The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.

The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B. #(2020)

The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.

The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.

  • Title: The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.
  • Author: Sandra Gulland
  • ISBN: 9781615547364
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B. By Sandra Gulland,

Since completing high school history, few of us have managed to keep straight the details of the French Revolution Beyond suggestions of eating cake and the effectiveness of the guillotine, this sordid time period has remained for many somewhat obscure Now, through the novel The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B not only do we learn of the many differencesSince completing high school history, few of us have managed to keep straight the details of the French Revolution Beyond suggestions of eating cake and the effectiveness of the guillotine, this sordid time period has remained for many somewhat obscure Now, through the novel The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B not only do we learn of the many differences between Robespierre and Rousseau, but we gain insight into the marriage of one of history s greatest political couples Napoleon and Josephine Standing beside the charismatic Napoleon, Josephine s own importance and fascinating history have often been overshadowed In a fictionalized account of Josephine s diaries and her correspondence, author Sandra Gulland has shed light on Josephine s pre Napoleon life This, the first of three books about Josephine, covers her childhood in Martinique, her first marriage, the birth of her children, her life during the revolution, and her marriage to Napoleon A poor Creole outsider as well as a rising socialite, Josephine experienced both the horrors of imprisonment and the privilege of connections Utilizing these different perspectives, Gulland takes special care to bring forth the reality of life in late 18th century France Though she can only theorize on Josephine s emotions and desires, Gulland s talented writing and the restrained use of footnotes keep the reader properly informed on pertinent details, whether they be obscure political events or voodoo beliefs While professional historians may bristle at the artistic license Gulland employs, most readers will find her novel a satisfying and engaging introduction to this dramatic period Nancy R.E O Brien

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History is Fiction RobespierreThis entire book was written in epistolary format, which does not always work for me In fact I think I may have read this a great deal sooner had my daughter not told me that the story unfolded as diary entries That would have been my loss as the writing here is sublime Every sentence just flows into the next and I feel as though I am a fly on the wall looking over Josephine s shoulder as she writes To be accurate though I cannot yet call her Josephine I met her fir [...]

4.5 stars, just a smidgen under a 5 perfection The form of diary and letters with footnotes was superb It worked for me far than other fiction narrative forms Rose s writing is indicative of her character, her core, so intensely that it gave a window in itself.But the eyes were the substance here This is history and circumstance as it was seen, not as it was later or further interpreted And I don t need a middle man to interpret history for me First source material is the thing The absolute hea [...]

This was a beautifully crafted book Written in the voice of Josephine after nearly a decade of research by the author, it is intensely captivating and is one of my all time favorite books along with the two that follow it in the trilogy If you re a sucker for historical fiction it is an absolute MUST read.

This purports to be the diary of Josephine Bonaparte from the time she was a fourteen year old plantation owner s daughter in Martinique in 1777 to her marriage to Napoleon in 1796 That s its weakness and it s strength The weakness, I think, being that diary format There are novels told in diary form that I ve found moving and riveting Bridget Jones s Diary, Flowers for Algernon, and even, believe it or not, a Buffy novel, Go Ask Malice I think what all of them have in common are very strong voi [...]

Gulland certainly goes under the petticoats of this pivotal period in history, the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era, to provide a day by day commentary of events as they unfolded, narrated by the enigmatic but charismatic Rose, aka Josephine, as named by her second husband.Born in Martinique off Creole heritage and married off to French aristocrat Alexandre de Beauharnais as a replacement to his original choice of her younger sister Catherine who died suddenly and conveniently , Rose cha [...]

image error It s a little embarrassing to review a book I wrote, but I will say this First Readers have been over the moon about Jos phine.Second This e book edition is the first of my e book publishing enterprise, Sandra Gulland INK, and I m very proud of it I read e books a lot, and I often find myself grumbling at the poor design and layout For example, shouldn t a book always open at the cover In the absence of a jacket cover, we need the information that we would normally find there what th [...]

I found this a very exciting smooth read and after every session looked forward to coming back for Takes is from Josephine aka Roses Tascher s childhood on the Caribbean island of Martinique through her troubles marriage to Alexandre De Beuharnais and pre Revolutionary France, the French Revolution and the horrors of the Reign of Terror in which the protagonist husband is executed and she herself escapes execution only by Robespierre s death and the Thermidore coup.Follows on with sharp insight [...]

I had a lot of issues with this story While I found the beginning engaging, the story didn t make much sense starting about a third of the way through Her husband tells her she needs to work on her writing skills, yet the novel is in diary form so the reader can see for herself whether her writing needs improvement And, of course, it doesn t Her writing also doesn t change at all as she gets older and experienced Same verse, same insight Since the author chose to use a diary format, she needs t [...]

NO SPOILERSI have thoroughly enjoyed this book, the first of Sandra Gulland s trilogy concerning Josephine Bonaparte I have completed ALL three books of the trilogy I think it is very important to read them as one book For that reason I will write one review and let it stand for all three books I think it is wrong to evaluate them differently All three were marvelous Why Well because youu got under the skin of Josephine, who in fact was called Rose until Napolean decided to change her name Well, [...]

I fell in love when I read this book Josephine, yes, Napoleon s Josephine became my bff Written in diary form, this book is an intimate portrait of a woman, who happened to live and be a part of interesting times When I started the book, I didn t know the players, and have since researched them all Guilland writes of a real flesh and blood woman, used, abused, honored and ultimately tossed aside I cried knowing the outcome, but Guilland writes to the heart A wonderful read, I zoomed through all [...]

Ah finally A book that I could just sink my teeth into and enjoy wholeheartedly This is the first book of a trilogy about Josephine B as in Bonaparte I knew absolutely nothing about her background, but only as a famous appendage of Napoleon, as in Romeo and Juliet Although the book is fiction, it is heavily research with some footnotes What I love is knowing that it s heavily based on fact, but that the research doesn t seep through into the story Josephine, whose original name of Rose was chang [...]

C est magnifique

An interesting, fun and fast read.

This novel is written as if it was the secret diary of Rose de Beauharnias, the young woman who would become known to history as Empress Jos phine, wife of Napoleon It begins when Rose was a young girl living with her family on the island of Martinique, and she is told a strange prophecy by a native fortune teller You will be unhappily wed You will be widowed You will be Queen The novel then follows Rose s life as she moves to France, is married to a French nobleman who ends up being guillotined [...]

I would have never chosen this book on my own My boss recommended it and I started reading slowly at first This week I ve stayed up every night until at least 2 00 a.m reading it It s not an easy read since it s in diary form I find that challenging for some reason and some words are in French names locations and slang mostly I took two years of French in high school but I don t recall much at all It s a historical fiction, of which I haven t read many I loved it though It makes me want to go b [...]

I reallllly liked it It moved very quickly and was sad, fun, informative Excited to keep reading the series Napoleon seems like quite a character Rose Josephine has real emotions most women can relate to Gulland did a great job describing the chaos of the French Revolution and the impact it had on the French Life in prison was painful to read Anyway, I loved it the I think about it.

I ve been meaning to read this novel, by fellow Killaloe ian, for awhile now It s a time in history French Revolution I hadn t realised I d wanted to learn about The book is well written and researched and Josephine Rose s story is an interesting one I recommend

Captivating, wonderful I can t say it better than the cover blurb from the Edmonton Journal It is that rare thing a smart book you can read as compulsively as a beach blanket thriller My experience EXACTLY.Truly a great writing accomplishment.

The first book of this trilogy A excellent research work by Sandra Gulland which cannot be missed.

This was an interesting read and I learned a lot about the woman who would become Josephine Bonaparte that I did not know I don t know that it will ever be a book that I revisit since I find the details of the French Revolution to be horrific Stories that engage my attention often stay with me for days after I finish them and affect my mood for either good or ill While parts of this tale are pleasant and all of it is informative, some was very upsetting because it is based on factual events and [...]

Recommended by my granddaughter this is an excellent story set in Revolutionary Paris The details esp of ladies fashion were amazing great research here I shall look forward to the other two books in the trilogy Thanks Carrie.

This trilogy is incredible I read these sometime around 2003, and they ll be well worth another read at some point

OK This is Josephine Bonaparte we re talking about the shocking woman who pushed the waistline of her dresses up so she could appear longer in public pregnant or so I have in my head The wife of the Emperor of the World The French Revolution The sugar plantations of the Caribbean How on earth could this book turn out so dull It was dull So dull, in fact, that I have to get up and reheat a leftover Chipotle carnitas taco right now I can t stand thinking about this book.OK.I received the entire tr [...]

Beautifully crafted, with characters almost stepping off the page, THE MANY LIVES AND SECRET SORROWS OF JOSEPHINE B is an extremely satisfying re creation of the early life of Josephine Bonaparte Written as a personal journal, Sandra Gulland s prose engages the reader from first page to last, bringing to life her main character Rose , better known to history as Josephine, the first wife of Napoleon.Rose begins her story as a fourteen year old, on the brink of her journey to adulthood Born into a [...]

This is about the story of Josephine Bonaparte from the time of her childhood to the time she meets and marries Napoleon Bonaparte She is born in Martinique, named Marie Joseph Rose de Tasher de la Pagerie and called Rose She travels to France to marry Alexandre Beauharnais, bears him two children and they quickly become estranged Although Rose survives the terror, Alexandre does not Politics rule Rose s young life as she watches government tumble and change over and over She is imprisoned along [...]

Continuing on my historical fiction jag, I picked this up because it was recommended in the Complete Idiot s Guide to the Ultimate Reading List This was a quick read due to the diary form And I was fascinated and horrified by the background of the Reign of Terror which makes for good strings afterwards I did not realize this was the first of a trilogy and was surprised that 3 4 of the way through the book we had not even met Napolean yet I liked the book enough that I am looking forward to the n [...]

The Many Lives Secret Sorrows of Josephine B by Sandra Gulland is an historical fiction novel with for me a bit of a twist It is written in diary form At first I wasn t sure about reading a journal I thought it would feel disjointed, I was wrong The journal hits all of the highs and lows The feel is even real given that Ms Gulland uses not just the dates and places where the entries were written, but also times of day in some cases and partial entire letters written to Rose She was known as Ros [...]

I love historical fiction when the heroine is truly compelling and the pace is not too slow This, the first in the trilogy, was exactly that Quick paced, passionate, and compelling I immediately loved Rosed felt and inspired by her as the story went on Some of the betrayal and pain she has to go through is really maddening because you really feel she deserves so much better She makes choices I did not even think it was possible for women to make at that time.a real heroine It lost one star bec [...]

I read and enjoyed Gulland s Mistress of the Sun last year This one, the first of a trilogy about Josephine Bonaparte, was also a pleasure Once in awhile I enjoy reading a novel that is not too demanding, a sort of light entertainment Not that the themes of Josephine s life are light, by any means the loss of family members in childhood a loveless arranged first marriage imprisonment, execution of her husband and barely escaping the guillotine herself, crippling debt, and single motherhood in Pa [...]

I really enjoyed this story I m already looking forward to the next one.Sanrda Gulland takes you seamlessly through the many different stages of Rose s Josephine s life From her Creole upbringing to her marriage to a French rebel to her imprisonment to her introduction to the sallow and ungainly, yet determined Napoleon Bonaparte It was a thrilling story I have never seen the French Revolution from any point of view besides the King and Queen.The only thing that keeps the story from being 5 star [...]

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