Darkness Embraced

Darkness Embraced #(2020)

Darkness Embraced

Darkness Embraced

  • Title: Darkness Embraced
  • Author: Winter Pennington
  • ISBN: 9781602822214
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
Darkness Embraced By Winter Pennington,

Where there is light, the darkness awaits, never too far behind.Two hundred years ago, Epiphany was reborn a vampire Sired by Renata, the Queen of the Rosso Lussuria, Epiphany willingly played the role of the queen s beloved petuntil the day came when she was cast from the Renata s bed and lost the queen s protection from the Elder vampires.Epiphany has done her best notWhere there is light, the darkness awaits, never too far behind.Two hundred years ago, Epiphany was reborn a vampire Sired by Renata, the Queen of the Rosso Lussuria, Epiphany willingly played the role of the queen s beloved pet until the day came when she was cast from the Renata s bed and lost the queen s protection from the Elder vampires.Epiphany has done her best not to become a target, trying to remain as inconspicuous as possible, like a long forgotten memory huddling beneath the mantle of Vasco s power, her one true friend among the Rosso Lussuria But now Renata has called Epiphany forth to face the Challenges that will elevate her clan status to the ranks of the Elder But Epiphany has few friends and many enemies, and the chances of surviving the Challenges are slim.Surrounded by harsh vampire politics and secret ambitions, Epiphany learns that an old enemy is plotting treason against the woman she once loved, and to save all she holds dear, she must embrace and form an alliance with the dark.

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Darkness Embraced is the first novel in a new series by Winter Pennington For some unknown reason the book s description didn t really grab me and I wasn t sure I wanted to read it although the gorgeous cover sure grabbed my attention I had really enjoyed Pennington s previous books, so with dragging feet I reluctantly started reading Boy oh boy was I glad I did It was such a great read and I couldn t put it down until I had finished.The book follows Epiphany, an underling vampire in the Rosso L [...]

As I started reading this book I realized that I am totally addicted to Winter Pennington s writing style Yes, it s a paranormal story and that may not be everyone s bad, but it s so well done that the reader doesn t get bogged down in questioning if the premise could be real The characters and their story feel real and it s completely engaging In my mind that s what really matters Well that matters and the fact that I ve read everything I can find by Winter Pennington and might need a 12 step p [...]

The idea of the Dracule however that is spelled was interesting Actually the most interesting part of the book Silky, furry critters Might be interesting to read about them Overall, the book just had way too much sex in it for me personally Interesting enough story read or I wouldn t have finished or given up to 3 stars, but still It s one of the reasons that other series I read by Pennington kept getting lower and lower ratings 5 stars, 4, 3 Each book I read by Pennington seems to have even s [...]

Romance is my first choice for reading, so I was pleased to find that Darkness Embraced is a paranormal romance This novel stands alone, however, among the paranormal themed books I ve read because it isn t about weres or vampires living among the human race, it is about an underground world of vampires who keep secluded from humans as much as possible and still feed The author does a credible job of building her world and a very good job of fleshing out her characters It won t be for everyone, [...]

Ah, Winter Pennington you write urban fantasy well Not sure if this really fits urban fantasy, but its still a great book This book is a departure from Pennington s Witch Wolf series Kassandra Lyle and doesn t appear to even be in the same universe the vampires in this book live apart from humans whereas in Lyle s they are integrated into society The story revolves around a young vampire 200 years old but young who has to face an intiatiation ceremony to become an Elder Sounds easy, but these ar [...]

Enjoyed this book for it s sex scenes however the plot was not as in depth as her previous books The book contains some light bdsm Worth a read however, I liked her other series that starts with Witch Hunt .

You know those books where there s a character who is not the protagonist who you just fall in love with so much that they almost overshadow the person you re supposed to be focused on Yeeeaahh that was what happened with Darkness Embraced All I have to say is Vasco Alright, that s not actually all I have to say about this book But I will say that Vasco is this huge, strong, tough, gay Italian vampire with a heart of gold and silver tinsel in his braids who I just want as my best friend I would [...]

Considering my last venture into vampire books ended with me burned out of Laurell K Hamilton Anita Blake series, I was a bit hesitant to pick this up However, I have read other books from Pennington in the past and while her style can be a bit too adjective heavy I like the fact that she tries to inject new ideas in a genre that has been pretty much abused in the past decade.What I liked most I think is that aside from some sort of origin story at the beginning of the book there are no humans f [...]

Why is it that everytimes I read the book s description of this author, they immediately warded me off like a devil s spell Then after I took a step toward reading them, I regretted why I would hold it off for this long I actually like this one better than Witch Wolf, which is uncommon, since I noticed most readers preferred Witch Wolf Don t get me wrong, I think the storyline in Witch Wolf got to expanded upon, leaving it with a lot of potential My dislike and like in a book are usually have [...]

Picked this up as I was quite keen on reading a book with lesbian vampires Though the story was a little plodding for the first half, the introduction of the Dracule character Iliaria piqued my interest and the story started to finally gain some momentum The sex scenes are a hit and miss for me I m not a fan of reading anything remotely bdsm but fortunately that aspect isn t a regular occurrence nor is it anything overly graphic Overall an enjoyable enough read The love triangle between the main [...]

I ve had this book on my shelf for a time now and kept putting it off, until yesterday when I decided why not, well it was an excellent choice I enjoyed the pace of the story and the characters of Epiphany and Queen Renata Epiphany is finally coming to her powers after 200 years and is being tested to become an Ekder in the Russo Lussuria clan, during the trials events unfold that threaten the Queen, with help from other Elders of the clan and a Dracule named Iliaria who also becomes Epiphany s [...]

The plot of okay, the bizarre sexual organs thing weirded me out come on it s not like women with penises don t exist, do we have to do this weird genitals thing Why do I feel like I m reading furry erotica At least give us a picture so we can finally understand what the hell it is she s fondling , the romantic sexual relationships are unhealthy as it gets, and while the main character is likable, she s not exactly original the classic woman who starts fragile and grows badass with the help of s [...]

A fun read I enjoyed this book, about a vampire discovering herself and her power 200 years after first being made a vampire It was a sexy book and the erotic scenes were told well with plenty to imagine, but not so much detail that the reader was overwhelmed The mystery and the danger were a little understated, not quite as interesting as the sex, so that is an area I would improve, if given the chance Still, it was a fun read that went fast.

I really enjoyed this I love the idea of vampires being in an underground secret society it s different to all the usual ideas if lavish lifestyles that they lead And yet without a doubt I bought into the regality of the queen I was truly disappointed when I realised I wouldn t be able to read the second instalment yet If you like vampires and love lust stories go for it

I give it a 4 and a halve star I really liked the main character and was really suprised by how much I enjoyed the book as I started and finished the book in a couple of hours although some parts were a little rushed for instance the reason why she was cast away by the queen overall I really liked the scenery and the people the author described.

Releases May 17th 2011

Very much enjoyed it You can hear my review on the Cocktail Hour website cocktailhour.c spot ar

Loved this book Hardcore loved this one so much Winter is becoming one of my favorite authors.

A perfect combination of lesbian romance, paranormal fiction, erotica and a handful bit of BDSM I finished this in no time and craved for the squeal Brava, Miss Pennington

Dreadful derivative, plodding, with a non existent plot Normally, I like this author, but this was probably her worst book Definitely the worst book I have read all year.

beautifully written and erotic but not grotesque shows a lot of insight into the character with out boring you with too many details.

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