hudson is excellent This is not a topic that many people write about, but Starrett really gives her her due.The pasti [...]

This is the 75th anniversary edition Some of the items removed after the initial publication have been reinstated in this version I read this over 25 years earlier and loved it Part fiction, part biography, part investigation of what makes Sherlock Holmes so beloved years after original publication, this is written by a man who loved the Canon as much as anyone alive If you are a true fan of the original stories or don t know much beyond the various filmed adaptations but would like to know , th [...]

Charming book that every Sherlockian needs to get under their belt Easy, engaging read It was published in 1930, and I was completely tickled every time Starrett said something like these adventures happened 35 long years ago paraphrasing of course This book makes a good companion read to Baring Gould actually I sort of wish I had read this one first as a quick intro My only criticism, and it is so minor, is that I wish the edition I had featured illustrations I was running to the Google every [...]

Eh I label this one for die hard Holmes fans I like Sherlock Holmes, but I really would rather read spin offs of the tales than the original ones Blasphemy, I know It was still interesting, but there were so many things I just didn t understand The author certainly assumes that I come from his time period and have read all the Holmes stories, along with seen all the spin off plays and various other parodies.

Wonderful book A fascinating extension of the canonical facts written with warmth and humour I borrowed this book from Gladstone s Library where I stayed for the weekend I liked it so much I m going to seek out my own copy Incidentally, the last chapter, a new adventure for Sherlock Holmes written by Starrett himself, dovetailed nicely with the other book I read here, concerning books, book bindings and forgeries A very bookish weekend.

The first part of the book, with the history of Sir Arthur, and some biographical info about Holmes was very interesting Then the author goes on at length about parodies, theater versions, and art renderings, and this part was really boring So that s why I gave it 3 stars I don t think Watson had 3 wives like some others have said This author asserted he had just the one, Mary Morsten.

Interesting read for Sherlockians I recommend this book as a must read for readers of the Sherlock Holmes stories I was particularly fascinated by the authors view of the relationship between Holmes and his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle It would seem the author, over time, came to dislike his truly great fictional detective.

Profound bed time story.A rather mundane but at the same time peculiar take on the ACD stories, wherein it tackles Holmes s erratic habits, love for opera and his violin, the state of 221b and Watson s gift of narration.

Very good book of Holmes scholarship and analysis.

Exactly what a book about a book s character should be.

I must have read this like eight times in college Beautiful crackfic before the invention of crackfic.

Interesting read for fans of Sherlock Holmes.

If you want to consider yourself a proper Sherlockian you must ensure you possess and read diligently this masterful work Easy to get for a few dollars online and absolutely indispensable.

One of the first fan written biographies of Sherlock, it s full of intimate details that you can see echoed through the years into modern pastiches.

After you have enjoyed the book, you must view film based on this novel and directed by Billy Wilder and starring Robert Stephens as Sherlock Holmes.

I love the ending of this book I can say without giving anything away that the meeting with Queen Victoria is priceless.

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