O Enigma do Sapato

O Enigma do Sapato #(2020)

O Enigma do Sapato

O Enigma do Sapato

  • Title: O Enigma do Sapato
  • Author: Agatha Christie Isabel Alves
  • ISBN: 9788447360406
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
O Enigma do Sapato By Agatha Christie Isabel Alves,

Poirot tem uma consulta, de rotina mas nem por isso menos temida, no dentista Desta circunst ncia comum nasce uma trama criminal dado que, pouco depois, o dentista, o Doutor Morley, encontrado morto As primeiras pesquisas parecem indicar que se trata de um suic dio Poirot discorda desta opini o e come a a investigar entre as pessoas que tiveram consulta no dia do crimPoirot tem uma consulta, de rotina mas nem por isso menos temida, no dentista Desta circunst ncia comum nasce uma trama criminal dado que, pouco depois, o dentista, o Doutor Morley, encontrado morto As primeiras pesquisas parecem indicar que se trata de um suic dio Poirot discorda desta opini o e come a a investigar entre as pessoas que tiveram consulta no dia do crime E, ao puxar o fio, consegue destrin ar uma complexa meada que ter repercuss es pol ticas.

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Japp said curiously What are you trying to do make the thing difficult Poirot Exactly that Ok, so the first victim is a dentist and my dad is a dentist I was upset But it was also funny because we joked about it for at least an hour The solution was absolutely perfect, and when I enjoy the solution I retroactively enjoy the whole book even bottom line I m a weird girl But of course you knew that already The central part of the story basically, the investigation was a bit slow, I admit it, but [...]

I didn t grow up on a healthy dose of Agatha Christie My poison were Austen so cliched But apparently childhood me wasn t too heavy on originality and Sidney Sheldon I loved Sheldon s insane roundabout, amazing adventures with exotic and hardly believable characters My favourite was Tracy Whitney the international thief who pulls off the most incredible heists, sometimes with a poodle, sometimes with a mud mask I loved them so much that that even now when friends tell me that they have never Nev [...]

Choose Your Own Adventure You Are Special, Perfect You Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are You Must Remember This The Song Is You, I See You Everywhere, As Long as I Live, Just for You, Crazy For You, You, You, You I Love You, More Than You Know You Are Special, Little OneYou Don t Love Me Yet Say You Love Me, Say You Need Me You Belong To Me You Are Mine You Can t Win.Don t Look Behind You, If You Could See Me Now, I Will Wait for You Eternal Bliss, Just For You I m Coming to Get You.And Then [...]

If this were the first Christie I had read instead of the 22nd consecutive Poirot novel I might love this than I do I eventually warmed to it quite a bit, but I am also developing powers of discrimination It feels true to form Nothing all that memorable compared to the best of her works, the cr me de la cr me, but this one is solid, impressive in its own right Does this sound like snobbery I dunno Christie is very good even at her averagest.This one features Dr Morley, a grumpy dentist, who is [...]

This was a re read for me, although this time I tried the audio versionmehow the story felt a bit outlandish to me, it was all going well but revelations at the end felt a bit too contriveda little improbable IDK, wasn t that impressed the second time around.

Es la primera vez que leo a la autora y la verdad es que por lo menos esta novela no es para nada mi tipo Me gusta la novela polic aca, pero la mezcla del suicido con un mont n de pol tica, no me gust para nada Y siendo m s sincera, fue para m inevitable comparar esta novela con Mr Mercedes de Stephen King ltima novela policiaca que le y la diferencia es abismal, la forma en que me atrap la historia de King, no lo logr esta historia ni por asomo.Rese a Completa bastvilard 201

I don t hate going to the dentist, at least, not like Poirot does And that s where this book s murder takes place Poirot follows a variety of clues and misdirections surrounding the death of his dentist, Mr Morley There are numerous conflicting details, and Poirot being Poirot, eventually finds his way through all the mess to the baddie Who turned out to be someone I wasn t expecting, which I wasn t expecting I like it when Christie surprises me.

4.5Very good Poirot story I can just imagine Agatha going to the dentist and seeing everyone around her cringing just at the thought of what is coming next, and thinking this is the perfect place and what if The result is a fiendish murder, brilliantly choreographed She also turned certain aspects around to great effect.Once , Christie used nursery rhymes as inspiration and it seems, to structure her story too Such a weird idea and yet it works extremely well.One, two,Buckle my shoe Three, four, [...]

Death at the dentist sThe thing is if Hercule Poirot ever threatens to visit you, make an excuse and then flee to the other side of the world because no one is safe around that man In this book he visits his dentist, Mr Morley, for a routine check up By the end of the morning, Mr Morley is dead Later, one of his patients is found dead and another has gone missing Let s hope Poirot didn t have a doctor s appointment that afternoon At first, Inspector Japp thinks Mr Morley, who was found shot dead [...]

Re reading Agatha Christie is always a winner I enjoyed this one as much as I did the first time I definitely found it still very different to her other whodunnits but nevertheless enjoyed reacquainting with the different supporting cast of characters and Poirot with his dentist for less of a better word, phobia is precious Enjoyed the appearance of Japp here too.

First read around 1986.Thirty years already OMFG Still amazing and really loved it

No, my friend, I am not drunk I have just been to the dentist, and need not return for another six months Is it not the most beautiful thought I had fun with this one Hercule Poirot is like honey to my bear, or fly, or whatever Okay, forget this sentence , so I m always ready for of his books This time the usually brave detective starts the novel in a pissy mood because he has to undergo the dentist chair While getting his teeth worked on, he listens to his regular dentist drone on and on in di [...]

I think 2018 should officially be renamed the Year Of Christie for me because this is my fifth so far Another of Poirot s investigations, this time centering on the death of Poirot s dentist.This is probably my new second favourite Agatha Christie after the first I ever read, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd The twists and turns were expertly handled and although I had several guesses as to the identity of the murderer throughout, I didn t guess the ultimate conclusion I ve seen other reviewers compl [...]

What an adventure that was I have waited far too long to read Agatha Christie s books What a mind she must have had to have dreamt up such a complex plot and have figured out a way to tie all the loose ends together.


There are certain humiliating moments in the lives of the greatest of men It has been said that no man is a hero to his valet To that may be added that few men are heroes to themselves at the moment of visiting their dentist.Hercule Poirot was morbidly conscious of this fact.He was a man who was accustomed to have a good opinion of himself He was Hercule Poirot, superior in most ways to other men But in this moment he was unable to feel superior in any way whatever His morale was down to zero He [...]

I adore Poirot but I have to say I found this one a little disappointing It starts off with promise A seemingly random death leaves our funny little Belgian dissatisfied His little grey cells tell him something doesn t add up.We then develop a bit of a mystery, so than other Poirot tales and there s a sense the scope might be larger than the standard personal tales We have some interesting perspectives of communism and the pervading fear at change of the established British world order We get r [...]

Didn t see that one coming Great ending

Interesting Meh Realistic A weaker meh.

There s honestly nothing better than sitting down with an Agatha Christie novel on a rainy september day with some tea and a blanket.And she s impeccable when it comes to getting one out of a reading slump She s so straightforward in her language and yet always exciting This is not at all one of her best novels, although I enjoyed a bit of spy intrigue and, possibly, the fate of England hinging on the capture of the culprit I would ve like to be engaged by the suspects, but it s still a fine, p [...]

I liked this book, it was good Not as good as the previous two I recently read by christie though hence the lesser than four starsOT The plot was okay, although I got confused at various points, the story IMO was a little bit TOO confusing, in comparison to the other two I ve read As a result, I lost track a couple of times and it was less enjoyeable to read but still ultimately a good plot idea Just could have been simplified somewhatARACTERS Another problem I had with the book were the large a [...]

A good solid mystery in Christie s signature style A death, this time of a dentist, followed by another death, of a Greek immigrant, followed by yet a third death, a middle aged woman And what ties them together There are only a few possible suspects, most of whom were patients of the dentist There s much to take in, a lot of red herrings, a lot of keeping track of who is who and who went where when I can t imagine writing something like this without multiple diagrams and outlines and pictures w [...]

i love agatha cristie novelsbut there is some technical points a dentist give Anaesthesia there is techniques so, only a dentist can give it to be sure that the Anaesthesia works.otherwise it failsd to cure the tooth and make filling is not something that the killer can pretend to do while the real dentist was already dead one cant die from adrenaline and novocain given in dental dose as Anaesthesia the greek man was killed in this novel the novel is good exept in this point

Target audience People passionate about good detective novels, mystery, intrigue, romance and plots.About the author According to , Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie was an English crime novelist, short story writer and playwright She also wrote six romances under the name Mary Westmacott including Giant s Bread, but she is best known for the 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections that she wrote under her own name, most of which revolve around the investigative work of such characte [...]

O crime central deste livro decorre num contexto pouco usual o consult rio de um dentista De facto, pouco depois de Hercule Poirot ter sido atendido pelo Dr Morley, este aparece morto naquilo que parece um suic dio mas que, como seria de esperar, muito mais Poirot, como seu h bito, envolve se na investiga o e acrescenta lhe todas as suas peculiares capacidades Pouco depois, duas outras v timas aparecem, pessoas que tinham tamb m consulta marcada para essa manh fat dica e, por isso, conclui se qu [...]

_ .

A book that I ve read before, but only in French I chose to re read it again because I had forgotten much of it As I read, I remembered part of the plot, but my enjoyment remained undiminished As for my admiration for Mrs Christie, it stayed high, and grew in fact, despite the fact that part of the subterfuge was borrowed from The Mystery Of The Blue Train Christie s books most of them, and there are many of them were built for one thing impart the love of reading to budding readers, and to reki [...]


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