Unafraid: Mary

Unafraid: Mary #(2020)

Unafraid: Mary

Unafraid: Mary

  • Title: Unafraid: Mary
  • Author: Francine Rivers
  • ISBN: 9780842335997
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover
Unafraid: Mary By Francine Rivers,

Mary is one of the most revered women in history, but she was an ordinary woman striving to please God in the same way that women still do today Readers are sure to gain a new appreciation of the familiar story through Francine s signature style A study on the biblical text is included for personal or group study.

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I loved this book We don t always think of bible characters as having the same feelings we have This book was written about Mary the mother of Jesus it is very close to scripture but shows the human side of Mary s life In it you can rejoice when Mary rejoiced, weep when Mary weeped and hurt when Mary hurt.There were many things talked about in this book that opened my eyes to things I have often read about but never completely understood.Read this short book about the life of Mary and you too wi [...]

I really liked this book I love reading fictional books that fill in what real people of the Bible s lives may have been like I had never read one on Mary or Jesus as a child, and their family life I thought the Author did an excellent job She made Mary the mother of Jesus in this book very real, not perfect I can t even begin to imagine what it must have been like for Mary in the good times and the bad watching Jesus grow up and all the things that happened to Him The difference she could see i [...]

I didn t like this book as much as the previous 4 She lost me at the beginning when she had 2 mary s in the same family I mean really, 2 sisters both named Mary The whole book was far too protestant for me.I would have only given it one star except it did do something good for me i m now convinced that Mary did not have any other children after Jesus My faith teaches that Mary was ever Virgin which I accepted in faith, but now my head is in full agreement with my heart I thought the way Anne Ri [...]

I have never read such a tender account of Mary, the mother of Jesus Mrs Rivers did an excellent job of portraying emotions, doubts, and questions into Mary as she raised the child Jesus, then she raised the bar and added doubts, questions, and fears as she watched Jesus go through His ministry years and die on the cross The relationships between Jesus s siblings felt realistic and the struggle within Jesus as He grew older added such depth to the story Of course, this is just Mrs Rivers imagin [...]

Unafraid was an enjoyable, thought provoking historical novella about Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ It sticks to the facts given in Scripture and then fills in the information not given in the Bible accounts with the author s ideas about what Mary and Joseph were like and so on Readers might not agree with how she chose to fill in the story or the personalities she gave Mary, Joseph, etc but it s one possibility.The pacing was good, and the characters were complex and interesting It s obvious [...]

Francine Rivers does not disappoint in UNAFRAID.This book is written from Mary s perspective and tells the story of her life I can t imagine what it must have been like to be Jesus mother To know that your son was the long awaited Messiah, to be mocked, not believed, to be called delusional wait and wait and wonder WHEN will it be Jesus time When When will He redeem us To know from the time that He was born what His fate would be To raise other children who were humanly sinful right along side T [...]

A good friend of mine lent me the whole series in one book I really loved the series, it brought up so many ideas and filled in the history, culture and attitudes for the time I really want to go back and re read the old testament and study the lives of these women I absolutely hated this last book It could have been so much I just can t believe that the mother of Christ would not understand the purpose of her son s life until after he is crucified Really I couldn t stand the the verbalization [...]

The capstone to the Lineage of Grace series is the cornerstone to all of Scripture Jesus Rivers does a fine job of walking through the days of Jesus life on earth through his mother s eyes, not as a revered saint, but as human as you or I Mary s extraordinary story brings with it extraordinary challenges, from enduring wagging tongues and doubts from her own family to her own misunderstandings of when and how Jesus would carry out His mission of saving the world I really enjoyed the moments when [...]

Read this one at Christmas time which was especially meaningful.

This was so powerful It made me think really hard about Mary and what she was like, and what her faith was like I would definitely recommend it.

Although I loved all the books in this series, this one was my favorite About 2 3rds of the book is set prior to Jesus public ministry, which was fascinating to read about Mary is portrayed as a woman who loves God and is devoted to him Her faith and trust are evident as she is unafraid of the scandal it could cause by being pregnant prior to marriage with Joseph Hardships of traveling to Bethlehem nine months pregnant and giving birth in a cave are well covered The book also demonstrates Joseph [...]

It has been a good week of a reading phase for me, finishing three books, all of which are really good books, especially this one, Rivers s retelling of the story of Mary, from the conception up to the ascension of Jesus.I was not too comfortable with Mary s over possessiveness of Jesus but after all it would be a struggle for a mere human to be the mother of the Son of God She was also portrayed as being understandably impatient for the kingship and lordship of her son as the Messiah, to save I [...]

I had read this little novella about the life of Mary previously, but since I was asked to teach about her at an upcoming ladies day and I ve been studying what the Bible says about her, I decided to read it again.I would say I actually enjoyed it this time, perhaps because I have been studying her life in the Bible I appreciated anew the way Rivers weaves quotes from the Bible and various biblical events into her fictionalized accounting Something I had noticed in my studies, and Rivers also p [...]

Francine Rivers explores a time of Jesus life that we don t really know very much about She takes facts from the Bible and weaves them with her imagination to create a story that I can imagine might just be very close to the truth We think about the effect Jesus birth had on Mary, and we often think about the effect his death had on his mother But it s rare that we consider the effect of his LIFE on her I never really thought about it before But the things Francine writes are so true I never tho [...]

Another good book by Francine Rivers While it s short and does leave gaps but really, do you really want someone filling in where the Bible is silent , it is insightful It s so easy to read what happened in the Bible and just glaze over it But these were real people who dealt with real issues Rivers puts a very relevant spin on the story of Mary, a woman who was chosen out of obscurity for just that, she was a nobody How wonderful that God chooses the nobodies of this world to do great things Th [...]

I really enjoyed reading this book and spending some time thinking about Mary and her view of Jesus A very powerful paragraph at the end moved me She had hoped her son would be victorious over Israel s oppressors She had hoped he would reign as king How small her dreams had been How great and mighty was God s plan Jesus was far beyond and above what man expected He is victorious He is king above all kings He is everlasting life, the holiness and righteousness of God He is the Son of Man, Messiah [...]

I really wanted to like this book I almost feel guilty giving it such a low rating Although, 2 stars means it was ok, and that is just what it was for me It was not as good as the other 4 books for me I did not like the way that Mary was portrayed I know that it is historical fiction, but this was definitely not how I imagine Mary I really liked the book Two from Galilee, and I liked the way that Mary was described in that book better.

This novella captures Mary s humanity It highlights the tensions of parenting God s son and experiencing his goodness in contrast to the sinfulness of her other children Even as a servant chosen by God, Mary fell short, but her love for the Son she chose as her Savior never wavered A great book for the Christmas season

The other 4 stories from the Lineage of Grace book seemed much better to me than this one In this 5th story Rivers novelizes the story of Mary, mother of Jesus Things that made me think The way that Mary s family named multiple daughters Mary in hopes that one of their Marys would bear the Christ child Much like the way that many Jewish families name their sons David, hoping that Christ will come through their David s line.Mary s graceful acceptance and faith that Joseph would come around when h [...]

This is the first in a series of short novellas about women who were in Christ s lineage This fifth installment is about Mary This was my least favorite installment Not that is was bad, but maybe the portrayal of both Mary and Christ were not as I see them in my minds eye Mary was shown to misunderstand Christ s purpose She wanted him to be their physical savior and earthly king That was something the Jews generally misunderstood about the Messiah and why they ultimately don t believe in Christ, [...]

Of the rest of the series, this story was by far the one worth waiting for Unafraid Mary is the telling of Jesus birth, death, and resurrection, all from the perspective of Mary and Joseph At first, I wasn t sure that I would like it But as an historical account, this one rang the most true, and I would recommend it as a good read for Christmas and Easter From start to finish, I found myself really absorbing each word, and reflecting on the Lord Mary s life was driven by the circumstances in whi [...]

Out of all the books in this series, this one made me think the most and contemplate all my assumptions I previously had in regards to Jesus s upbringing In all honesty, I hadn t ever given much thought to Mary and how she had to feel as a mother I can t describe the feeling I had when the realization hit me when in this book Mary came to see the full grasp of what her son, the Messiah, was here to accomplish for all of us At times through this book, I felt like Jesus should have shown respect [...]

So many tears A powerful depiction of the Christmas story, the life of Mary and Joseph after the birth of Jesus, and the life of Jesus Francine Rivers will always be one of the BEST writers

I never read from this perspective I was intrigued with all the emotion Mary went through and was gripped with the sincerity of the whole beautiful story It s impressive what was captured in these pages and gave me a fresh set of us when I think upon this precious history.

Well written I have often wondered if Joseph wasn t in Nazareth because of all the work in Sephora close top Nazareth I have a difficult time with the logistics of this kind of writing I won t share all the problems I encountered her, but I think this story and ruth s needed research.

Historical fiction written around Biblical truth Not a fan of these However, the speculation about how it would have been for Mary to have birthed, raised and buried her Son, Jesus was written well I just can t grab onto these stories This is one of several books inside the volume.

I have thoroughly enjoyed these five novellas and I cannot hold back tears when it comes to Jesus crucifixion, but then there is hope because He is alive

Fantastic series

I enjoyed this portrayal Helps you to think about Christ and his life from a different perspective and again realize what a different type of Savior the people were expecting.

Love this book

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