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  • Title: Chance
  • Author: Selene Charles
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  • Page: 434
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Chance By Selene Charles,

Three Brothers One mating ritual Equals one wild, sexy night Chance Hawthorne only knew one thing in lifeting wasn t for him He might be forced to endure the bloody ritual, but that didn t mean he had any plans to settle down and make baby grizzilies Until the day he meets Rowana Crow and all bets are off He wants than just her body for one night of fun,Three Brothers One mating ritual Equals one wild, sexy night Chance Hawthorne only knew one thing in lifeting wasn t for him He might be forced to endure the bloody ritual, but that didn t mean he had any plans to settle down and make baby grizzilies Until the day he meets Rowana Crow and all bets are off He wants than just her body for one night of fun, he plans to make the woman his future, the only problem now is convincing her that she wants him too

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Who is Chance Hawthorne What is the one thing that he is certain of in the world Who is Bronwyn Crow How does meeting her change Chance s one certainty in life What are Chance and his two brothers going through when he gets mad at a bird sitting on the roof of his cottage and starts throwing things at it What does his brother Phoenix do This was such a comedy of a read, very quick and a lot of fun Having not read many books dealing with Crow shifters in it, this really was a very interesting rea [...]

Not too bad, but kinda boring.

What would you do if you were talked into participating in an ancient mating ritual against better judgment only to have nothing go as planned Sadly, this is Chance Hawthorne s current situation, and he s not happy about it Of COURSE he couldn t have mated with another bear oh no he had to mate with the most beautiful crow he had ever seen And crows don t mate for life like bears do That would be too easy So what s a bear to do when his mate flies off Win her back, that s what And he will do wha [...]

Chance Chance Hawthorne is the youngest of three bear shifter brothers and also the most reckless He and his brothers must undergo a magical mating ritual that will lead them to their fated mates The one problem is that Chance doesn t want a mate He soon learns that he can t fight fate as he literally runs towards the scent of his mate.Bronwyn Crow is a feisty bird shifter Her kind does not follow the magical mating rituals of the bears She finds she is drawn to the handsome bear and must make a [...]

This isn t my first read from this author and it isn t going to be the last Although different from any of the books I ve read from her so far it is nonetheless a great read Personally I m not too fond of the Alfa male shifter genre this one captivated me the instant I started it This fast paced love story speaks of finding love where you least expect it With the person you least expect it with also After a mating ritual with his two brothers Chance finds the urge to go out and female hunt to ma [...]

Chance By Selene CharlesMating Fever SeriesA short passionate burst of a story.He s a bear and she s a crow shifters both her in season, him in the grip of the matingritual He wants a lay and she wants a chick Could it work I found this book different from the author s previous works in as much that there is not a large supporting cast of colorful characters Brief mentions of Chance s 2 brothers and Bronwyn s mother and sister is all we get However the author has brought these two young beings t [...]

When grizzly shifters mate it is an explosive thing And I got carried away by this story, sucked in, breathlessly reading until the very end Rowana Bronwyn is very cool, I liked her right from the start and felt for her so deeply While Chance is an alpha bear who needs a bit cutting down, I was delighted to see her do it and very sure she ll continue to as she bows down to noone The background story was intriguing, I especially liked the hot cold idea you see when you read it, I don t want to sp [...]

A grizzly and a crow in a relationship What could go wrong In this case a lot , though it turns out well in the end Have always enjoyed this author s books and once again she doesn t disappoint There is conflict, romance,pathos and a dash of sexy doings When you have a grouchy male grizzly ready to mate and a wild female crow who likes to love em and leave em, you know there s going to be problems when they hook up It s always nice to see a strong female character and this little crow doesn t di [...]

Chance is a bear shifter who is not looking for a mate but is getting one whether he likes it or not Bronwyn is a love em and leave em crow shifter who is about to fall whether SHE likes it or not After performing an ancient ceremony Chance is drawn to Bronwyn and wants his mate come hell or high water Fate is against them though because her tribe will never accept a Bear so Bronwyn must choose between her love or her family.This is a quick read but Selene has packed a lot of story into a little [...]

received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review This was a pretty fun read I liked Bron and her carefree attitude, as well as Chance s bearish character throughout the book The whole time I read this, it felt like a near comedy with the way their monologues went, constantly laying down joke after joke with somewhat witty sarcasm The details in terms of comparisons were a little much at one point because it felt like it was there every line For that, I d say the flow was a little [...]

Chance is my first book from Selene Charles, so I wasn t sure just what I was about to read, having read LOVED previous authors books in the Mating Fever collection, I had to give her a shot I m so glad I did, I have since added the rest of the series to my TBR can t wait to read them Chance is book 1 in Selene s series Bears of Kodiac , which in turn is a part of the Mating Fever collection A set of books from 8 authors, 8 different packs an individuals story on finding their mate.I enjoyed rea [...]

I took a chance on reading this novella, and it did not disappoint I enjoyed the steamy and the not so steamy aspects of the story The author used very visual discriptions to capture the details of the story Light hearted love, mayhem, and just enough controversy made this a riveting read I read it in an hour, and could not put it down Very consistent story Looking to read the entire series by morning

I have to say this was a great read I don t like to give spoilers so I won t This was a page turner that I just couldn t put down I feel that it could have been slightly longer and that there could have been a little of the getting to know you and not just jump to the I know you so soon But that s just me other then that it was a nice smooth read.

Having previously read and loved books by this author I was not disappointed by this offering, I found it to be an enjoyable little dip into a different way of life.A hunky bear shifter and a fiesty crowwhat could go wrong Chance and Bronwyn are pulled together by an ancient mating ritual and pulled apart by her sense of duty but in the end love will make everything right.

Fantastic Not a theme I often read but the opportunity arose and I m so glad it did Well written from the off with good character development and gritty detail where its needed I ll def be looking out for the next installment August Hoping to see a mention of Chance and Bron but I guess we ll see D

Very good short story Chance and his brothers bear shifters decide it is time to find their mates Has a good plot and like the little twist that is in it Can t wait to see if his brothers are having as interesting a time as he had.

ChanceThis was epic It was so crazy yet exciting to read I love the whole bit about the temperature that determines the kind of baby, intense I was worried for a moment the mom was there to cause trouble.

Good story and it was well told, but a bit editing would have been good.

It s a wonderful book Selene captures the emotional and deep romance of two people ill fitted to each other until they truly meet I love it

This was a good book Chance had decided he didn t want to be mated Then he met Rowana and things changed Excellent read

Good read I enjoyed reading about Chance and Bronwyn as they struggled through the battle of being together forever Can t wait to see what happens with the other brothers.

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