Annexed #(2020)



  • Title: Annexed
  • Author: Sharon Dogar
  • ISBN: 9781849391245
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Hardcover
Annexed By Sharon Dogar,

Everyone knows about Anne Frank, and her life hidden in the secret annexe or do they Peter van Pels and his family are locked away with the Franks too, and Peter sees it all differently What is it like to be forced into hiding with Anne Frank, to hate her and then find yourself falling in love with her To know you re being written about in her diary, day after day WhaEveryone knows about Anne Frank, and her life hidden in the secret annexe or do they Peter van Pels and his family are locked away with the Franks too, and Peter sees it all differently What is it like to be forced into hiding with Anne Frank, to hate her and then find yourself falling in love with her To know you re being written about in her diary, day after day What s it like to sit and wait and watch whilst others die, and you wish you were fighting Anne s diary ends on August 4 1944, but Peter s story takes us on, beyond their betrayal and into the Nazi death camps He details with accuracy, clarity and compassion, the reality of day to day survival in Auschwitz and the terrible conclusion.

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I m not sure how to review a book like this It is an absolutely brilliant book, but certainly not one I can claim to have enjoyed Who could enjoy such a story That being said, I consider it one of the best books I have ever read It is a moving testimony to bravery, pain, suffering and hope The Holocaust is not a time in history that we want to remember, but it is a time that we cannot let be forgotten Books like this serve as a reminder of the lowest of humanitybut also the highest One cannot ca [...]

I ll start with a disclaimer I think I was in entirely the wrong frame of mind while reading this book, so in the interest of fairness, some of my issues with it might very well be just my issues.That said, I think this was a failed attempt to add something that The Diary of a Young Girl was never missing Part of the impact of reading Anne s diary is that we don t get to meet the other people hiding in the Annex other than through her eyes They were systematically murdered during the most horrif [...]

Se h tem tica que gosto muito de ler o holocausto O di rio de Anne Frank um dos meus livros favoritos e mudou a minha vida para sempre, O Longo Inverno de Ruta Sepetys e O Rapaz do Pijama s Riscas idem aspas aspas e mal vi a sinopse de No Anexo de Sharon Dogar, sabia que iria enventualmente querer ler aquele livro E sabia que iria gostar e como raramente os meus gostos me enganam, posso dizer que adorei ler este livro Este livro n o totalmente real, sendo ficcional alguns detalhes, mas nem o fac [...]

Annexed was a bold undertaking Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl is a pretty sacred Holocaust memoir To explore Peter s point of view in a novel constitutes a huge literary risk On some levels, it paid off But, as you ll notice throughout this review, this book raised a lot of questions for me.The novel introduces Liese, Peter s fictional first girlfriend and a personification of his sexual awakening He longs for her while trapped in the annex, and the narrative does not shy away from some of [...]

This book is possibly the most intense book I have read that wasn t required reading for school I admire and appreciate the writing and the author s knowledge of the subject, but I can t say that this book was for me.I would like to address two of the criticisms of the book that I ve seen in the media First, some feel that the author shouldn t have touched Anne s story I don t agree with this at all The book respectfully takes another angle on Anne s story and shows her in a different light To m [...]

Adorei completamente este livro Nas primeiras p ginas, o Peter s me dava raiva porque s andava com as hormonas aos saltos L est tipico da adolesc ncia o livro deu uma reviravolta imensa e fiquei completamente rendida Recomendo vivamente para quem gostar de livros com a tem tica do holocausto.

Sharon Dogar al m de escritora, com tr s obras da sua autoria dirigidas a jovens adultos publicadas, psicoterapeuta de crian as Teve a possibilidade de ler O Di rio de Anne Frank quando pequena e mais tarde atrav s da sua filha, que lhe recordou que v rios eram os aspectos que tinham ficado em aberto no di rio desta menina, especialmente no que dizia respeito a Peter, que compartilhou os dias com ela no anexo em que estavam escondidos.Nunca tive a possibilidade de ler O Di rio de Anne Frank Como [...]

Maybe i m ashamed because it s hard not to feel ashamed, when just being born is something you can be killed for I ve never read Anne Frank s Diary, but knowing that this book is based on people who actually existed and suffered so much is really awful.Reading about the WWII is absolutly nerve wracking and deeply sorrowing, but it is also important once it reminds us of what may happen when we think that we are superior to others and because of that we freely discriminate and look down against t [...]

Were you assigned Diary of A Young Girl in school If not, I am willing to bet you know who Anne Frank was and all about the annex We all know Anne s ultimate fate,but it doesn t make her diary any less touching Knowing the ending doesn t detract from the emotional impact.Read the rest of my review here

A minha opini o em v deo youtube watch v _7K5nUm livro que me surpreendeu totalmente, n o pela hist ria, mas sim, pela originalidade da maneira que foi escrito e apresentado ao leitor.Que boa surpresa

I liked this account from Peter s perspective of their time in the Annex It was really eye opening, and probably true those hours of boringness, yet those seconds of complete terror that make you long for the boringness once I like how Peter even still loved Leise, right through it all, and that he couldn t forget her I kind of feel like he didn t regret what he didn t do enough, but what could he have done I can t even begin to imagine the hardship and struggle the Jews went through in the con [...]

Para mim, este livro tem pontos a favor e contra.A favor tem o tema, porque nunca se escrever demais sobre o holocausto.Gostei da personagem principal, e de assistir ao seu enamoramento por Anne, como uma forma de manter a esperan a e o sonho de sobreviver.Gostei da parte final muito comovente e quase po tica.N o gostei da t cnica de escrita, com frases demasiado curtas Trata se de um romance, n o de um telegrama.Detestei a repeti o permanente da frase Assinto com a cabe a H uma p gina em que es [...]

Sharon Dogar s ANNEXED is an interpretive imagining of Peter van Pels, the sixteen year old boy whose family hides with the Frank family and Fritz Pfeffer in a secret annex for two years during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands This fictional account covers the years spent in the annex and his final months spent at Auschwitz and Mauthausen.With its publication date months away, ANNEXED has received criticism from both the press and blogs for adding a fictionalized sexual dimension to the st [...]

1,5 estrelasNo Anexo traz nos a hist ria de Peter van Pels e est dividido em duas partes a primeira uma esp cie de Di rio de Anne Frank, mas segundo o POV do Peter e a segunda parte o relato da sua estadia num campo de concentra o nazi Esta uma hist ria ficcional , baseada em acontecimentos ver dicos esse facto mencionado logo no Pr logo, o que ptimo pois n o induz ningu m em erro E agora vem a parte em que sou insens vel n o gostei do livro certo que baseado em factos reais, que as personagens [...]

My test of a good book is the one that completely envelopes your life, the kind that makes you think you re living it even when you re not holding the book in your hands Though the subject matter is horrific, it has a sense of simple ness and clarity that you cannot escape from To say Annexed is powerful is a complete understatement.Anne Frank teaches her annex mate Peter the value of words and value of baring witness to the unthinkable events happening all around him.One of the breathtaking pa [...]

Li O Di rio de Anne Frank no in cio da minha adolesc ncia e foi a que tomei consci ncia, pela primeira vez, dos horrores do Holocausto Depois disso, foram muitos os livros, que me forma mostrando de diversas formas como esses horrores foram perpetrados Em No Anexo, Sharon Dogar, quis mostrar, embora de forma ficcionada, o que foi viver no anexo durante aquele tempo entre 1942 e 1944 sob o mesmo tecto dos Frank s, mas do olhar de Peter, o apaixonado de Anne Ser que se n o tivessem estado juntos n [...]

Annexed tells the story of Peter Van Pels, the boy who was in hiding with Anne Frank in the secret annex This book is historical fiction, as the author bases the story on fact and the rest she imagines I had a hard time reading this book In a way, I feel as though imagining what Peter felt is disrespectful to his memory Especially because much of what he feels and thinks about in this book is of a sexual nature One of his main regrets being that he will die without making love to a girl While Pe [...]

Emotionally wrenching story based on The Diary of Anne Frank but taken from the Peter, the teen boy s point of view that was also in hiding I found Dogar s writing to be very powerful and showed proof she certainly did her homework while writing this book It is definetely a mature teen book as some thoughts on sexuality are shared, but nothing is inappropriate It is just part of the adolescent journey the reader is on with an Peter as he ponders many questions common to young adults Why would Go [...]

It s 1942 and Europe is at war For the Jewish van Pels family, this war means almost certain death and they have no choice but to go into hiding with another family, the Franks For sixteen year old Peter van Pels, sharing a tiny space with seven other people, this means no privacy It means that he has to sit around instead of going to fight like a man And it means he has to put up with Anne, a thirteen year old chatterbox who s constantly writing about him in her diary As the years wear on, Pete [...]

Quase todos n s conhecemos o testemunho de Anne Frank Foi atrav s do seu di rio que conseguimos saber as priva es e sofrimentos a que os judeus foram submetidos Quando tive conhecimento do livro No Anexo nem pensei duas vezes em l lo Primeiro porque nunca demais alimentarmos a nossa cultura e porque um assunto que me fascina e do qual tenho imenso respeito Assim, e atrav s do jovem Peter, tive possibilidade de conhecer um novo testemunho e uma nova vis o do sucedido Achei este livro verdadeirame [...]

Um livro dif cil de ler, pelo seu conte do, pela sua hist ria Li uns anos anos atr s O Di rio de Anne Frank e foi um livro que me marcou Custa muito acreditar na crueldade das pessoas, neste caso n o apenas contra uma pessoa mas contra todas as pessoas que acreditavam numa determinada religi o Doi ler estas coisas mas bom que nos recordemos destas situa es para que nunca tornem a acontecerEm rela o hist ria em si, n o acrescenta nada de novo ao Di rio de Anne Frank, a hist ria a mesma mas vista [...]

Leva 2 por causa da 2a parte e estou a ser simp tica Este livro n o trouxe nada de novo hist ria Senti que estava novamente a ler o di rio de Anne Frank, mas do ponto de vista de um puto mimado e ego sta A segunda parte mostra nos um pouco do que foi sobreviver num campo de concentra o, mas n o o suficienteMeh

Este livro uma perspectiva diferente do Di rio de Anne Frank, esta segundo a voz de Peter van Pels A narrativa conta a vida e os anseios destes dois jovens que se v em confinados ao mesmo espa o numa altura em que teriam tanto para viver.

Very emotional book to read

Have you ever heard about Peter Van Pels Well, he s definitely not as famous as the girl he was stick in the annex with, but he was a big part of her sanity there and possibly her life This is the tale of the boy who fell in love with Anne Frank A story that you can watch the transformation from a hateful bond into a loving relationship after being stuck in an annex together for just over two years It was interesting to read about this famous annex story through someone else s eyes, getting to s [...]

In Annexed, author Sharon Dogar imagines what life in the Annex with Anne Frank must have been like for young Peter We know all about Anne s thoughts and feelings, but surely Peter needs a chance to tell his side of things too The novel begins as Peter is dying and looking back on his life, desperate to tell someone his story.The first part of this book was really about 4 stars for me It wasn t anything hugely different from what I would have imagined, but it was nice to see a different perspect [...]

I found this in my local library when my mother dumped me there to entertain myself so she could go around the corner to get an eyebrow wax something I don t yet want to try as it looks so painful.I got it out mostly based on the fact that it had something to do with Anne Frank Having read The Diary of Anne Frank after seeing the 5 episode BBC dramatisation of the book, this seemed like the perfect book that I would like, as well as the fact I am doing my History GCSE on Tuesday on Germany I tho [...]

Peter Van Pels and his family have to go into hiding because of the Nazi but they have to hide with another family the Frank s Peter would rather take his chances on the streets than hid with Ann Frank As they hid Peters feeling change about Ann they spend hours in the attic as they hid and talk As they wait for the allies to invade Holland Will Peter and his family and the Frank s survive intel the allies come.My favorite part of the story is when Peter goes into hiding with his family.I would [...]

Annexed is a fictionalized imagining of the content in the diary kept by Anne Frank in hiding, but this time life in the annex is told by Peter van Pels.And I have to admit I started reading Annexed with a great deal of trepidation After all, it had caused quite a sensation when it was published Sharon Dogar was accused exploiting Anne s diary and of sexualizing her There were many who did not want to see this Anne Frank But, while the Anne of the diary may be a symbol of courage and hope, the r [...]

When I first saw this book in the book store, I ll admit, I was pretty excited and purchased it right away without a second thought I m one of those people who is interested in learning about this ghastly period in history its just awful to think of what human beings are really capable of I ve always been interested especially about Peter Van Pels Don t ask me why, I couldnt tell you However, though my initial reaction was that of interest when I got home and thought about it I became wary about [...]

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