Introducing Critical Theory

Introducing Critical Theory #(2020)

Introducing Critical Theory

Introducing Critical Theory

  • Title: Introducing Critical Theory
  • Author: Stuart Sim Borin Van Loon Richard Appignanesi
  • ISBN: 9781840465884
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
Introducing Critical Theory By Stuart Sim Borin Van Loon Richard Appignanesi,

Introducing Critical Theory provides a route through the tangled jungle of competing theories It puts into context recent developments by situating them within the longer term tradition of critical analysis back to the rise of Marxism.

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Of all the books in the Graphic Guide series, this is perhaps the worst not because of its subject matter which is immensely interesting , but because of its structure or lack thereof Normally these books assume you don t know anything about the subject except, perhaps, for a few ideas that have made their way into popular culture, which is the reasonable thing to do considering people most likely approach these books hoping for a gentle, bite sized introduction to the subject, however superfici [...]

I bought this cute little book on impulse while on vacation hoping it might be a fun way to fill in some gaps in my critical theory knowledge While I learned about the connections between theorists of the early 20th century and their takes on Marxism, the edition left much to be desired in terms of identity politics The book fails to even mention intersectionality or disability studies To be fair, the publisher has put out other editions that focus solely on feminism, cultural studies and also [...]

zellikle edebiyat alan nda eser ele tirisinde kullan lan kuramlar k sa k sa tan tan ve metinleri izimlerle destekleyen g zel bir kitap.Marksizm, feminizm, g stergebilim, psikanaliz vb alanlar n edebi eseri daha iyi anlamland rma ad na nas l kullan ld n k saca anlat yor Benim gibi yar m yamalak bilgisi olanlar i in iyi bir ba lang olacakt r.T m anlatt klar n belirli bir ba lamda birle tirdi i i in ele tirel teori alan na genel bir bak atabiliyorsunuz Kitab n arkas na, daha ayr nt l okumalar i in [...]

Good gloss on the subject Necessarily an inch deep, but I found it to be a worthwhile introduction Its value lies in mapping out different thinkers, allowing one to both differentiate between their schools of thought and see how they relate to one another I read this as part of my self imposed purgatory for having slept through all of my college classes.

I was one of those people who would be like, what the f are these people talking about whenever I d here critical theory arguments against things like math, logic, science, etc from folks at Cornell Thanks to this book, I see that the whole genre or approach is not a total sham, but rather some of its ideological aggressors read students with little understanding of other approaches This is a nice visually stimulating way to be introduced to this world, its giants, and the historical progression [...]

This tiny rich book is a car or billow book Although it deals with so complicated ideas, it presents them in daily language and funny way In other words, you can have an overview of what people say in academia about these figures or theories It s a nice journey starts from Marx to post modernism theory even the fall of theory It s worth reading, sharing and discussing.


The best graphic intro book I ve ever read A door opener that s accessible and engaging.

This is an excellent guide to critical theory The graphics are most helpful They reflect the mood of the theories that are described There is a lot to absorb and this is just an introduction, but it is a good one These guides are useful even if they have an overload of information because they show the relationship between ideas and those who develop them As with all of these books, there is an excellent bibliography at the end of the book to further study of the ideas that have been presented T [...]

The main failing of this book is that, while it presents many theories at an introductory level, it does not explicitly define critical theory at any point in the text Not giving a working definition of the subject is a glaring omission in a book intended for beginners Perhaps that is some sort of postmodernist nod to the rejection of grand narratives I dunno, but a reader who has seen the term critical theory bandied about and is seeking clarification should probably pick another book.

Clear explanation of postcolonial and Lacanian thories

The structure of the book is rather hard to read.

It is always difficult for a novice in a subject to judge whether something is a good introduction to that topic If one knows little about the subject being discussed, how can one tell if all the relevant points are being covered or whether the information given is correct Such is my issue with this Graphic Guide That said, I do have a bit of background knowledge of critical theory and, based on that, this book appears to give a pretty good overview of the topic, quickly covering the major schoo [...]

I confess this is only the second graphic novel I have ever read I feel like my eyes exhausted their energy scanning images rather than devouring lines of text Please, forgive me for that To each his, hers, its, or their own This visual compendium of Critical Theory is a speedy overview of a great tool with its few dozen attachments for putting our culture under the microscope I had some familiarity with the concepts which I remember from my undergraduate coursework in intellectual history and p [...]

Reading this book is not going to make you an expert on Foucault or Lacan however, if what you are seeking is an idea as to the spectrum of schools and branches and concerns of critical theory, or if you re not even terribly sure what critical theory IS, then I suggest you pick this book up When I was just getting started, it really helped me create a cognitive map of the field Basically you get a mapped out schema of the world of critical theory, with a few tantalizing tidbits dropped about som [...]

Icon Books Introducing series is an ever growing collection of graphic guides on a variety of subjects, particularly in the fields of philosophy, art and culture They provide a fun way of approaching quite cerebral topics, the concise, lucid texts accompanied by striking cartoons by surrealist illustrator Boris van Loon brimming with visual gags In the series s strengths, however, lie also its weaknesses Sometimes, the subjects covered are simply too vast to be comprehensively approached in such [...]

Reading this gave me that swollen feeling you get when you try to cram too much into your hapless brain at once Perhaps I shouldn t have read it in just two sittings Oh well, I like that feeling It s a very rapid walk through about a century of critical theory, beginning with Marx and ending with queer theory At times it s too rapid a few of the transitions are a bit befuddling but in the main it does a good job of providing a cheat s overview of what is probably the most deliberately obscure sh [...]

Dac nici n benzi desenate nu poate fi n eleas i pl cut teoria literaturii i a culturii, atunci cum Stuart Sim i Borin Van Loon s au g ndit la un mod accesibil i simpatic de a prezenta numeroasele teorii care au tot ap rut dup anii 50 i au alc tuit un volum texte de Stuart Sim i desene de Borin Van Loon prin care ncearc s fac pu in lumin n h i ul ideilor care nso esc deja orice analiz literar i cultural One no longer studies literature , but literature plus the full range of critical theories use [...]

I escaped direct contact with critical theory as an undergraduate Subsequently, whenever I read passages from Barthes, or encountered references to poststructuralism, intertextuality, and the like, I felt both ignorant and suspicious that the whole enterprise was an academic sham This book provides a lucid overview of the evolution of critical theory from the grand narrative of Marxism to postmodernism and its various spinoffs Don t be fooled by the graphic novel format This is a serious, clearl [...]

It is impossible to introduce or summarise Critical Theory but this is a fair attempt There s heavy emphasis on colonialism and postcolonialism, and not enough on feminist theory, queer theory and the other confusing theories like deconstruction, poststructuralism, reader response theory and postmodernism although the Introducing Books do have separate volumes specifically on these subjects See Introducing Derrida, Barthes, Foucault, Modernism, Postmodernism, Feminism, Cultural Studies It is a p [...]

Just as its title suggests, this book is an overview of critical theory, and I am satisfied with it because it fulfilled that function I m not enamoured with it because of the artwork scattered looking collages that I found hard to follow and because there were several spelling or grammatical errors and copious name dropping without in depth information However, it did introduce me to some ideas and critics whose ideas I will pursue, and situated what I already knew in the broader historical con [...]

You know those goofy little graphics in the corner of your text books.odd little cartoons and maps at s pretty much here though many of the the graphics are of a racier variety than you ll find in a text book.All around helpful.There is an index in the back so that when you are reading something else something can cross reference terms and names to get the general snippets e whole goofy pictures of smart peoples facesally helps me a lot does the chart laying out the critical theory time [...]

Never before did I get informed perspective about something by reading a graphic guide about it However, now I am exited to do it again This graphic guide was fun, easy to read and very informational.Nevertheless, I must admit that critical theory is highly complicated and I I ll definitely need to read much much about to grasp its dimensions and implications.P.S I have my own copy of the book and I would be happy to lend it to anyone living nearby I would say Cairo or even Alexandria may fit t [...]

When this says it covers theory, it means it covers theory.This book was so scattershot that it made it difficult to read It covers almost every single aspect of theory you could possibly think of, and then covers a bunch of stuff that I wouldn t even really consider theory at all It spends about an average of two pages, for every topic, so it covers everything, but so briefly that you won t gain much of anything from any of the topics It was a complete tease of a book I wish this were an actual [...]

Just because we use cheats doesn t mean we re not smart.These books seem like the Cliff s notes to scholarly material but happen to far surpass Cliff s notes in coolness because of their graphic representation.As introductions they are a great way to become acquainted with the subject s that is fun and informative.Some of the drawings leave a little to be desired, but others are spot on There s the rub, but you try drawing some of Derrida or Deleuze and Guattari s opaque theory.

I don t think this simplifies critical theory, but it s an ok refresher if your understanding is patchy like mine It doesn t provide any kind of cohesive or chronological overview It s just a bunch of disconnected parts I don t think the pictures add to the text in any way Compared to Economix, which provides a cohesive overview of a complicated subject in an illustrated format it s not great.

It does what it is meant to do and no It gives a bare bones overview of the progression of critical theory Considering the number of theories this covers, this is a helpful first look at the discipline It s a good place to create a conceptual map before delving deeply into different theories.

LANDASAN yang baik untuk melihat gambaran luas teori kritikal dalam kerangka postmoden yang merebak di Eropah dan menjalar ke luar wilayah itu Lakaran grafik banyak membantu untuk memahami konsep teori kritikal yang bermula dari Grand Design Marxis hingga membuka paradigma pluralisme yang menjadi keghairahan baru Barat.

An interesting overview of a Critical Theory but its a little bit too much of an overview to understand any of it very much Just because it has pictures and speech bubbles does not always make it easy to understand Its a bit like viewing landscape from an aeroplane you can see a lot but its nothing like walking over a hill.

I learnt with this little comic book than in 3 years of Media Studies at University Critical Theory was a big part of the course but until now 14 years later I can t say I had a clear idea of what it was all about Great series, I m now reading the Philosophy guide of the same series albeit in its App form available for the iPhone iPod Touch and it s proving to be just as good.

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