Computer Lib; Dream Machines

Computer Lib; Dream Machines #(2020)

Computer Lib; Dream Machines

Computer Lib; Dream Machines

  • Title: Computer Lib; Dream Machines
  • Author: Theodore H. Nelson
  • ISBN: 9780914845492
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
Computer Lib; Dream Machines By Theodore H. Nelson,


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After borrowing the title of my latest book, Intertwingled, from one of the many neologisms in this brilliant manifesto by Ted Nelson, I knew I had to own a copy So I bought a used First Edition It wasn t cheap But it s filled with all sorts of fascinating ideas and inspirations And I love the sprawling magazine layout and two books in one design Computer Lib Dream Machines is are a wonderful, refreshing book s that could never be contained in a Kindle.

There are two books here, very dated but fascinating nonetheless The first book, Computer Lib, is about computers in general, as they were in 1972 74 or so Computers were becoming generally known to the public, and and widely used in all kinds of business and academia.Flip the book upside down to the back, and you get Dream Machines a look at the most clever computer based and computer related technologies of the day.This book was the first popular book for the general public about computers a [...]

Ted Nelson is, in my opinion, the most influential systems thinker of the past 60 years.

Part drawings, part writing, all inspiring Nelson s ideas about the structure of computing and information systems challenged people when it was published and, in my opinion, still does today Nelson is the Marshal McLuhan of computing in terms of insight and influence on their respective fields.Suffice it to say, when I was stuck on a paper in grad school, I would pick up my copy of Computer Lib Dream Machines and flip to just about any page and immediately crack through my writer s block.I have [...]

Fascinating glimpse to the future in a highly readable and thoroughly entertaining book As well as original text from 1974 there s extra text written for the 1987 version, updating on what has changed since 1974 Wish I d read this years ago I can easily see why it became a cult classic among the hackers programmers when first published.

Batsh t insane But in a good way.

This is not a book, it is an experience This book and its author were and still are visionary I thoroughly enjoyed the format of pictures, notes, and text in a dual book front and back Reading the original format of the book s is to step into a time machine that simultaneously goes backward and forward whirling through a rush of sometimes crazy, often times brilliant enormous thoughts siphoned straight from the mind of Nelson The ideas and concepts in this pre PC book influenced and shaped compu [...]

Computer Lib Dream Machines contains a treasure trove of information about the pre PC world of computing which is both fascinatingly alien and eerily familiar Nelson exclaims You can and must understand computers NOW , warning its readers that computers are a tool that can work for you if you understand them, and against you if you don t It s a must read for any computer nerd.

Tough to rate these days Only my second read through since I grabbed the 87 revision when it was new on the shelf Mostly of historical interest, but still some really cool stuff to think about There s a PDF scan of the original 1974 edition out there, but I haven t found the later one and the cheapest copy is 80 on

I stumbled across Computer Lib when I would hunt for alternative zines I must have read it 5 times because I immediately realized what a treasure this book is This is one of my treasures.

Presages the advent of the World Wide Web.

For it s time, this was absolutely incredible I imagine the first edition is now worth a tidy some of cash if you re lucky enough to have one.

Mostly skimmed, quite dated Must have been an interesting read in the decade it was published.

Started me on the path.Humanist vision of computers and their potential Bridged the gap from Vannevar Bush to modern computing Taught me to love things I hadn t met yet.


hey book

This is the book that really started the microcomputer revolution the ideas Ted Nelson presents can be considered as precursors of the internet as well.

Ted Nelson invented the term hypertext , and we still do not have a system as good as Xanadu.Probably we never will.

Don t feel it s relevant.

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