Safe Space (Book 1)

Safe Space (Book 1) #(2020)

Safe Space (Book 1)

Safe Space (Book 1)

  • Title: Safe Space (Book 1)
  • Author: Tiffany Patterson C.K. Brooke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Safe Space (Book 1) By Tiffany Patterson C.K. Brooke,

THIS IS BOOK 1 IN THE SERIES THIS BOOK ENDS ON A CLIFFHANGER Chanel Xavier Grant was everything a woman could want He was a successful restaurateur and club owner and has the looks of a God with the sex appeal to back it all up I d had a crush on him since my early teenage years Now, here I am thirty years old, after having just moved back to my hometown of THIS IS BOOK 1 IN THE SERIES THIS BOOK ENDS ON A CLIFFHANGER Chanel Xavier Grant was everything a woman could want He was a successful restaurateur and club owner and has the looks of a God with the sex appeal to back it all up I d had a crush on him since my early teenage years Now, here I am thirty years old, after having just moved back to my hometown of Houston and finding myself still lusting over this man So how did I handle this growing attraction Like any self respecting, professional woman who d had her heart broken numerous times by the men in her life, I ran I tried to ignore the sparks that flew whenever we were in the same room as one another I have my reasons Xavier was one of the most eligible bachelors in the city with women clamoring for his attention Aside from that, he was my brother s best friend, practically family certainly treated like family than I was No, I didn t need those types of problems My best bet was to steer clear of Xavier Grant Xavier Chanel had grown into a beautiful woman Any man with eyes could see that But, she was my best friend s little sister I had no intentions of taking it past looking until she walked into one of my restaurants one night looking a little distraught There was something pulling me to her Something was telling me she needed me Usually, I m not into being needed by a woman I do my thing and don t bother getting too serious, but I couldn t ignore this pull I had to her And when I see the danger she puts herself into helping one of her clients, my protective instincts come out I want her And no one, not my friendship with her brother or her father is going to stop that Except, maybe her.

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This is another of the authors I love to read and have enjoy all her stories.This is a black black romance which is an engaging story However, right at the end of the book when I thought the couple where gonna get they happy ever after the leading man walks out on a our girl and does not give her a chance to explain why she did not tell him something that happened in her past I agree she should have told him but he did not have to be so harsh with her because he knew she had been hurt in the pas [...]

I hate cliff hangers This was a good book Xavier was cool and funny Chanel had reasons for keeping her heart safe, but I still found her annoying The whole cat and mouse game is overrated and I hate reading about it It was nice to read how the characters connected to other characters from other books by the Author.

Great read I had high expectations because I m an avid fan of Tiffany Paterson and this book has lived up to it once again I m going to go on to part two then leave a full review.loving Xavier and Chanel and hoping they get it together

Secrets always come to the light no matter how hard one tries to bury them That s the hard lesson Chanel is learning She is ashamed of the woman she allowed herself to become with her ex Ethan, but she has failed to realize that she is no longer that woman The minute she walked out on her ex was the minute she gained control in her life and started the process of healing and becoming stronger But what she has not learned the lesson that the shame she feels is interfering with her present relatio [...]

Full disclosureThis book was good I was surprised by the ending, so looking forward to the next part Chanel kept things to the vest which caused her to keep people at a distant She needed to voice her issues to let them go Xavier was the kind of man she needed, and I wished Chanel had fully disclosed herself to him The survival of their relationship depends on full disclosure Chanel also needs to deal with her father and brother It touches the surface of their problems, but details needs to be [...]

This is my review and how I see it Author Tiffany Patterson in her first AA novel Safe Space is a well developed story that hits on some very real life situations from the very beginning to the end If it wasn t for my mind telling my body that it needed rest I would have finished this book a lot earlier than I did This story was not what I expected was better To feel the emotions of the characters in this book made it come to life for me and really took me places that I did not want to venture t [...]

Wow, this was really goodThis was my first time reading this author s work and I truly enjoyed this book So many emotions were expressed while reading I laughed, cried, got scared, and upset I have to say that Xavier is my new book bae Those heated scenes with him and Chanel omg I had to fan myself Chanel has some deep rooted issues that she has to deal with before she looses out on something she wants, something she is fighting She has been through so much I m mad at Xavier for his reaction, bu [...]

Safe SpaceXavier and Chanel are complicated Xavier is best friends with her brother and determined not to get involved with Chanel Chanel needed help and Ethan happened to be her knight and shining Chanel has been hiding a damaging secret Ethan and Robert are two disgruntled individuals that are out to Xavier has only asked for honesty and Chanel What cost will Chanel pay for deceiving Xavier Will Robert decide to make good on his threats for his client losing his case Will Ethan schmooze his wa [...]

Trust And LiesVery well written book It touches on things we don t like to discuss Some parts of the story will make you very mad and upset This is a story about a young lady who lived a life full of anger and bitterness It starts with her father, college boyfriend and her fiance.The h I felt was looking for love she never received from her father as a child and dated the two wrong men.I enjoyed the easy way she had a secret crush on her brother s best friend The funny thing was he had , crush o [...]

Loved every word writtenThis book had me from the start, I was captivated throughout and loved the story even though it was difficult to read at times, the story was well written and the characters were well developed I absolutely fell in love with Xavier he is just the bomb, an alpha male without a doubt, he is also so very caring, and didn t let Chanel get away with anything no matter how much he likes loves her.I m looking forward to the next instalment as I want them to have their happy ever [...]

WowI m an avid reader Reading is my passion I love when I stumble upon a good book This is my first time reading this author s work I m pleasantly surprised I love when you finish a book and it still resonates with you Chanel is a successful lawyer that is well put together on the outside, but broken inside Along comes her childhood crush Xavier He s a manly man and sexy as hell Their chemistry is fire Can t wait to see how this ends Great read Can t wait for the next installment.

Safe SpaceThis title is befitting for multiple reasons Sometimes we are faced with situations that leave us searching for cover Only to discover that there is none This book shows how important having a safe space can be Xavier is indeed the perfect safe space provider And Chanel is definitely in need of a safe haven This book is the beginning of a jaw dropping, panty wetting, suspense filled, page turning saga that will leave you panting for Can t wait to see what happens next in book 2 from t [...]

So glad I waited to read this seriesGetting to know Xavier and Chanel has been great At the first few pages I debated reading it in it s entirety due to the domestic abuse Chanel was enduring with Ethan but I got past it and was glad I did These two seem made for one another However, Chanel s inability to overcome her shame of being abused and sharing with him lead to Xavier AND everybody else finding out in the most horrible way Now he s gone Glad I have book ll waiting.

Wow What a great love story Chanel and Xavier What can one say, but Great, well written and emotion laden This is a story with real world issues It is not one that s superficial Tiffany delves into domestic violence, lies, shame and betrayal in this book And as you read, you the reader find yourself going through the same emotions as the characters in the book For me, this is a sign of a good writing Tiffany, thumbs up on this one Looking forward to the continuation.

Wow Loved this novel , Ms Patterson touched on a taboo subject of mental and physical abuse in today s society Many people of all walks of life hid the ugly truth of being beat by their spouses, The novel centers around Chanel Richards who is a divorce and family lawyer who really go the length in protecting her clients She also has steamy love affair with Xavier who would do anything for his women This novel is excellent the characters and story line flows Gets your tissues ready for the heart [...]

The Past Rears its Ugly Head Xavier and Chanel have the makings for a beautiful couple With that being said domestic violence is no joke How Chanel is dealing with her past issue, of what happened to her is very hard, for her, and people around her to deal with, sometimes the people around them, don t want to know, but Xavier is a whole nother story, he feels hurt and betrayed because, Chanel lied to him about meeting her ex, and staying with him after what he did to her Chanel s got a lot of ex [...]

Choice s MadeA beautifully written story about choices, family loyalty and sacrificing happiness Xavier is a strong, dominant protective male Chanel is independent and feisty with a lot of sass Their relationship is chemistry charged and steamy A well developed storyline of Chanel dealing with traumatic events in her past and how keeping secrets threaten her and Xavier s relationship Family secrets and secrets revealed make this first book an exciting read I look forward to the next book

Yeah This Is Good I so fell all the way in love with this story,This was a well written,thought out story that not only kept your interest but you so willingly fell down the rabbit hole.I love the fact that you get two well rounded characters you can relate to and cheer for a happy ending.The writer keeps you on the edge not only with the sexiness between the two main characters but with the mystery that s underneath.This is the first part because the story ends on a cliffhanger,but you won t be [...]

Awesome readI was waiting for this book to be released and Tiffany did not disappoint The attraction between Xavier and Chanel would not be denied The betrayal of what their parents had done was not enough to keep them apart But now Chanel s past has come back to haunt her, and the lies have seemingly destroyed what her and Xavier were trying to build I am anxiously waiting for part 2.

Soooooo Good This book was hard to put down From the first page, I was hooked The characters were relatable, the dialogue was realistic, the passion was high, and the suspense was intense I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I sighed I felt every emotion possible The cliffhanger left me bereft I will now be stalking Ms Patterson s facebook page for hints of when Book 2 will drop Get this book and read it today

Loss For WordsI saw recommendations for this book many times over in various book groups I put it off for so long because it was stated that it ended in a cliffhanger This book was as good as everyone said it was and then some Once I started it, I could not put it down I have used my whole day off reading this and it was so worth it I am so glad that I waited on the sequel because as soon as I get some things done, I m diving right in.

Safe Spaceow burnFlaming This was good story It began like with Chanel main character being in physical and emotional abuse relationship Xavier is her Black knight that comes to her rescue Patterson does not allow the chapter to fall immediately, it a slow burn This I appreciated because abuse victims have trust and barriers need time to extract Xavier does this and But at

Wow Wow Wow I didn t want this book to end, cause I just couldn t get of Xavier and Chanel love story.Their chemistry and love scenes were hot hot hot Wonder what s the story with Gabby and Jamal, can t wait to read their storyI m so glad there will be a book 2 of continuation of Chanel and Xavier story

Even though I knew it was a cliffhanger.So yeah, every read a story so goooooood, knowing it s a cliffhanger that you stop reading every few chapters trying to prolong it but you actually can t because the story is so good that when you get to the end, you re heartbroken that it s a cliffhanger

Loved itThis was amazing Chanel worked my nerves in this book Xavier is one of my new fave book bae I just need for her to get a therapist I still couldn t understand what she was keeping a secret, really wasn t that big She needs to confront and talk to every man I hope the next part doesn t take to long.

Xavier, my Lawd Loved the book Tiffany handled the topic of domestic abuse and it s impact on women and families in an informative way Xavier fell in love with Chanel, but she had a lot work to do to make it work Can t wait for the next book

SECRETS and LIESToo many people are ashamed of being abused when they did nothing wrong They need someone special in their lives to remind them that they are LOVED before they lose everything.

On my This was my first book by this author and oh my I can t wait to the conclusion I do wished that men like Xavier really exist I hope Chanel can get what she deserves, her safe space Awesome read

Can t wait for part 2 Loved this story Xavier is too good be true That s why readers like me flock to these stories because there are no true life Xaviers out there terrific bodies, good jobs, honest, caring and loves his mother Well, at least not where I livelol.

WowI really enjoyed this book and the storyline was just wow Xavier was just awesome and I love his character and ChanelLoved her as well.crets are never good I am looking forward to the book and I definitely hope love can conquer it all.

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