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Brain Jack

Brain Jack

  • Title: Brain Jack
  • Author: Brian Falkner
  • ISBN: 9780375843662
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
Brain Jack By Brian Falkner,

Another terrifying sci fi page turner from the author of The Tomorrow Code Las Vegas is gone destroyed in a terrorist attack Black Hawk helicopters patrol the skies over New York City And immersive online gaming is the most dangerous street drug around In this dystopic near future, technology has leapt forward once again, and neuro headsets have replaced computer keyboaAnother terrifying sci fi page turner from the author of The Tomorrow Code Las Vegas is gone destroyed in a terrorist attack Black Hawk helicopters patrol the skies over New York City And immersive online gaming is the most dangerous street drug around In this dystopic near future, technology has leapt forward once again, and neuro headsets have replaced computer keyboards Just slip on a headset, and it s the Internet at the speed of thought.For teen hacker Sam Wilson, a headset is a must But as he becomes familiar with the new technology, he has a terrifying realization If anything on his computer is vulnerable to a hack, what happens when his mind is linked to the system Could consciousness itself be hijacked Before he realizes what s happened, Sam s incursion against the world s largest telecommunications company leads him to the heart of the nation s cyberdefense network and brings him face to face with a terrifying and unforeseen threat.Brian Falkner, author of The Tomorrow Code, has created an action packed and thought provoking science fiction adventure in which a brilliant young computer hacker fights to prevent the human race from being deleted.Fans of Cory Doctorow s Little Brother and M T Anderson s Feed will love this high octane techno thriller.

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Ha, ha I checked this book out of the public library, so the warnings at the front of the book about how hackers can find out everything about me in ten minutes from my purchase of the book and get into my computer are groundless Well, until now, since I ve posted this And since I spent Christmas morning removing a Security Sheild virus from my computer, I m willing to take this chilling tale to heart Sam spends a little too much time on computers, and draws the attention of the Homeland Securit [...]

Compelling theme but slightly awkward execution That s how I d summarize this one The premise is clever, if a bit overt in the wish fulfillment department at some points, and a few plot twists are genuinely unexpected But the writing is too abrupt and the transitions are too choppy usually when the author incorporates technical explanations , so the story doesn t flow well The introduction and the epilogue are a little too cutesy And the main thrust of the plot going up against a massive collect [...]

The future of computers has arrived The neuro headset allows you to operate computers as fast as you can think But what happens when you link millions of minds to the most powerful network in the world Could the human subconcious control itself Could it create without realizing Could it destroy Sam is about to find out Sam is just the averrage computer trying to get some free stuff But when he pulls off the biggest hack in the country and shuts down half of the country, the government takes noti [...]

Why do I keep reading that this book is for boys between the ages of 12 15 I m a girl and I m almost seventeen, and I loved every second of it Maybe I have an uncommon taste in books for my age, but my point is, this book is very versatile and can interest many people from different age groups Brain Jack is a science fiction book written by Brian Falkner, one of my favorite authors This book talks about computers, hacks, and everything high tech In the book as an introduction, the author talks a [...]

When I started to read this book, I thought it would involve mental web surfing, running from the law, and a single boy with amazing technology I was wrong on the first and third predictions What I found was much better than I thought The point of the story was clear, and the chapters flowed into each other smoothly I loved how the author was able to throw in characters and to make them fit perfectly into the situation I was relieved to find that there wasn t too much computer code talk going on [...]

I liked this very fast paced cyber thriller It was compulsive readable As you might expect, it is plot driven high octane action, but it also addresses some important themes related to technology our dependence upon technology in today s society addiction to some aspects of technology gaming and virtual reality loss of privacy and sacrificing independence for the convenience offered by technology You know, that old man vs computer thing.I puzzled a bit about the ending Sam essentially assumes th [...]

12 13 12 Just click on View Spoiler view spoiler I recently finished Brian Falkner s Brain Jack is about a high school senior named Sam who just happens to be one of the world s best hackers I think this book is a little world building,but not really, because it makes use of events that never actually happened This book is pretty fast paced as Falkner goes into detail about the various ways to hack all these networks that never really existed So Sam hacks into a network and then gets caught An o [...]

Perhaps if I hadn t been discussing rape culture before I sat down to read the bulk of this book I would ve enjoyed it as it is I feel I m being generous with my stars, because I really didn t enjoy it Apparently it isn t just Americans who re susceptible to tokenism The three female characters get minimal screen time and serve to illustrate how much competent the male characters are, and don t get me started on how very white the rest of the cast is Also can anybody tell me what happened to K [...]

Sam Wilson s a hacker, and in an attempt to hack into the premier convention of hackers, he hacks into the White House and lands himself a job Top secret, although he likes his new hacker buddies He s got a sweet pad, money than he knows what to do with, and all he has to do is keep hackers out of the government systems The easy life comes to an end when the government is hacked, and it seems to be an inside job Now he doesn t know who to trust or if he can stop them.There was a lot of jargon i [...]

4.5 stars I picked up this book as a quick, not really that interested read I didn t think I would like it very much.For the first part of the book, I was right It was a little hard to get into, and I couldn t really relate to some of the characters.But by the time I was halfway through, I started to really enjoy the book It was confusing, yes, but that s probably only because computers aren t really my thing It s well written and chock full of suspense, along with great descriptions of how Sam [...]

Sam Wilson wanted to become a great hacker But he has realized that he has to learn to get better One day he goes with his best friend Fargas to a event called Neoh ck which is a convention for hackers During the convention, Sam overhears a conversation about another event, in the White House, for the best hackers So when Sam gets back home, he tries to hack into the White House server Then 10 minutes later FBI agents knock on his front door to arrest him He gets sent to a Juvenile detention ce [...]

Personal Response I enjoyed reading Brain Jack by Brian Falkner, because I related to the book as I also like computers and technology I also enjoy reading books like this one where the author switches between each character to narrate or follow what they are doing After reading this one book by him, I plan on reading many of his books.Plot Sam is like any normal teenage boy, except he is a hacking genius Using his skills, he and his best friend decide to hack into a technology corporation, so [...]

If you re into science fiction, action, and a page turner Brain Jack by Brian F would be just for you It s an action packed story taking place when a virus takes over all the servers in Las Vegas The main character, Sam, has to hack his way into the virus and save the day What I liked about this book is, if an older person were to read it They kind of wouldn t understand much of what was going on It has a very high tech vocabulary through out the book The story kin of kept me guessing like, who [...]

such an interesting story I loved it

Brain Jack is a highly interesting and unique book that takes a look at what the internet could possibly become with the combined power of every brain of Earth The story follows a boy named Sam who has a massive interest in everything computer After working a big hack job to get one of the new Neuro Headsets, Sam is tracked down and located by the Cyber Defense Division as they wish for him to work for the USA The book go s on and eventually the neuro headsets become a massive problem as they se [...]

This was a really original take on an apocalyptic dystopian novel but I was not all that impressed There were several times throughout the book that I felt that something was not explained properly and so I wandered around confused because I could not pinpoint exactly where my confusion came from so I could not go back and reread a specific part I felt that some of the characters were not needed and this was just annoying Sam s best friend should have either not been involved or should have been [...]

On Friday, on his way to school, Sam Wilson brought the United States of America to its knees Is that a killer way to start a story or what Set in the near future, where Las Vegas is a smoking nuclear wasteland thanks to terrorists, and online gaming has become so addictive that people actually die from it, technology is everything 17 year old Sam starts out just trying to get some extremely expensive laptops and neuro headsets from a massive US corporation that can t possible miss the money and [...]

I found Brainjack to be a really interesting read The beginning of the book had me hooked and I wanted to read it a lot because I really liked it and was really interested in what happened.I love mysteries and I really wanted to know who was the cyber terrorists etc Once I found out though I kind of struggled through the rest of the book It was about three quarters of the way through but I just found the ending to be quite slow going.Brainjack was set in the future but we re not given a year at [...]

I have currently been reading Brain Jack by Brain Falkner it is the best book ever The main character is Sam one reason I like him is he always knows what to do Like the part where the phantom takes over Dodge he is the leader of an hacking team then Kiwi comes in and sees Dodge under the phantoms spell and Sam running away I thought it was smart to run away while Kiwi was looking away The author describes setting really good one part I know is when Sam is on an airplane to go to New York the au [...]

Revolves around the concept of neuro technology computers plugged directly into your brain and how it affects people s thoughts and actions Very cool concept and unique, near futuristic story with a suspenseful plot.I would have like to have seen character development along with the intense thriller aspects Story moved quickly but I didn t feel particularly linked with anyone, not even the main character It started out with a lot internal thought, but as the story progressed, those kinda died [...]

Brain Jack by Brian Falkner displays an intriguing plot with brilliant language The engaged reader will find themselves wanting to carry on in this exciting adventure Combining realistic characters with a semi fictional plot, Falkner is able to create something few writers are capable of However, be careful to avoid being sucked into the vortex of computer hacking that this book creates too much, or you may find yourself in the same position as some characters in the novel.

So far very exciting Only problem is topical tech references, guitar hero, blurays etc for a future book kind of pulled me out a little.At end, a tense exciting thriller with 3 minor issues 1 Topical references as mentioned earlier 2 Bouts of incomprehensible jargon 3 A weightless and anticlimactic ending Good though from beginning to end.

I think that this was a very interesting book and well dipected what will become of society in the future I think that this book is very similar to George Orwell s 1984 because they both invlove an invasion of privacy due to advancments in technology.

I did not think I would like this techno thriller type of book, but I devoured it There is enough action away from the computers to hold the readers attention and just enough character development to make the book interesting.

Great short read Perfect for teens that are interested in technology It s packed with action and mystery Definitely worth the 20

I really liked this book What i most like is how the author included all this information on computers and how they did it I may have not understood half of it but i think it is a really good book.

real good

The story begins with 17 year old Sam and his friend Fargas hacking into Telecomerica, a large technology company, to get some of the latest tech which includes a neuroheadset They seem to get away with the hack, but Sam keeps feeling watched They then go to a hacker s convention where the receive a tip that reveals that the real convention is taking place online in the White House Sam hacks his way in and is caught, landing himself in juvie while awaiting trial Scared that he is facing terroris [...]

9 July 2010 BRAIN JACK by Brian Falkner, Random House, September 2010, 368p ISBN 978 0 375 84366 2 Libr ISBN 978 0 375 93924 2 Last month, the standards editor at The New York Times wrote a memo that shocked shocked bloggers everywhere He asked Times writers to avoid using the word tweet as in, to say something on Twitter We don t want to seem Paleolithic, he wrote But we favor established usage and ordinary words over the latest jargon or buzzwords That the Internet s reaction was so swift and [...]

Brain Jack by author Brian Falkner is a sci fi thriller that takes place in a dystopic future like world In this technologically advanced world, Las Vegas has been decimated by a terrorist attack and black hawk helicopters patrol the skies above New York City The most dangerous drug in this reality, is immersive online gaming For the teenage hacker, Sam Wilson, a neuro headset is a need not a want Neuro headsets connect your mind with the internet so you can control it with just a thought Sam, w [...]

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