The King's Peace

The King's Peace #(2020)

The King's Peace

The King's Peace

  • Title: The King's Peace
  • Author: Jo Walton
  • ISBN: 9780765343277
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
The King's Peace By Jo Walton,

Sulian ap Gwien was seventeen when the Jarnish raiders came Had she been armed when they found her, she could have taken them all As it was, it took six of them to subdue her She will never forgive them Thus begins her story a story that will take her to Caer Tanaga, where King Urdo struggles to bind together the squabbling nobles and petty princes into a unified forceSulian ap Gwien was seventeen when the Jarnish raiders came Had she been armed when they found her, she could have taken them all As it was, it took six of them to subdue her She will never forgive them Thus begins her story a story that will take her to Caer Tanaga, where King Urdo struggles to bind together the squabbling nobles and petty princes into a unified force that will drive out the barbarians and restore the King s Peace.Ringing with the clash of arms, rich with high magic and everyday life, The King s Peace is an epic of great deeds and down to earth people, told in language with the strength and flexibility of sharpened steel.

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It took me a while to get into The King s Peace I knew from the first few chapters that it would be a slow burn Which is was, but I ended up loving it It s an alternate history think like Guy Gavriel Kay s A Song for Arbonne, I suppose the places and people are given different names, but all the same you can trace it back to real events in our history with touches of fantasy It explores the Arthurian mythology, without ever using those names e.g Arthur is Urdo, Guinevere is Elenn , and it explor [...]

After reading The Prize in the Game, I had really high hopes for Walton s debut novel Perhaps, too high I made it to page 286 416, before finally deciding to put the book down The writing was wordy, at times, clunky The plot jumped from one war to the next and was full of very flat characters Part way through, I searched online for a list of characters but to no avail I couldn t keep the characters his her relationships straight Perhaps, if they had been fully developed, it wouldn t have been s [...]

It does get rather dull the book covers sixteen years or so, most of which are spent on horseback traveling between places named Caer Something that I could never keep straight I liked the stuff about the horses, and how war horses differ from regular horses, and the breeding of horses, and how many horses it takes to support how many people, and so forth If military logistics don t interest you, or horses, the book won t hold much appeal.As a feminist version of Arthurian saga there are things [...]

I really, really liked this book However, I am reluctant to recommend it to anyone because it was NOT an easy read It is an alternative telling of the legend of King Arthur, complete with Welsh nomenclature, such as the term caer for identifying cities town, e.g Caer Sacramento, and the naming of people after their fathers with the ap form, e.g Glee ap Stanley Plus the story breaks several conventions with the traditional Arthurian lengends So for a long time reading the book, it felt just a lit [...]

Before I read this, I wouldn t have believed such an original take on Arthur was possible It s sort of an AU of Arthur called Urdo in this told by one of his knights, a woman this is where the AU part comes in the set up of the world has women and men equal, one of the many things I liked about it The world building proceeds logically from some really interesting premises, which are sprinkled through the story with an impressively light touch for a new writer, as Walton was when she wrote this I [...]

This was lousy I don t say that because it took a woman s view Read the excellent Paksarnarion books and you know that we can find women heroic figures The reason that this was such tripe was manifold And herein lie spoilers I had this on my to purchase list for a long time and regret that I spent the money for it now And that time of my life reading far too much of it Firstly our hero is raped in the first few pages That sets up the drama, right Well her rape is such that she will forgive the r [...]

Many, many times I thought I d put this book aside I didn t, I finished it but it s no Tooth and Claw or Among Others I hadn t read anything about this book before reading it, unusually for me I read it because it is by Jo Walton It took me a ridiculously long time to figure out that this is a retelling of Arthurian legend, sort of It s Arthurian legend with men and women doing the soldiering together Where being gay or lesbian isn t remarkable Where not marrying or not having children isn t the [...]

Like Paula Volsky s books especially Illusion this is a fantasy take, in another world, of historical events Kinda This is the first book in this trilogy, with a gorgeous cover by Julie Bell Oddly enough, though it s billed as a trilogy, the third book is actually a prequelJo Walton is the nicest lady, too I met her at the World Fantasy Convention in Mesa couple years ago and she and I sat down and had a nice long chat Every once in a while, my habit of picking books just because they have beaut [...]

I can agree with some of the other comments listed about the book A really enjoyable and subtle Arthurian fantasy style, done in a whole other world I also agree with some of the comments on it being clunky and jerky It basically covers about 15 years in the first book However, I personally did enjoy it I liked the strong woman main character and actually the fairly well balanced men and women equality through out.

This review originally appeared on my blog, Books Without Any Pictures bookswithoutanypictures 20Do you ever have one of those books that you just know you ll love, but they you start reading it and it seems to drag on and on without reason I was incredibly excited to read The King s Peace after reading Walton s ethereal and introspective novel Among Others seriously, if you haven t read it, go do so, this instant , about a child who discovers the worlds of classic science fiction and fantasy no [...]

The King s Peace is a novel set in an alternative Britain, where the events leading to Arthurian myths are playing out I m not sure if I am the ideal reader my knowledge of Arthurian stuff is limited to a few movies and TV shows Then again, perhaps the book is aimed exactly at people who aren t Arthur fanatics it transposes everything to a different world I m not sure why, but perhaps Jo Walton wanted creative freedom without getting historians and mythohistorians to come after her with torches [...]

If this hadn t been Walton s first novel, I m not sure how I d have felt about it She sees fit, in her notes, to say this is not our world, and this is not our history , but what it very clearly is is a retelling of the Arthurian legend with the names changed and not all of them changed very much.Well, that s not a bad thing I ve read a lot of Arthurian retellings over the years and this is as good as most, and better than many It just feels somehow dishonest to take one of the best known storie [...]

I see this is a novel that divides readers For myself, I loved it from about ten pages in, and that didn t change until I put it down in tears.I ve read a few Arthurian fantasies before, as well as various historical novels about the equivalent period, but this is the first that has really gripped me emotionally and intellectually to such an extent I ve spent the past few days engrossed in Sulien s world, and I want to dive straight into the next book but I won t and continue my immersion.Sulien [...]

Part of me liked what Walton was trying to do here, but I couldn t get into it I did appreciate the clash of cultures thinly veiled Roman Celtic Anglo Saxon interaction even though my knowledge of Arthurian legend is pretty sparse My biggest problems were that the main character wasn t very relatable, I couldn t keep track of the other characters, and it s hard to discern any over arching plot It reads kind of like this Sulien did this, and then she did that, and then she did another thing, and [...]

This was a OK read Better than some but not great It had so many characters coming and going that I had a hard time keeping up The war scenes were very well researched and were pretty good I had a hard time relating to most of Walton s characters because they were so flat Towards the end though, the characters were getting better I automaticly liked Rigg, Elen and Conal when they were introduced Some small bit of magic, lots of action and politics A different fantasy novel, based on war It s Wal [...]

Jo Walton has been my new favorite in the sci fi and fantasy world recently, but this book just didn t do it for me Let s face it, retelling Arthurian legends is nothing new in the fantasy world Walton changes names and incorporates interesting elements of Welsh mythology, but it basically is the same old story Even so, I probably would have finished it if it hadn t been for the main character She seemed to be lifted straight from Elizabeth Moon s The Deed of Paksenarrion and though I didn t lik [...]

A hard slog takes itself too seriously I believed in Tir Tanagiri all right, but it was like swimming through half set jello to read Jo Walton s recent novels of speculative fiction are excellent.

Entertaining retelling of the King Arthur myth with excellent characterization and wonderful story telling.

Not my cup of tea I couldn t relate to Sulien just couldn t care about the story.

An alternative take on the Arthurian mythos starring warrior woman But very slow paced So slow paced I was surprised to discover it was published in 2000 I d have placed it at least a decade earlier There is plenty of archaic, formal language and ancient naming conventions It reminds me a little of The Shining Company by Rosemary Sutcliff novel inspired by Y Gododdin.I appreciated a story where having women in combat was common and there were offhand references to random scout being female I lik [...]

Just couldn t get into this one Not sure why but I didn t get past the first few chapters.

This is ok, but I didn t love it It s a re telling of the Arthurian legend, but not my favourite retelling.

I read this when it first came out, and not again until just now I remembered liking it, in a mild way, and was not prepared for how good it is It does not rise to art, but it is a good novel, a good story, a very well built and interesting world with interesting characters who are not perfect nor too flawed to be likeable It is a book I will be glad to give my daughter when she is old enough for the darker moments and ready to talk about the complexities.One thing I did think is that there is a [...]

3.5 for a delightful but uneven read.The King s Peace is a retelling of Arthurian legend that blends the historical and the mythic in a very pleasing way I don t read much Arthurian fiction, but I feel this book is a meaningful contribution to a crowded field Walton sets her story in an imagined world but performs impressive slight of hand to infuse a setting inspired by post Roman Britain with the elements we expect from Arthurian legend castles, knights, magic, and Arthur as ethical monarch As [...]

I will agree with the reviewers who say that the novel s treatment of rape is problematic first, because while it s refreshing to spend time with a female protagonist who has absolutely no interest in sex, it s regrettable to see her asexuality portrayed as a pathology result of rape rather than a personality trait second, because generally rapists don t learn better and redeem themselves This I disliked In addition, the writing style took a lot of getting used to The prose is dry almost to the [...]

This and its sequel, The King s Name, are an excellent reworking of the Matter of Britain i.e King Arthur and all that set in a different world from ours I use the word reworking rather than retelling simply because the books aren t a straight retelling of the Arthurian legends the world is different largely in that magic and the gods are real , and although there are certainly parallels, the events and characters are sufficiently different to make this than a retelling The narrator is Sulien a [...]

Dit is echt zo n boek waarvan je meer en meer begint te genieten naarmate je verder leest De manier van schrijven past op de een of andere manier ook heel goed bij de toon van het verhaal Daarnaast heb ik ook een paar keer moeten lachen luidop en de kameraadschap in dit boek is werkelijk zalig Ook kon ik de sporadische vooruitblikken wel appreci ren de hoofdpersoon blikt als oude vrouw terug op haar leven Het was wel moeilijk de vele plaatsen en personages bij te houden, afgezien van de belangri [...]

I am slowly but surely making my way through all of Jo Walton s books, because that is the kind of person that I am The King s Peace was a strange mix I totally get the criticism that people have written already about how nothing happens Because often, it FEELS like nothing is happening But at the same time, I couldn t stop reading the entire time I had the book because I needed to know WHAT HAPPENED NEXT An interesting paradox.I think that this book really drove home the way that Walton s writi [...]

Good Lord, she is a wonderful writer I m 80 something pages in and just reveling in the sheer deliciousness of the words This is some first novel and having read her most recent I m not surprised Despite the topic, it s not all breathless action Walton isn t the one you turn to for that But for gorgeously crafted immersion Oh yes please And as for finding such new depths in the Arthurian arc Wowsers Read it OK, now I ve finished it It took me a long time, because sometimes it was delicious and s [...]

This is a very subtly Arthurian fantasy by which I mean it has some ties to the Arthurian legend, but is mostly just influenced by it It s an epic saga of an imagined British history, and I think unless you were captured by the main character it would be a bit of a chore But Sulien, the main character, is wonderful from the beginning of the book where she is brutally raped by raiders, to her progression to a warrier for King Urdo our Arthur equivalent , fighting to maintain the great peace that [...]

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