Royal Sisters: Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret

Royal Sisters: Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret #(2020)

Royal Sisters: Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret

Royal Sisters: Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret

  • Title: Royal Sisters: Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret
  • Author: Anne Edwards
  • ISBN: 9780688076627
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
Royal Sisters: Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret By Anne Edwards,


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I quite enjoyed this book I have fallen in love with the royals as many have recently with the beautiful Princess Kate joining Prince William and their adorable children Add to it the Netflix series The Crown and the truth behind the intrigue is undeniable Now, these were not my only reasons for being interested in the Royal Family, but they did prompt a desire to learn .Anne Edwards does a nice job of shifting the focus back and forth between the sisters for the majority of the book She becomes [...]

I ve read many biographies of the British Royal Family, the Windsors in particular, but never anything in depth about Margaret After being disappointed by the amount of artistic licence fictionalization there was in season 2 of The Crown, my interest in reading an accurate biography of Margaret was reawakened.I am so enthralled by this author, her books contain so much new information and this always surprises me based on the long list of books I ve already read Her book Matriarch about the life [...]

I enjoyed this book it s readable and well researched but doesn t get bogged down in too much detail She avoids the big trap of getting pulled into gossip.My big quibble, however, has to do with the misleading title It s not the story of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret it ends about 1956 and dismisses the rest of their lives in a few sentences What it really is, at least for the bulk of the book, is a comparison of the love stories between Elizabeth Philip and Margaret Peter Townsend Th [...]

The book was fine, but left me feeling that the author favored Margaret over Elizabeth While Elizabeth is depicted as sheltered, introverted and duty bound, Margaret is the beautiful one with theatrical talents and musical gifts While Elizabeth must study history and geography of the British Empire, Margaret is the intellect who memorizes and absorbs her sister s lessons in addition to her own When Elizabeth meets and falls in love with Philip, it is pictured less as a love match and as a polit [...]

This is a very sympathetic look at Elizabeth and Margaret Rose before and after the older sister became Queen Elizabeth II I found myself unexpectedly touched by the two love affairs at the center of the book Princess now Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, and Princess Margaret and the divorced commoner Peter Townsend A decorated RAF pilot, Capt Townsend was a genuine war hero It s shocking to me that he was considered not good enough for the Queen s younger sister This book was written in 1990, [...]

Insightful look into a young Princess Elizabeth and her younger sister, Princess Margaret This book was full of information and stories about us four, which in terms of a royal time period, this might be my favorite This book wasn t too gossipy and the notes were full of texts and other interesting information If you are a history buff or enjoy reading about The British Monarchy, this one is worth the read.

Really not a book about the sisters I was looking for a biography of Margaret, and this is a truncated biography of Elizabeth and her early life, with some details about Margaret thrown in Anne Edwards is a very good writer, but the scope of this is somewhat unbalanced.

An excellent book giving a detailed account of the lives of Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret The author relates how both of these women found love and their relationships with the men of their choosing Of course Elizabeth was able to marry hers and how Margaret was not allowed to marry hers.

Perfect for Crown watchersHighly enjoyable account of the Queen and Princess Margaret though I wish it had continued past the end of the Townsend affair and Prince Philip s return from his Pacific tour.

I was having The Crown withdrawal This hit the spot.

was such a good book kept you intrigued even though you know the history.

I loved this book It is historical and fascinating.

76 of 120 books pledged to read during 2017.

This is one of the best biographies I ve read Thoroughly researched, it covers the sisters lives from birth to 1990 when it was published There is no maudlin fawning nor lurid tattling The circumstances of the girls childhood, adolescence, and adulthood are fleshed out quite well The differences between the sisters, personally and status wise, are well illustrated Margaret, though the younger of the two, was smarter, prettier, outgoing and very talented entertainment wise Like her father, she w [...]

This book was pretty good not worth paying money for though I enjoyed the stories about queen Elizabeth s background and the attempt the author makes at trying to make the queen seem human This book makes me happy she is not my grandmother Good read But average I did also enjoy the scripts from the speeches in the back that was pretty nifty I also sympathized with princess Margaret there for a little while until you realize to her money was important then love

I enjoyed this book It was interesting reading about Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret s early days However, I would have liked to read about life after Queen Elizabeth II becoming Queen This book stopped before Princess Margaret married Anthony Armstrong Jones which I found odd because the book was written in 1990 This book shed some light on the abdication crisis.

An interesting look at the personalities of Queen Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret, as well as the rights and responsibilities of being part of the royal family Includes a nice collection of photographs of the sisters, their parents and extended family.

This is a book that Loves Queen Elizabeth and HRH Princess Margaret And the Queen Mother and King George VI

I love the closeness of the we four windsors This is a nice overview of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret s early lives.

Published in 1990, so not a thorough story certainly, but a very interesting early life of the future queen and her family.

Really enjoyed reading this book.

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