In Search of a Soul

In Search of a Soul #(2020)

In Search of a Soul

In Search of a Soul

  • Title: In Search of a Soul
  • Author: Dannie C. Hill
  • ISBN: 9780982692424
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
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Douglas Durian was a dangerous man, until a traumatic event on his last mission as a Navy SEAL took five years of his memory He sails the ocean alone looking for answers about his life He rescues a young girl far out at sea and his life is turned around She demands that he remember his past in order to save her from the man who held her in servitude She is abducted andDouglas Durian was a dangerous man, until a traumatic event on his last mission as a Navy SEAL took five years of his memory He sails the ocean alone looking for answers about his life He rescues a young girl far out at sea and his life is turned around She demands that he remember his past in order to save her from the man who held her in servitude She is abducted and Douglas must rescue her to save both their lives He sets out to make sure that her captor will never harm her again In his search he encounters love and friendship as he rediscovers the beauty of the sea and his lost soul Sailing, humor, high adventure and desperate actions make this tale worth reading and enjoying.

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First thought wasa book about a guy on a sailboat Hmm.But I am privileged to know the author and I decided to take the plunge I m VERY glad that I did.In Search of a Soul is a unique and emotional adventure which follows Douglas Durian, a former Navy SEAL who hits rock bottom and sails off to find himself He inches forward on his path of self discovery, but he s an expert at being the self inflicted type of guy and holds himself back.Until the day he rescues a young girl at sead his world change [...]

We don t know his name when we meet him, but DJ Douglas John Durian is a solitary man filled with sorrow so great his mind won t even let him remember what happened He literally bumps into a girl who will rescue him from himself long enough to get him in deeper than he thought he d ever go again.The sequences of this story that take place at sea in DJ boat Tirak are so beautifully written that for a wanderer like me it was almost torture They are so real, so evocative, that I longed to be at sea [...]

In Search of a Soul delivered on many levels, but what captured me from the moment I began reading, was Mr Hill s extraordinary ability to describe the feelings evoked by the ocean At the risk of sounding trite, the author s descriptions of sailing the world literally stirred my soul Reading this work left me feeling romantically attached to the water than I ve ever felt in my life Well written, and full of adventure, In Search of a Soul is a great read for those who long to spend time being ca [...]

IN SEARCH OF A SOUL is the story of Douglas John Durian, who roams the South Pacific in his sailboat, Tirac He suffers from post traumatic syndrome stemming from his military service It s a story about redemption, a shining knight on a white horse, and sailing.I ve never set foot on a sailboat and most of the story takes place on one it took me about half the book to really get into the setting Once I had, though, it was exotic and exciting, and made me yearn for the experience Hill paints the p [...]

In Search of a Soul is a deep heartfelt tale of a Navy Seal, Douglas Durian Bolted within his own tortured memories he runs to the sea for escape It is here that the author Dannie Hill creates emotions that will turn any admiration for the sea into a desire to feel so much .Through the character, Douglas, we are opened to the inhumanity he witness in others who jeopardize the safety of a young girl In his attempt to free her he himself is forced to face his own inner beast as well as unspoken lo [...]

The first thing I have to say about In Search of a Soul is that Dannie C Hill does an excellent job with the writing His writing is elegant and even poetic at times His descriptions are captivating and I particularly like how he is able to give character to the boat named Tirak The story follows a man named Douglas John Durian, a man suffering from Post Traumatic Syndrome from life in the military, who now lives the solitary life on his sailboat Tirak The author does an amazing job of describing [...]

This is another of my books and once again I will let a reader give their review taken from reviews Forgive me for put forth one my own but I have read this book again and again for inspiration The following reivew is from a reader PTSD is something that can take many different faces When I opened the book In Search of a Soul , I sensed what it is going to be about and I am intriqued right away While I expected a typical story of uncontrollable violence and a broken family, I was pleasantly surp [...]

This story encompassed a whole range of emotions And I say this, because the book is all about human emotions The main character Douglas goes through turmoil, love, denial, and friendship Friends, new and old, come to help each in their unique ways, a man that is lost at sea, and no I m not talking about the ocean he sails on, but the sea of emotions that have been locked away for so long.The story mainly happens on his sailboat, and you may think not much happens, but you d be wrong Dannie Hill [...]

In Search Of A Soul is an intriguing story about a former Navy SEAL, Douglas Durian who is suffering from a form of PTSD and locked inside of himself Douglas escapes to the sea where his only companion is his boat, The Tirak.As Douglas journey s through his own darkness, he encounters the dark side of others when he rescues a young girl who is in great jeopardy The tables turn and force him to see beyond his own pain and in doing so Douglas rescues the young girl, finds love and faces his demons [...]

The novel In Search of a Soul , by Dannie C Hill is a beautiful story about the redemptive powers of love The prose is poetic, rich with detail and paints a vivid portrait of life at sea.Douglas is an ex Navy Seal dealing with blocked memories from a violent death he was responsible for in the middle east He spends his days sailing around the world in search of an escape from his past He finds a young girl adrift at sea and rescues her As he slowly nurses her back to health both he and the girl [...]

How to separate the author from the book That is an important question when I set out to read In Search of a Soul I ve read Mr Hill s stories in different forms, including stories of his life in Thailand I ve enjoyed his writing very much The question was Would I enjoy a full length novel about a man on a sailboat Would it be as delightful as what I ve read from this author in brief posts I m thrilled to say the answer is yes This story is so much than an adventure at sea It s a tale of how lov [...]

In Search of a Soul, by Dannie C Hill, is simply an amazing read His romantically descriptive passages of the ocean, his boat, and his internal dialogue is nothing short of magical The intensity and seriousness of the opening chapter contrasted sharply with the serenity of the Douglas journey over the ocean into his future, creating sort of a salt and sugar sensation in my mind Douglas relationship with his boat, Tirak, played out like foreplay in a lover s dance, with complete understanding of [...]

You can tell, in reading In Search of a Soul, that Mr Hill really enjoyed writing this story It tells the story of a man who had been pushed too far, and had lost himself As he sails the seas, obviously trying to avoid any attachments, especially with himself, and focuses all his emotions on his boat When he is forced to rescue a practically dead body he finds at sea, he is the one that is yanked back into the land of the living A beautifully written story, full of good times, light and spirit, [...]

Who doesn t want to run away to the South Pacific and spend a few years on a sail boat That s why I originally decided to give Mr Hill s book a try What a pleasant surprise to find a great story full of adventure, good guys, bad guys, romance and intrigue A big thumbs up for a story I couldn t put down.

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