The Cooper Kids

The Cooper Kids #(2020)

The Cooper Kids

The Cooper Kids

  • Title: The Cooper Kids
  • Author: Frank E. Peretti
  • ISBN: 9781581346916
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Boxed Set
The Cooper Kids By Frank E. Peretti,

Four volume set of Frank Peretti s Indiana Jones style adventure stories that build sound values in kids while keeping them glued to their seats.

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Yet again, another book from Peretti s series for children Being an elementary student, I remember being very obsessed with this book, constantly reading it until I finally found out how it all ended.This is, of course, great for kids, and it has a nice message in it that Frank Peretti always manages to get into his stories without shoving it down your throat.

I completely loved these books when I read them At the time 5th grade I hated reading, but these books were really addicting They were suspenseful and just really exciting I hear the Peretti books for adults are really terrifying I honestly haven t worked up enough guts to read one yet.

Read these several times over as a kid Loved them

I reread these four books than any others as a kid I hadn t seen the Indiana Jones movies yet, so I didn t catch the plot elements borrowed from them I was enthralled by the archaeological dig locations, the mysterious secondary characters, the coolness of fourteen year old Jay and thirteen year old Lila as they traveled with their dad and survived all sorts of peril let s see snakes, scorpions, a scary old soothsayer, an earthquake, view spoiler oh, and don t forget the legions of demons from [...]

Waw The door in the Dragon s Throat was beautifully written My second shot at Frank s work and l found it very taut and engagingly entertaining.The book was not supposed to be funny but I laughed to a point that l was feeling embarrased, hugely because of the author s diction.The main actor of the book, Dr Cooper, an archaeologist and his well trained teenagers were invited to dig away and find what was locked behind a mysterious door hidden deep within a crater located in the vast wilderness of [...]

Review by Jill WilliamsonJay and Lila and their archaeologist father, Dr Cooper, enter the tombs of Anak in search of a missing coworker Instead, they stumble onto a village where the people follow a bizarre religion These Anakim people believe that Anak Ha Raphah is their god and will destroy them if he becomes angry And Dr Cooper s meddling in the tombs has angered the god But Dr Cooper is not afraid He must discover what became of his coworker and no false religion will stop him.Peretti is a [...]

I liked these when I was a young Christian child they brought an awesome mixture of adventure and intrigue the author is good about that In fact, I felt very Indiana Jones and archeological with this story both aspirations of that time , even if I remember nothing about them End

I read these as a kid and I literally read one a day I couldn t put them down It is filled with adventure I felt I was there each step of the way I like how their faith is mixed in through out as well.

I loved it as a preteen A great mix of fiction, faith, and adventure.

I read these when I was about 10yo I loved them

my favorite of the series.

there will always be one God in my heart that I will serve and worship

Excellent series for children It combines adventure, character building, and good ol christian values.

I absolutely loved these books as a child I have recently started reading Peretti s adult collection I hope I like them as much as I did these so many years ago.

Really good I read them when I was a teen or maybe older then re read them I have all 6 books There are some amazing Truths packaged in an exciting, action packed read.

Remembered these from when i was a kid Been meaning to read again.

It was a great series.

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