Seven Days From Sunday

Seven Days From Sunday #(2020)

Seven Days From Sunday

Seven Days From Sunday

  • Title: Seven Days From Sunday
  • Author: M.H. Sargent
  • ISBN: 1230000002819
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Seven Days From Sunday By M.H. Sargent,

In this fast paced thriller, Iraq s top terrorist makes two promises a kidnapped American contractor will be executed on a given date, his body dumped in Baghdad s Green Zone and a major attack will occur in seven days.Working desperately to find the American and thwart the impending attack is an elite 4 man CIA team which includes an attractive female doctor But they cIn this fast paced thriller, Iraq s top terrorist makes two promises a kidnapped American contractor will be executed on a given date, his body dumped in Baghdad s Green Zone and a major attack will occur in seven days.Working desperately to find the American and thwart the impending attack is an elite 4 man CIA team which includes an attractive female doctor But they can only watch helplessly as the terrorist and his masked henchmen behead the American during a live video feed carried on the Internet.What they don t know is that one of the masked men is not a terrorist, but completely innocent He is an Iraqi pharmacist who has infiltrated the group His only objective to find his missing fianc e, who the terrorist has also kidnapped.After the beheading, he is free to go But little does he know that his girlfriend will bring the American head to the Green Zone, and inside the dead man s mouth is evidence linking him to the terrorist.With the clock ticking, the CIA team knows that their only chance to stop the terrorist rests with the pharmacist and his beautiful fianc e But can they really be trusted

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I read this book on my kindle based on an automatic recommendation The book is fiction with the backdrop being Iraq where an American is beheaded and the Iraqi Security Force and American forces are notified that a major attack is going to happen 7 days from Sunday The book follows this planned attack from the perspective of the CIA agents stationed in Iraq, pro American Iraqis, non aligned Iraqis, Iraqi media and the individuals planning the attack The book was well written and a very interesti [...]

I was challenged to read this book in the KindleBoards Quasi Offical Book Game and I enjoyed it It was a quick read, had characters I cared about, and was generally well written I didn t care for what I saw as a defense of waterboarding as a technique, but that doesn t change the fact that it IS a technique that has been used in Iraq, so I could accept it in the story as presented I just wish time hadn t been spent justifying its use let the story stand on its own.

I encourage all of you to give this guy a shot The books flow, are easy reads and very enjoyable I read the first book in the series and quickly downloaded the other 3 The characters are real and you should easily be able to pick out a favorite Anyways, I know I get emails often about what who I am reading and I got wrapped up in this new unknown author.

This is a mindless fictional thriller set in present day Iraq or at least within the past 4 years , which involves a hunt by the CIA and US military of a terrorist planning on executing a spectacular attack It was nearly free on Kindle and kept me interested.

I ve enjoyed reading this book Another book in my favorites list A very well written and fast paced thriller story I easily fell in love with the characters Can t wait to read the next book I got this book from for free

Good thriller taking place in modern day Iraq CIA operatives work to uncover and prevent a pending attack.

Free Kindle book from.

Not that great Didn t hold my interest.

loved this book couldn t put it down


good story and it moved quickly The characters were well developed and it was intereisting to read If you like action storiesis is a good bet.

This was a cheap kindle book, part of a series, the only one that I have read so far This is not the style of books that I typically read, however, it was a great story and kept me interested.

Fast paced action.There were several grammatical and word choice errors near the end, mostly sentence fragments, and maybe some run on sentences earlier, but otherwise a quality piece of work I don t have any experience comment on the plausibility of the scenes, but very few that I might question And the action was generally very good I skipped doing important stuff to finish it.

Seven Days From SundayA magnificent thrilling chiller experience, yes fiction but amazingly told so it seems so real and definitely believable If action, and suspense are your thing you ll love it too.

A page turnerThis book is action filled and I loved it This book is great read for anyone that likes a thriller and military books.

This was a very enjoyable book about the lives of people in and around a CIA team undercover in Baghdad An american had been kidnapped and beheaded live on the website of a notorious terrorist leader A photographer and his family became involved when the girlfriend of his brother in law was the half sister of the terrorist and she was kidnapped to help him in his cause to create a huge incident seven days after the beheading

Mood Like LeCare s The Little Drummer Girl on Crack In Seven Days From Sunday, M.H Sargent, builds credible characters in a complex, fast paced plot The people of this great book stood out because of their vulnerability One possibly critical fault in the structure of spy thriller remains superhero expectations on the part of readers This author builds on what this reader remarks as a growing narrative style in a nascent niche in the thriller spy market.The story bounces around a linear, one week [...]

I picked up this book because I had read Toward Night s End also by M.H Sargent and I really enjoyed it I did enjoy this book as well, but I didn t think it was nearly as good as Night s End I felt that this book was long on plot and short on action This is the story of a special CIA unit stationed in Bahgdad They are charged with dealing with terrorists operating in Iraq The book opens when an American contractor is kidnapped and beheaded by a Jihadist group and the head is delivered to the Ame [...]

Great read Couldn t put it down.Great read couldn t put it down Look forward to reading when I can Book keeps you wanting Good job.

This is a very well written book about American military in today s Iraq It also shows the difficulty the Iraqi citizenry face when trying to change their barbaric past, ruled by dictators, tyrants and sadist s, into a country that works in a Democratic fashion.This ficticious story is about a plan to kill thousands in the Green Zone by contaminating the water supply with ricin.The book was professionally edited, which made it a delight to read The plot and the side characters are consistantly w [...]

A good story about the middle east conflict and America s involvement thereA pretty good book, although it does show to be an easyrely work.It is very slow to start with, thus the 4 stars, but it picks up nicely towards the end.The characters are OK although some are really intelligent sometimes and extremely dumb others Like real life, I guess, but not entirely to my liking.Although I found it a little predictable, this book is a nice read and worth going all the way to the end.

I am giving this 4 stars because it is very well written and the dynamic between the characters is excellent I ll give one caveat that if you re inclined not to support the U.S military action in Iraq and or enhanced interrogation techniques, you will notice a subtle but consistent bias favoring both of these We re not talking an Oliver North novel or anything, but it leans that way slightly so than your average book in this genre.

I was probably a bit generous in this rating simply because it s a story that finished in book The characters continue on to further adventures but at the end of the book, the story wrapped up nicely I ve been missing this detail lately in what I ve been reading But, I always enjoy military type adventure thriller types so this suited me nicely I look forward to reading the rest in the series.

This book was a very pleasant surprise Having just read Rosenberg s The 12th Imam, I was prepared for something with a little less quality than that But, as I said I was surprised.The plot was plausible and it was something that would not surprise me to see in the headlines tomorrow The end did not finish with a big bang as I had hoped But that perhaps made the plot a little plausible.

This book was hard to get into at first, not for lack of action but because it jumps so quickly between characters right off the hop so it was hard to keep track of initially That being said, the characters are great and the book is action packed I enjoyed it and was pleased to see that this is actually a series so I definitely plan to pick up the others.

A compelling read, gives great insight into what we have to deal with in Mideast madness.I really enjoyed this book Dealing with fanatical Muslim beliefs is a challenge we will be facing for years to come, and this book gave good insight to the problems that won t go away easily Looking forward to next book and to from M.H Segment.

IT WAS A GOOD READ FOR FREEIT WAS A GOOD READ FOR FREEThe book was interesting and held my attention The person who edited this book needs to go back to school for English grammar The story line was great,too bad it didn t work out in real life for the Country of Iraq.

This book was just kind of okay It s just one of those books that is just eh in every way Granted I m not much of a military person so a lot of the technical stuff bored me There was nothing I really have to complain about besides that There was nothing I really loved about this book either so I doubt I ll be continuing on with this series.

I enjoyed the book Nothing spectacular about it and it wasn t a real page turner but it was better than being bored.My one complaint is the book supports the use of torture They waterboard a person and make sound so clean, easy and inoffensive Just another day at the office The main character says it works There is than a little debate about the effacy of torture.

It was a good book but too easy to read and the story seemed too simple I picked it up at for free on my Kindle, but I would never have paid for this book and don t plan on buying or reading the sequels I ve read other similar books that I enjoyed I would have given this only 2 1 2 stars but the site doesn t support half ratings.

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