Vendetta #(2020)



  • Title: Vendetta
  • Author: Paul Ferris Reg McKay
  • ISBN: 9781845020613
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
Vendetta By Paul Ferris Reg McKay,


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This true story is a cracker, as the authors seem to tell it as it was, not only about Paul s criminal background, but also his efforts to become a legitimate businessman with ultimately a happy family, against the odds The narrative features ramifications within the Law Enforcement hierarchy, where the fat brown envelopes bought not only blind eye favours, but also engineered innocent men to be imprisoned for the crimes of others.It is a true saying that Power corrupts and absolute power corrup [...]

I enjoyed this book and certainly liked reading about the different faces, and although Paul seems genuine in his words, i cant help but think that some are a bit fake, such as his criticisms of Arthur Godfather Thompson, if Paul did have such a big problem with Arthur why did he not take him on at the time, until now when he insinuates that Thompson was a super grass, putting Pauls problem with The Godfather to one side, all in all a very good read and enjoyed knowing info on faces we do not he [...]

A mugs gameThis is 2nd book I ve read by Paul and Reg and I have to say I m left wondering why anyone in their right mind would want to live work in a life of crime I will prob never have the same riches these guys have but I have what they can t buy ace of mind I can sleep easy at night and unlike Paul don t need to be alert at all times its a very high price to pay

I really enjoyed this book I kept saying to myself of course you d say that , every time the authors gave an opinion on a person s guilt or otherwise, but overall I thought it was well written.

A real insight.Paul Ferris comes across as a straight up and down bloke, who d take no nonsense but is a man of honour Old School

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