Not Bad for a Bad Lad

Not Bad for a Bad Lad #(2020)

Not Bad for a Bad Lad

Not Bad for a Bad Lad

  • Title: Not Bad for a Bad Lad
  • Author: Michael Morpurgo
  • ISBN: 9781848773103
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Collector’s Edition
Not Bad for a Bad Lad By Michael Morpurgo,

Everyone thinks this lad is bad, so it s no surprise when he s sent to Borstal But then he starts work in the prison stable and something begins to change .Morpurgo and Foreman weave an inspiring tale about what happens when someone is shown how to follow their dreams Also includes a fact packed historical section.

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A wonderful story but not very well written, too brief and short of imagery and detail to really capture the imagination It felt like it had been written to promote a charity for Suffolk Punch horses or something like that.However, the children went along with the story and found it interesting.

225 2017

This is the story of a reflection and redemption It the life story of a grandfather who is telling the story of his youth to his grandson The story is about a young boy who grows up never knowing his father and being branded a bad lad by the local policeman and various school teachers As a result of this branding he acts as the bad lad for everyone in a position of authority Except that is for one teacher Mrs May who is kind to him and encourages his love for drumming, unfortunately Mrs May leav [...]

Je recommande ce livre aux jeunes lecteurs de 9 13 ans D une part parce que je trouve qu il n y a pas assez de romans illustr s grands formats sur le march , alors que ces livres peuvent se r v ler tr s utiles pour ceux qui seraient moins l aise avec la lecture Les illustrations m ont d ailleurs plus convaincue par leur pr sence que par leur facture, assez classique Mais aussi parce que le contenu est agr able et bien construit L histoire emprunte de nostalgie se lit facilement et peut amener ce [...]

I was so wrong when I guessed what this book was about.Based on the title and cover together, I thought it would be about a horse Bad Lad sounded like a great horse name, and Not Bad for a Bad Lad made me think it would be about a problem horse who turned out good in the end.While there was a horse in the story, the book was a grandfather writing his life s story so his grandkid could know what he was like yawn Most of the book takes place when cars were new and radios were known as the wireless [...]

Lovely book of a lad s growing up and overcoming his bad reputation A good man for a mentor and working with horses awaken his better self A book of hope and second chances Very encouraging Wonderful illustration and a great section at the back to explain the facts behind the story I would have loved this as a child I really liked finding out about things in the books that I read that I didn t understand This has these answers at the back of the book The only thing I would have added would be a [...]

I bought this book as a night time read as I have always been a fan of Michael Morporgo from a young age I rate him as an author a 5 star since he is such a brilliant writer and always comes up with the most intriguing stories People of all ages would be able to enjoy the books that he writes As a whole I rate this book as a 3 star, not for the contents but for the length of the book Would have been such an enjoyable book if it was longer and went into detail, but brilliant all the same

Not bad for a bad lad is a realy good book It s about this boy and he likes to steel and he has bad behaviour, and when he is older he has to go to jail But when he is there every morning he does a 2 mile run and he always passes this horse farm and meets a farmer and he gets to look after the horses and the farmer gets sick and doesn t come back for a while and back at prison everyone is set free and now are tramps The boy sees a soldier on a horse and the boy became one of them and finds one o [...]

This is a very brief but involving little coming of age story from Mr Morpurgo A nice, gentle read about a boy that grew up misbehaving and being told he was bad who ended up in borstal to then find his calling looking after horses and being in the army.Well written, to the point perhaps a little too much brevity in some areas, so the emotional punch was lost compared with some of his stories and with his classic older person frame narrative used as a storytelling device Lovely book.

Another wonderful yet short book by Michael Morpurgo I finished it in under 2 3 hours.Still, it is an amazing book It is about a man, who tells his story about from when he was a young boy He was always in trouble at school Things go from bad to worse you ll have to read the book to find out I m giving Not Bad for a Bad Lad 3 5, due to the shortness and I would of liked detail Lottie

I bought this for my daughter and returned it after having read it because of the corporal punishment in it I understand that it is historically correct, but I took the decision not to hold onto it as the choices for a replacement were wide and varied I personally enjoyed the story and thought it a lovely book, but I chose Stig of the Dump in its stead.

The narrator is telling his life story to his grandson He got into a lot of trouble as a boy and was always told that he was bad, so he eventually believed that was all he could be After he was sent to a juvenile detention center, he is asked to take care of horses Through the kindness of the caretaker, he turns his life around and becomes a mounted police officer.Nice story, well written.

Absolutely wonderful book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading to my 5 year old daughter It s a story of redemption It s life affirming, emotional and just perfect Loved the PoV Loved the characters Once again, Morpurgo has nailed it.

Story in the classical Michael Morpurgo style about a young lad who discovers helped by a special human being and, of course, an animal that he isn t as bad as everyone keeps telling him Heart warming and just my type of story.

I enjoyed this book so much I just had to sit and read it till I d finished Not a hard task as it s less than 100 pages I found a beautifully illustrated gift edition at my local library which isn t on list.

As ever Michael Morpurgo is a literary genius A brilliant tale of bad boy makes good, and with the most delightful illustrations Makes a great change to read something light and feel good for a change.

Awesome this book,it s a fantastic story

I m a big fan of Michael Morpurgo I love his historic novels for kids This didn t disappoint D

I think it s easier to believe in yourself when you ve got people who believe in you A moving story of hope, faith and redemption The beautiful illustrations are a bonus.

Moral Horses are awesome, humans suck, but are often times redeemed by animals, like horses.

Loved this Simple tale, wonderfully told and illustrated.

Good little story.

An uplifting story by Michael Morpurgo about a boy who is going down the wrong path.

Love it.

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