Just Grandma and Me

Just Grandma and Me #(2020)

Just Grandma and Me

Just Grandma and Me

  • Title: Just Grandma and Me
  • Author: Mercer Mayer
  • ISBN: 9781571350060
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover
Just Grandma and Me By Mercer Mayer,

A trip to the beach with Grandma provides lots of fun and surprises.

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a Text to Self Connection How does the story connect to your personal experiences or background This story connects to my life because i have a strong and loving relationship with my grandmother when i was a little girl i would ask my mother every weekend can i go over my grandmothers house she would cook me breakfast , fix my hair, and we would get on the bus to go to the mall I felt like a big girl riding the bus and train my grandmother also took me to work with her that s were i discovered m [...]

Cute little story I read to carmine Book was given to him from his grandma

1 This book has not received any awards 2 This book is appropriate for K 1st grade.3 In this story, Little Critter takes a trip to the beach with his Grandma Little Critter is faced with a number of different challenges during his visit to the shore but overcomes each of them He does not let the problems stop him from having a good time 4 Little Critter books are some of my most favorite children s books I love the illustrations and always thought Little Critter was funny I like the way Little C [...]

Little Critter spends the day at the beach with his Grandma, and through adorable illustrations and short sentences, Mercer Mayer gives his young readers a glance at typical beach activities.

Another favorite of my kids and now my grandkids These books have always been my favorite.

Read with G mamaOwned by Great Grandma who used to read it to JimRating by Trent

Wonderful bookybe someday I will have grandchildren.

This book deals with problem solving and uses word transitions such as but , and , then or so to demonstrate how the problem is solved or dealt with In each instance, the main character who looks to be some sort of rodent encounters a problem and then shows what should be done to fix the problem The depth of the characters is not described in depth, and not much background is provided because the focus of the story is no cause and effect and how problem solving involved The illustrations are fun [...]

Just Grandma and Me is one of my favorite Little Critter books I selected this one from our bookshelf for Christopher to read as his Book about the Ocean It was a bit of a stretch, and it was an easier read than I thought He was able to read the whole book in 5 minutes Mercer Meyer avoids using hard words and opts for easier alternatives instead without ruining the story.I love how it s told from the boy s perspective It s so cute to see his view of the days events We usually hunt for the spider [...]

This book is about Critter from the Little Critter series spending a day at the beach with his grandma He starts it off with doing a few things wrong, but they end the day with having a long but very fun day at the beach I used to love reading this book with my grandma I would come home from school and she would read it to me almost everyday I think part of what I liked about it was the pictures, but also that it just let me spend time with my grandma, which I think is an important part of growi [...]

Just Grandma and Me was a great book in my opinion, as it reminded me of the adventures of school supply shopping that my own grandmother and I used to do I loved how the book portrayed such a great relationship between the grandma and grandchild, as children should respect and have fun with their family members, and in return grandparents be there for their children, like the book I also enjoyed looking at the illustrations and how humor was incorporated, as well as grandma constantly making th [...]

As a kid I loved this book paired with the interactive game that came with it The game went through each page in the book, reading it to you, than you could click on things and they would make sounds or do something Great for a beginning reader It s easy to read, full of wonderful illustrations It s about Little Critter s day with his grandma Getting dropped off at grandma s house, waiting for the train, going on a train ride, and everything that entails getting to the beach and once again retur [...]

Grandma takes our little hero to the beach, just them two And our hero wants to do all sorts of things fly a kite, swim, build a sand castle but most of these activities don t go quite right.But, hero and Grandma still have a wonderful time The story isn t anything that stellar, but the illustrations are adorable the expressions of the characters in the background, the continuing saga of the spider and the grasshopper, etc The illustrations add a lot to the warm and fuzzy feeling of the story, a [...]

This book is very cute because, as always, little critter tells the story, and what little critter says is not quite what little critter does Kids reading this will catch on to this concept and will start to guess what will happen next This book is very humorous The pictures are very delightful and fun to look at while you are reading the book I would recommend a grandma to read this to her grandchildren.

Grandma takes our little hero to the beach, just them two Our hero the Little Critter wants to do all sorts of things fly a kite, swim, build a sand castle but most of these activities don t go quite right Despite all things, the hero and grandma still have a wonderful time This book would help to be used during character building lessons I loved the colorful pictures.In addition, the book can be used for an independent, or maybe reading with a partner identifying the repetitions.

An uncomplicated tale that the kids have loved And, of course, they like to find the mouse and the spider that appear on each page.

My Children love all Mercer Mayer story books These books are easy for children to make connections with at a young age and illustrations are fun Just Grandma and Me would be well used during character building lessons Children can join in on read aloud due to repetition of phrases just grandma and me.

I discovered this book and many of the same series and same auhor in my CT s collection Fun book children can continue to enjoy with so many to choose from.This one shares what this young one did with their Grandma for the day Something alot of children can relate to and enjoy Other titles have similarily relateable topics.Kindergarten and up.

Just Grandma and Me is a picture book in which the pictures confirm the meaning of the written words This book shows all of the things that a grandma and her grandson did while at vacation at the beach A child with an emergent reading level would enjoy this book The book could be used for a guided reading.

Fun Little Critter book starring Grandma and me on a trip to the beach The usual attempts at play and helping out with the results not always being quite what the adults want to see Fun to read aloud or for early Readers to read with help My daughter appreciated the simple words and the repetition as she read it aloud to me.

We have a lot of Little Critter books.They re short, they re funny, they re topical, and they re cheap.As usual, Little Critter s view of events and the actual illustrations don t quite mesh together nicely This is a source of endless amusement for young children.Good book, one I d recommend easily.

These are really good books and are always cute This is a really cute book and makes me want to read of these I love the pictures in this book and the story is really cute as well I would recommend this book to anyone with children.

I would use this book to do a lesson on predicting After the first couple of pages, it is obvious that everything Little Critter does ends in disaster It would be fun for the students to try to predict what was going to happen next.

Little Critter goes with Grandma to the beach Of course in Little Critter tradition things do not always go as planned He still has a fun time with Grandma Each picture is full of objects and people to look at and talk about It is even fun when read with your Grandma.

Grandma and Me is a bout a little boy porcupine who goes to the beach with his grandma for the day This book is an easy read and would be a good addition to any classroom library However, I would not recommend this as a classroom read aloud or as an assigned reading for students.

Cute although it gets old after you read it over and over Think I ll hide it away until Grandmas come to visit I love the artwork in the Mercer Mayer books Like many other children s books, I think I appreciate this than the kids do at this point.

This book is about a little critter who visited the beach his grandma They had so much fun together.This is great book to be read aloud and used to encourage dialogic reading with young children It is also a book that grandmas can use to enjoy a good read with the grand child ren.

A Little Critter book about going to the beach with your grandma and all the fun that goes with it.

Time spent with grandma makes great memories for children This Critter wanted to be a big help to his grandma Great reading and discussion book for young children.

Our kids got this from Grandma Christensen.

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