Frisch gebissen

Frisch gebissen #(2020)

Frisch gebissen

Frisch gebissen

  • Title: Frisch gebissen
  • Author: Chloe Neill Marcel Bülles
  • ISBN: 9783802583629
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback
Frisch gebissen By Chloe Neill Marcel Bülles,

Die Studentin Merit wird nachts auf dem Campus von einem Vampir angefallen und schwer verletzt Kurz darauf taucht ein zweiter Vampir auf, der ihr das Leben rettet, indem er sie selbst in eine Unsterbliche verwandelt Merit ist zun chst wenig begeistert ber ihr neues Dasein als Blutsaugerin Doch als sie ihren Retter zur Rede stellen will, erf hrt sie, dass es sich bei ihDie Studentin Merit wird nachts auf dem Campus von einem Vampir angefallen und schwer verletzt Kurz darauf taucht ein zweiter Vampir auf, der ihr das Leben rettet, indem er sie selbst in eine Unsterbliche verwandelt Merit ist zun chst wenig begeistert ber ihr neues Dasein als Blutsaugerin Doch als sie ihren Retter zur Rede stellen will, erf hrt sie, dass es sich bei ihm um den m chtigen Ethan Sullivan von Haus Cadogan handelt Die Vampire erwarten von ihr, dass sie sich als Dank f r die Rettung Sullivan unterwirft und in den Dienst seines Hauses tritt Darauf hat Merit allerdings nicht die geringste Lust Auch wenn der gut aussehende Ethan ihr Interesse weckt

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Okay, so I ve changed this review as a series overview.I have a list of favourite series and this one has easily pushed its way on there with Darkfever, Bittenand Magic Bites.What I really enjoy about this series Merit does not choose to be a vampire but she lives with the changes made in her life and adjusts with as much dignity as she can.She deals intelligently and confidently at all times She does not stupidly talk out of her ass cough Rose, Vampire Academy cough It s actually quite refreshi [...]

I d been made one Vampire Predator Initiate into one of the oldest of the twelve vampire Houses in the United States And I wasn t just one of them.I was one of the best This is the series I ve been waiting for The kind of series I can sink my teeth into no pun intended With a glittering ensemble of characters, a rapid storyline, and enough suspense and overall sexiness that ll teach you all about white knuckling that pretty kindle of yours this is probably in the running of being my favorite ser [...]

Okaaaaay So on io9 a few months back, someone actually accused my account of being manufactured by my people to cull with the fan base because I rate everything 4 or 5 stars and series tend to get the same score across the bar I think its the most insulting comment I ve gotten on the internet, haha And referring to my people is like, so hilarious, because I m a poor web series producer, and I have one agent and that s it and I do everything else myself and, well, whatever.Anyhoo, I m gonna be l [...]

OMG How could I forgot how freaking awesome this series was Really, I had, So I m happy I made this re read This is the first time I make one, I always thought it was wasting precious time you had to read other new books But that was until now, because reading your fav books is totally worth it And this is certainly a Fav This book has everything a first book in a new series must have It s entertaining, smart, sexy and delightful I couldn t put it down, but not just that, I wanted to run to read [...]

After plowing through 50 pages of it, I don t see anything remotely interesting about this book It simply seems like every other write by numbers UF novel I feel like I ve read it a million times before It is written a little better than Halfway to the Grave, but there is not even sex yet and spunky dialog in a sea of uninspired prose and world building to keep me engaged Truly, there is no point to read any UF series written in last 2 3 years, they draw too heavily on existing works of better U [...]

Well, I didn t hate it But I don t have much else to offer I find it suprising just how far downhill Urban Fantasy has gone in the last few years, with the exception of the awesomely fantastical why are you not reading Fever series Chloe Neill is not a bad writer and she uses most of what you d expect to find in the genre strong heroine, hot vampires, bit of mystery thrown in for good measure and I just feel like it s the same story churned out by numerous authors looking to break into the Urban [...]

WHAT I LOVED ABOUT SOME GIRLS BITE It s flat out HILARIOUS Each page is riddled with snarky remarks and laugh out loud jokes.The World Neill takes a different approach to the whole vamp thing The vamps are out in the public eye and belong to frat like Houses The politics involved in this is intricate and so interesting BFFS Merit and Mallory I just love it when there s such a strong friendship between the heroine of the book and her side kick Sure, having a love interest is important but the fac [...]

I was so nervous Re read 28.01.2018 This second reading review is mostly a review where I mention the characters I can t even begin to tell how nervous and scared I was to re read this book Why, you ask Well, when I read this book and series for the first time I loved it So damn much In fact, it was one of my favorite series So reading it now scared the living hell out of me I mean, what if I don t love it any It s been years since I ve read 4 years in fact, and my taste have changed so damn muc [...]

I read this for the sake of procrastination, works well to pass the time I guess, though there are better books out there.Another book about vampires Such an overused topic now This book doesn t portray it much better than most others What I liked They showed us a world in which humans know vampires exist They don t get accepted immediately, and are still not allowed the same freedom given to humans, but seem to be working on itah, I think that s it Not much I found I liked in this.What I didn t [...]

4.5 Stars This was a hilarious, quick read and it s been ages since I ve read a good vampire book

This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.3.5 StarsBefore I started reading this book, I was absolutely positive that I was going to go crazy over this series like some kind of deranged teenager I actually bought the book on sale a couple of years ago and had been waiting for just the right moment to savor it When a group of friends decided to buddy read this book on , I knew that I had discovered the perfect moment to read it I had a hunch that I would become obsessed with the serie [...]

It is better to be hated for what you are,than to be loved for what you are not It s been eight months since vampires have outed their existence to the humans Vampires doesn t really interest grad student Merit, who would rather focus on her studies Until she s attacked by a rogue vampire, and in order to save Merit s life, Master vampire Ethan Sullivan, turns her.Now suddenly Merit has to come to terms with her new life as a vampire, saying goodbye to her studies and the life she thought she wo [...]

It s tragic that I feel better equipped to review books I don t like than the ones I do Which is why I m still sitting on my review of the Fever series, while the words are just pouring out for this one I liked Chloe Neill s YA book better than the first book in her Chicagoland Vampires series I started this book a while ago, and then got pulled into something else, so I finally came back to it now, after Firespell with Great Expectations Not such a great idea, it turns out Some Girls Bite turne [...]

Merit is attacked one night, and a vampire saves her life by turning her Now, instead of writing her dissertation, Merit has to deal with a whole new identity and a whole new set of problems.This book should totally satisfy my id Merit and I are both grad students living in the same neighborhood, with best friends with colored hair and a penchant for Buffy She becomes the bestest vampire ever, all the boys want her, and all the girls are either her bestest friend or are jealous and evil Her fami [...]

This book was firmly in the just okay end of the spectrum for me I had pretty high expectations for this one and it really didn t deliver I have been on the hunt for another UF series to rank up there with my tops the Night Huntress Series, the Fever series, and the Kate Daniels series This book didn t even come close I ll do a quick recap of the positives Part of me liked that it was a fun, lighthearted read It was not at all what I was expecting, which was something much grittier I also think [...]

I m a little bit gobsmacked at how much I loved this book I listened to the audio, and that tends to downrate a book for me, for some reason Aside from a few narrators, I tend to want different inflection than what I get This narrator was perfect for the part I ended up trying to find things to clean just so I could keep listening Love when that happens I love a slow burning romance, and that is what is happening between Ethan and Merit Rrrrreallllllly slow, from what I hear, but sometimes that [...]

I m not going to say this book is awesome, it wasn t, but it was exactly what I was in the mood to read at the moment Here is the plot of a distressingly large portion of paranormal romance books including this one Oops I ve been turned into a insert supernatural being I m pissed I m going to buck the system and gallivant around giving attitude to anyone who crosses my path No worries though, because the king or equivalent of the insert supernatural being will find me weirdly attractive All of t [...]

I can t remember why I fell behind with this series Whatever it was, it couldn t have been that big of a deal b c I kept ordering the books I have like 4 or 5 at the top of my stack that I haven t read yet which makes me alternately giddy and disgusted with myself.So yeah, it s been a couple of years since I ve had any quality time with Merit and Ethan, and I would just like to take a moment and smack my own head b c Merit and Ethan are AH mazing I love Merit when she curtsies, when she begs foo [...]

Okay, so I ve never been a vampire kind of girl Frankly, the whole vampire thing has always pretty much bored me to death I only bought Some Girls Bite because so many of my friends had loved it that I thought I should give it a try I didn t expect much from it Worse, I expected some Twilight nonsense Then Merit happened I loved Merit from the very beginning and she grew on me a bit with every turn of page What was really interesting here is the way Neill portrayed the struggles Merit goes thro [...]

Anyone who is a fan of Vampire Academy will love the sarcastic, meat loving, ass kicking Merit This is a fun series that follows a typical newly formed vamp story, but is also filled with lots of great action and excellent training sequences The power plays between the different covens is well done, Merit s relationships with her friends is strong and true, and there are some super cute guys in it A fast paced, thoroughly entertaining start to the series.

First books in the Urban Fantasy series genre are a little rough sometimes With the whole setting up the world thingy, and giving us characters that we will love enough to read book after book about It actually took me a couple of books to fall in love with Kate Daniels And, I m her total fan girl now I was the same way with Mercedes Thompson and Harry Dresden I read all of these series, but I warm up to them a little slowly usually But, I am happy to say that I liked the main character in this [...]

Rating 4 1 2 starsSometimes I sat in my car snickering while I listened to this novel It was fun, interesting, and entertaining Lots of male eye candy Hot cars and chic houses Loads of cool clothes Mouthwatering food Creative world building Supernatural beings And swords My favorite weapon of choice Did I mention the swords are katanas I hope that was not a spoiler Now to the good parts A rebellious, quirky, scholarly newly turned vamp I could relate to Merit who refuses to tell us her first and [...]

Here is a favorite book of mine I rated when I first joined, but never wrote a review for This is a series that I am not up to date on, but have read the first six or so of Sometimes it has annoyed me, sometimes it has given me a lot of lovely book feels Ethan Sullivan is one of my favorite UF book boyfriends But I never wrote a proper review for this, so I thought I d let my awesome buddy, oOSarahOo speak for me, since she says it perfectly Check out her review You the shizz, girl Thanks Kat fo [...]

Merit never asked to be changed into a vampire, however, when she is attacked on her college campus that s exactly what happens Her sudden change in circumstances throws her life in chaos as she struggles to come to terms with being, unwillingly, morphed into one of the undead Especially when she is confronted with head of the house of vampires to which she now must pledge her loyalty, the gorgeous Ethan Sullivan Both Ethan and Merit resent their unwilling chemistry towards one another, but must [...]

4.5 Bite me stars Don t say it Don t suggest it Don t even think it I ve told you before I grinned up at him evilly I don t do fang Let s face it sometimes we don t really know why we love a book Or maybe that s just me No, I can t believe it The fact is, I enjoyed that book in a way I didn t expect is it because of Merit s smart ass personality Is it the way she s portrayed, neither overly confident nor let s whining on myself Is it the unexpected hotness of a blond guy Who knows As I said, cer [...]

This book was recced to me by soooo many people I had extremely high expectations for it, and was excited to start a new urban fantasy series What I got was boring, banal, middle of the road dreck.It took me forever to finish this book The plot had no urgency to it, the characters irritated me, the action cheesy, and the romance had me rolling my eyes The writing itself was ok, not horrible, and there were some funny moments, but not nearly enough to overcome the other failings of the book The p [...]

I LOVE Merit she s a really cool heroine funny, badass, practical, not too stupid Ethan seems like kind of a pussy though, and totally not good enough for her First book though, so maybe I ll start liking him later in the series view spoiler I think Ethan is lame so far, but that one scene between him and Merit was AWESOME you know, that one where she gets hit with that bloodlust or hunger or whatever and is whispering his name and he s trying not to touch her but can t move away and she s abou [...]

4 Kas m geldi ve i te merakla beklenen Blog turumuz 3z Blog Turumuzla kar n zday z T rkiyenin ilk Blog Turu topik K zlar n G nl KG Birli iDaha nceden iki blog tur d zenlemi , ok g zel tepkiler alm t k T rkiye bir ilki ba arman n verdi i heyecan bu tepkilerle birle ti ve yolumuza 3 turumuzla devam ediyoruz Bu sefer Optimum Kitaptan Baz K zlar Is r r ele tirdik, yorumlad k, test haz rlad k KG Blog Tur hakk nda buradan bilgi edinebilirsiniz Blog Tur BilgiDaha nceki Blog Turlar m z i in ise buras Bl [...]

4,5 starsDid I love this book Well, damn.Merit blew my fucking world out of its hinges.Having been robbed of her humanity after a vicious vampire attack, Merit, grad student and daughter of a mediatic figure in the Chicago scene, is rescued by Ethan Sullivan, who makes her a vampire And so she is suddenly required to join the ranks of House Cadogan, one of the North American vampire affiliations, and obey a quite rigid feudal like system.Needless to say, in a matter of three days, Merit finds he [...]

This book was sooooo good I had originally checked it out from the library, read about 40 pages and knew I had to buy it immediately I waited patiently until the sequel came out, knowing I didn t want to read it until I would be able to read the second book right after finishing the first one.One of my favorite parts of Urban Fantasy is a snarky heroine who is kick ass and can hold her own with any arrogant alpha type male that comes along Merit fits this mold perfectly, and I adore her characte [...]

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